Tuesday, July 22, 2014

McCall Pattern Co. and Mini Wardrobe Update

If you're way into social media, you'll notice that McCall Co. has amped up (started?) their social media presence via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Sewing blogs, Pattern Review (perhaps other streams like Kollabra too??)

I was pretty giddy about this development because I think it's awesome that they are getting more vested in what the home sewer likes/dislikes/wants/needs/opines on...etc. Yet I was surprised that NO ONE was talking about the fact that McCall Co. is talking! Eep!

So when the new Vogue's were released, of course Lauren of Lladybird (Vogue pattern release review here) unleashed a torrent. And then McCall replied and a little dialogue kicked up. In the link above, Lauren talks a little about their participation on the blog.

After some super-sleuth Googling (I am the world's worst Googler), I found this post by While She Naps and was again giddy that someone was directly talking about it!Yay!

WSN mentioned that she'd asked for a headshot of "Meg" (BMVKS social media person) to include with the article and they basically said no. Commenters thought this unfair; that McCall should include a face for us to follow.

I HIGHLY disagree.

I think it would be kind of crazy to have the social media person officially be the 'face' of McCall in the sewing community. And not solely because "what if she leaves the company" but because...it just isn't that way. There is a difference and that's okay! I'm not an "Indie pattern sewer". I don't have anything against them...I just don't go out of my way to acquire and sew from Indies. I will sew what I want and if what I want comes in a $3.99 New Look envelope or $1.40 McCall's envelope...yay me!

Besides...we don't have to live in a limited world, choosing between Indie -or- Big4 et al. We can have them both all!

Have you noticed McCall's new presence on social media? What do you think?? Like/dislike/indifferent??

Do you think McCall needs to give Meg a face?




Sorry for being so whiny lately. :) Last night I cut and sewed together the NL6130 pants. I swear I removed like 3/4" from the front rise and they still cover my belly button. Also, There's like 13 inches of excess fabric through the leg.  They look horrific in the legs and an insanely funny turn of events; the BEST view of these pants are the back! I took selfies so I don't have any...you'll just have to trust me.

So now I get to unpick the seams and try to salvage them. I like this dark, dark fabric so I don't want to chuck them but good grief...

Saggy, droopy legs

Pinching out the excess in the back leg...and as you can see, I'm not pulling them taut against my body!

The back fits well even though the front is about an inch too high

Excess fabric at the knee. Again, I'm not pulling them super tight or anything.


I am ready to be done with my mini-wardrobe but it is just not happening.

The other leg looks slim because I tried pinning out and resewing but that doesn't really produce good results because there is still a crap-ton of fabric through the knee and at the back of the leg. Plus I made the leg opening way too small! LOL!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mini Wardrobe: V1395

First things first...


I seriously thought I would finish up my projects this weekend but holy cow! Yes, we had a sort of busy one and I didn't sew at all Friday night but good grief! Between the binding and the french seams and the narrow hems...ACK!

But I finished it and I LOVE it!!!

My husband doesn't like it. But he doesn't like anything I make that is loose/flowy so I wasn't surprised. But then he said, "It makes you look wide." I happen to disagree. I think he dislikes the fullness from the elasticized waist but I am digging it so...I just won't wear it on date nights! :-p

*Time to complete: Forever

*Fabric: A lot of rayon challis and a little cotton voile 
I was going to get the bemberg but I didn't feel like going to JoAnn so I dug through the stash and found this pinkish-purplish cotton voile

*Thread: I went with red since it was the dominant color; it works.

*Size: Straight 16
I need to get it through my thick skull that I need an FBA. This has plenty of circumference but not enough length. It slightly rides up in front. Next time I'd cut a 14 and do an FBA. I'd also lengthen the bodice about an inch for some blousing.


Construction wasn't difficult EXCEPT for the stupid shoulder sleeve! Will someone please read that and interpret what Vogue is trying to communicate!?!? Please!!!!

I hate this casing method. Hate. Hate. Hate.

I french seamed it all...time consuming but worth it. There are bias bindings applied to the neckline and armholes and it's done flat. THIS IS GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The lining was just serged (hey...no one will see it!). I serged the hem and turned up and stitched. For the fashion fabric I did a narrow hem.

Oh and if you're a tall person; this will be a mini dress...may want to lengthen it.

Hmmm....what else...the armholes area  bit low, even with the overlay. And the overlay makes it almost impossible to lift your arms up. I mean, how much arm lifting are you doing in a dress?? But still...

A very pretty dress that takes awhile but is worth the effort!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mini Wardrobe Update

I whined and moaned and groaned and decided to move forward with my sewing and whaddya know...I have a new mini-wardrobe plan!

One thing I've wanted to sew this summer is the Rebecca Taylor Vogue 1395

It's a simple but cute dress and has been made up successfully by several bloggers!

Morgan of Crab and Bee

Niema of Wearable Muslin 

Jamie on the Denver Sewing Collective blog

So I spent a whopping $5 on the pattern and put it in queue. Well my lime-sorbet-twill-disaster moved this dress right on up to the top of the list!

I only have the front of the bodice done; but it's a little bit of work; cut, apply bias bands to the neckline, top stitch, sew the CF seam, topstitch...Hopefully tonight I can get the rest of the construction done and hem it this weekend.

Can I line rayon challis with (poly) pongee? Or should I go for some lightweight cotton fabric? 

When I was still in my 'woe is me' state; I cut out M6754 in this mint(?) green ponte

I realized that with only a tweak or two; I am still well into having a 5 piece mini wardrobe completed!

Dress Progress:

With blazer:

So now my mini wardrobe will be:
B5926 kelly green blazer
V1395 dress 
M6841 white drape top
M6754 mint peplum top
NL6130 dark stretch denim pants

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Vogues!

Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support on my whiny cry-baby post! :-)

I don't have enough fabric to make anything else and I'm okay with possibly ditching the mini-wardrobe contest. I'm going to continue along with my July sewing plans and if I get a mini-wardrobe from it then lucky me. :-)

The new Vogue patterns are out!!

This is a really nice release, in my (very) humble opinion. The vast majority of it falls into the "Wow! Interesting/Cool/Nice/Amazing, but that has no place in my everyday life" category.

1417: Very interesting! If you remove the caped whatever is happening...that's a really nice top underneath. And I think pleated, tapered pants are in.

1415: Love both tops

1407: Gorgeous.

1409: Crazy cool seam lines. Unsure about the curved over-bust lines.

1404: Sweet. Very sweet


1411: YES please!

9032: MUST have.

1412: VERY nice...but I still haven't made my other Rebecca Taylor pattern

9028: I love this view with the zipper <3

9031: Very interesting

9037: Pretty!

9039: Interesting!

9024: CRAZY interesting

9017: Oh the options!!

9022: This makes me smile!

9026: Lots of options; great basic!

And some were really...eh...to me but only 1 "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!"

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Whine. Whine. Whine.

I've been on a roll so of course, the inevitable was bound to happen. 

When I was deciding on my mini wardrobe I saw a super cute outfit (that I can't find now) with a kelly green blazer and lime jeans. So that was the basis of my mini wardrobe. 

Well today I got ready to cut my pants and after cutting the back piece went to rearrange the fabric to cut the front and realized my error. 

When I pulled the fabric out it was folded cut end to cut end. I folded it "the right way"; selvedge to selvedge. 


It's a stretch twill. The stretch runs parallel to the selvedge (instead of perpendicular). So my pants were cut with lengthwise stretch. 

I have no desire to finish the mini wardrobe now. Super melodramatic I know...but I don't. I've gone through my stash to see if there's another fabric I'd like to substitute and there is not. I don't have anything with that same oomph as the kelly/lime pairing. 

I'm very 'woe is me' about it all.