Saturday, April 19, 2014

Finished: S2061

I'm not supposed to be sewing yet.


But you know...I just had to. I had to!!!!!!!!

I needed an outlet and what's better than sewing? Trust me...I tried other things. I cleaned up the sewing room. I washed some fabrics. I looked through my BurdaStyle magazines. I pet my fabric a little. Sometimes these things cure the itch. This time? Nope. Not at all.

Okay...Something I want that's easy. Quick. Not going to be too much work...

Obviously a knit won. The serger had black thread in it.

The ponte spoke to me. It said, "Pssst. PSST!!!!! I want to become pants!". So who am I to deny?

I was going to go with a leggings-type pattern but I didn't want "tight". I wanted to be able to wear these as "regular" pants not with a tunic.

Then I decided against a more traditional pants pattern (waistband, fly, pockets) because...hello? Wrist. Enter S2061

I made view B last year, here:
I'd only been sewing for like 6 weeks!
I decided this was an extra bonus. The pattern was already cut and I knew they would fit. There were only 3 pattern pieces for view A and I cut them out without incident :)

My only adjustments were to remove 3/4" from CF, lengthen 1.5" and stitch the pleats down a little further. I didn't have 1.5" elastic so I used 1".

Pattern matching? Pfft. For suckas. I had no time for that.

A little tighter in the butt than I originally planned.

Look at my cute pleats!!!!!!

It's LOVE! 

I spent all fall hemming and hawing over printed pants. I thought only "skinny" girls could wear print pants. I am so happy with these. They have the comfy feel of lounge pants but look much nicer. Score!

(they weren't yet hemmed as I was thinking about elasticizing the hem. I'll just do a normal hem)

Shirt is RTW from Target a couple years ago.

This ponte is different from any other I've sewn. It's really fluid. Maybe it has a higher rayon content?? I don't know but I'm a happy camper!

***I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award; gotta gather my 10 "interesting" facts!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


***I have the address of everyone who won the giveaway. I promise I will be sending prizes out this weekend. I have some type of issue with going to the post office!***

It's been 30 days since I bought fabric. Yes, I sound like an addict; I am aware :)

This last purchase was stress induced and I decided to fast after realizing I FORGOT that I even ordered it. I came across the pics in my phone last night. Sad. Sad. Sad. But there are some beauties so I will share! :-)

This stuff feels AMAZING. 

The color is a (purposely?) faded look. I don't love it. But it'll likely become a top. 

I don't like this as much as I thought I would. It'll sit though and maybe speak to me. I'm almost thinking M6886 though (interesting print, simple pattern)

Very pretty

Bought expressly to be a wearable muslin of V1387. If I can make it work I will spring for silk. I have never sewn silk!

The color on this is AMAZINGLY vibrant! I want a kimono tee from this. Cute for layering!

Sweater knit that'll likely sit until fall. 

Bought solely to make a scarf. 

Four of these patterns are for my daughter. E.g. The second copy of the bra top pattern. She wants the bandeau top to wear underneath things. So at $1, no problem! :) also a hidden McCalls sweatshirt pattern, S2414, S1918. I had to repurchase M6927. 

While making my black and white top from it, the iron spewed water all over the pattern tissue. Ouch. Ok...I'll just have to try to keep it perfectly flat until it dries...well the next time I went to reach for the pattern, somehow a fabricmart label got stuck and those labels are STICKY. Just ripped a huge chunk out of the pattern. 

I was going to use the (untouched) C cup pieces and do a small FBA but's $1.40!!! My sanity was worth $1.40 so I bought a new one. 

In the catalog for Simplicity 1426, she has on the black and white polka dot bra top and amazing yellow shorts. The catalog incorrectly lists these as S1887. She's actually wearing view D or E of 1464 and if you look past the dowdy model outfit those inverted pleats (??) are pretty dang cute. 

I'm going to make the shorts as a wearable muslin with a plan to make the pants (in red!!!).

I'm rethinking 1462 because, why does it have so many pieces. Gah. 

My hand has been treated AGAIN and I am resting it so no sewing yet. I need to make my daughter's bandeau top, make my polka dot top, ooh I need to make another pair of work pants, and I want to make my jacket. But I want to make those shorts and I owe two aprons and yeah...

310 plans :) as usual...

This morning I wore my Burda jacket in and the receptionist (who sews), asks in mock disgust, "you made that didn't you? Dammit. You make me look bad!" (as she's been sewing as long as I've been alive!) :)

And yep, the weather is still crappy. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Simplicity 1426 & New Summer Simplicity Patterns


I swear they just released new patterns not too long ago...anyway. I am impressed!

Uhmmm...YES Please! That is a great amount of coverage + vavavoom for someone who is mildly comfortable with their body in a swimsuit.
ok, sans ruffle (no thanks CR) this is freaking FANTASTIC! The high waist! The tucks(?). Yes. Yes. YES!

This is cute and even if I never make it...I want it.

Sweetheart EVERYTHING please! Plus look at that darling back cut-out! And it seems bra friendly.

I will wear a boatneck anything. It looks good on me. Really good.

Not spectacular, but I had this dress in mind when I pictured something cute and functional for summer weddings (crap that I probably won't be attending now...)

Because it's a jumpsuit!

Apparently I am now a halter neck fiend.

The short skirt is kinda cute. I'll never do view A. Ever. And I know that boxy top isn't suitable. But I will buy it mainly cause it's C.R. 

The New Look release is boring. Nothing here that I want.

Last weekend...Life...Sewing that wasn't intense on brain power...And I cut S1426, view C

Simple? uh, no.

Perhaps because I've never sewn lingerie or swimsuits I was so clueless. And then it didn't help that some of the steps are combined illustrations and it ended up taking me a minute to figure it all out.

I used the same fabric as papa's Christmas pjs (not blogged??) and my S2255 top (here). I'm starting to dig buying 4-5 yards of a cut of fabric!

I swear those are just pointy darts. SWEAR! LOL! I am wearing a strapless bra under here.

I cut a size 14...I don't understand the finished garment measurement. I think it's full's equal to the chart. E.g. a 14 is for a 36" bust and has a 36" finished measurement. This would explain why it wouldn't close... :) I have a 38.5 ish full bust. So I got creative! Instead of "Oops" I converted it to a 'design feature' cause that's what good sewers do!

I added a button band to each side. Bam. Work it out.

Well I don't love the balconette style on me. And I set the straps way farther than what they indicated. I felt like I was being strangled! This view had all the fashion fabric piece you see, the cups are lined (broadcloth) and then there are facings.  It took me awhile y'all.

But then I was kinda hooked.

Now, you see how I dress and you know that there is no way, no matter what, I will wear this outside as a "top". Maybe with those cool CR high waisted shorts or pants and a jacket :) Or if I grace the sands of a beach...

So I made another.

This time I cut view A in a cotton madras that I'd scored some time ago from Hancock. It's really cool and the color is still vibrant after washing/drying to pretreat. (uhmm, that is my natural stance. I don't know why I stand like that).

For this one I cut a 16. And though it doesn't appear to be, the cups are a little too big on the outside -OR- I need to find a better option to get the strap (that's connected to the bodice and is also the halter tie) to lie flat.

Love. Love. Love. I like the halter style and the wrap front and the pleats - a lot. This one had no interfacing, just lined and then there's the upper straps and a bottom band that are "self faced". This went FAST.

hmmm...a use for that extra polka-dot fabric? :-)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

As promised, giveaway winners! Woohoo!!!

Sooo, there were 5 prizes and everyone wanted zippers and no one wanted M5523 :-D That's okay...I have 3 extra copies of the Sew Simple jacket pattern so I pulled TWO winners for that one!
The best contest aid...and TOTALLY scientific!

All of the entries...shaken up and READY!


Anne wins Sew Simple A1738!

L wins the zippers!!

Annie wins the cotton gauze fabric!

The Sewing CPA wins the Vogue pattern!

Vanessa also wins the Sew Simple pattern!

I would really like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who reads the blog, follows my little journey and comments. An even bigger thank you for always being supportive and encouraging, and offering help when asked! 
Please e-mail me at sewcraftychemist -at- gmail -dot- com to claim your prize. I stink at getting to the post office but I promise to do it asap! :)
In other news; I found out today that I am in the homestretch with my braces. Had final x-rays, he needs to tweak the position of one tooth and in his words 'get this wrapped up'. YAY ME! I am still holding out hope that they will be off by my 35th. Cross your fingers for me ;-)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finished Item: BurdaStyle Magazine Illusion Jacket


Let me just start by saying I went through about 12 love/hate cycles with this jacket.  For at least a few days all it needed was for the knit sleeves to be hemmed. Goodness gracious :)

Well now it's done! Wooohoo! And I really like it.
I like it open more than closed
That laugh is a result of seeing this pic:

I have NO clue why  I was making that face! LOL!!!!!

I changed my mind on lining about 3 times. I went with this one because well...I like it...and I had thread to match it ;-)

As you can see, I got the genius idea to add piping. Piping is fun but not fun. I did not do a great job sewing it and now I need want a piping foot.

I also decided I MUST have a hanging chain(!!!!). Well it probably would have worked out a little better if I had not forgotten to add seam allowances to the back facing. I sewed 1/2" seams so it's an inch smaller than it should be. Errr. I made sure though to understitch it and steam the heck out of it...I also sewed down the (grosgrain) ribbon flaps on the chain so it doesn't flip out.

That was my only major error.

Oh it wasn't.

I also forgot to add hem allowance to the cap sleeves! I added "seam allowance" that's why the lining is so visible. Oops again!

Otherwise it went together well. I chose to stabilize my boucle by fusing 1" strips of interfacing to each piece and then serging the ends. I did not want the weight/stiffness that would have come with block fusing. I confirmed this after fusing my front facings. I wanted the boucle to remain somewhat fluid.

Hmmm. I also decided to use fashion fabric for both pieces of the pocket, vs using lining for half. The weight of the two was just far too different. It didn't feel I ripped it out. Well mostly...I cut it out!

I ended up having to hand sew the point where hem, facing and lining came together and on the right side something weird is happening. If steam can't fix it :-D I will re-do it.

I used fabric from all over!!!

Fashion fabric: Wool blend boucle from ($6)
Lining: Pongee from FabricMart ($2)
Knit sleeves: Ponte from SR Harris ($4)
Interfacing: JoAnn's (I bought 3 bolts on sale Black Friday!)

With snaps, piping and the chain -- I spent under $25 on this project! I think that helped me not be too frustrated if it 'failed' for some reason. Totally wearing it tomorrow.