Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blog Drama?

I follow a boatload of sewing blogs. I am a rabid consumer of all things sewing! I love it!

I am not a regular reader at sewcountrychick because I was a little put-off once by a comment she made regarding 'visible hems'. I have great appreciation for blind hems but somethings are just fine with a top-stitched hem! I felt like..."Aren't we on a high-horse..." about it.

But today...Sigh.

Lots of bloggers are calling GOMI out lately and yep, I've lurked the site. Some stuff is ridiculous, some is funny, some is blunt and direct and borderline mean. I think it's much easier to be put off if you read something about yourself or a blogger friend -- I am way too low on the totem pole to be mentioned there, I'm sure, as they focus mainly on bloggers who are monetized or the uber popular bloggers -- but there is some critical discussion about the sewing community there that you can't really disagree with.

Today, Justine posted an open letter to GOMI of sorts... HERE

I was reading it and I was sort of following along, nodding my head...

My comment (it's long - but y'all know I'm long-winded!)

I was completely and totally there until I read this, “…for all we know it’s a frustrated ex blogger on there, eating potato chips while she types, getting fatter by the minute, in a sexless marriage, spending all day behind the keyboard, on this site. Why is what SHE says so important to everyone? SHE is an anonymous nobody who lashes out under the shield of internet anonymity. But why?” I mean…c’mon. That’s pretty rude. If *nothing* else it reinforces fat = bad and it is generally held that body snark is never okay. People are made how they are made.
And then, “Many of these seamstresses can totally outsew the younger group, yet they might not have the computer skills to put together beautiful looking blogs and photos to draw in new readers. I sense a feeling of resentment from some in this group, …”
Seriously, everyone who blogs doesn’t do so to have a million followers and to be “popular”. So I doubt that “resentment” is real.
My $0.02 cents…
I have been sewing just under 2 years. I was frustrated at first with the ‘old school’ thinkers because I did not, under any circumstances, want to sew a stupid tote bag! (poking fun just a little). I started sewing to sew garments and that’s what I wanted to sew. IMO it doesn’t help to try to tell a newbie to focus on fit because fit is the MOST DIFFICULT PART OF SEWING! A newbie is just very unlikely to execute a garment with perfectly fitting shoulders, zero wrinkles, gorgeous buttonholes and a perfectly even hem.
Sew some things up, have fun, eventually you will start to realize what’s “off” and will start asking questions and getting better at fitting your body. But first and foremost most of us do this as a hobby and so it is something to be enjoyed not fretted over about tiny details (like wonky topstitching). Eventually your skills will begin to improve and you will learn to get neat topstitching, etc. Just keep going.
BUT, I feel all bets are off when you decide you are going to sell a product or service. Seriously. There is no good reason for bad customer service. I do not accept bad customer service from restaurants, department stores, the large chain craft stores…why should I accept poor service from someone because they are part of the SBC and have a pretty blog? I think that’s INSANE.
Obviously anyone can start selling just about anything with the internet as a platform. But the minute you start to sell something you are saying “I stand behind this product/service that I am offering”. You can’t go run and hide in a corner and cry fowl foul when someone critiques your product/service.
And then, I got an email that said:
Well said. But people aren’t fat because they’re made that way
It’s because they eat too much and don’t exercise enough. But yes, that comment was rude, and I should probably not have said that . Just painting a picture of the type of person who most likely hangs out on sites like that all day 
I thought, WOW. Did she really say that to me??
And then I realized she actually posted that on her blog, in response to me. And I don't care what anyone thinks, I don't feel I'm perpetuating it, I feel like this really needs to be called out because Oh My Gosh, who says that? I am seriously disgusted. I think that this line of thinking is far more ridiculous than someone at GOMI calling out a blogger who inserts 22 photos in a post or is on Blog Tour #317.
A portion of Samantha's comment sums things up greatly. 
First of all, there are a great many people in the world with a variety of opinions. Their ideas and thoughts are not made invalid due to their weight, body type, or activity level...People who have an opinion that deviates from yours do not deserve to be dismissed in that manner nor should it be assumed that the opinions of those who may be overweight matter less than those of other body types.

Monday, October 27, 2014

New McCall's Patterns!!!

Truly, genuinely excited about this one!!!  Winter collection


Pretty sassy 7053...

I have a thing for waistcoats 7056

This is SO similar to a sweater I stole from Dougie. This is meant for wools but would make up in a thick knit quite well I'm sure!! 7058

THIS!!! I need this jacket/cardigan. NEED it! 7055

And I need this skirt. Like, really badly please. 7054

I want to like the dresses but I don't. Yet. Someone like Adrienne or Erica will make it and it'll be fabulous. But I LOVE this top. I mean LOOK AT IT!!! 7046

What?? I do need this. I need nightshirts! I have cute fabric in animal print and penguins waiting to become nightshirts!!!

Wait, I take back re: the gowns... 7047 is nice but the fabrics are so disturbing...

Plus SUPER cute tween patterns:

Disclaimer: I despise those ruffled leggings 

Patterns and Planning; Oh My!

I got back in town Friday night, and was without sewing mojo. I'd started a new hat during my 6 hour airport stay and was eager to finish it. I knit a little on Saturday and Sunday morning and realized I really could finish it if I pushed. So I did. Yay!

The pattern is Boardwalk, free on Ravlery.

I made this one before and chose it because I remember it being really fast. I made it up in Paton's classic wool in this deep berry color. 

Sewing plans!

When I planned on making the S2311 coat, the plan was caramel fashion fabric and a 'very berry' pongee lining. Well...the new Simplicity patterns were released and I was all gaga over this Leann Marshall coat and S2311 got shelved. I mean...SWOON

This coat will be main focus for November. I think it is absolutely beautiful. I will be cutting it close, squeezing it from 3 yards but I think I can do it!

My second big focus for November will be my first quilt. I know I said I had no interest in quilting. And people keep telling me I'm going to become addicted (I will try not to!). I really want to make a full-sized quilt for DD when she leaves for college and I have just under 2 years to do so! :) I'm taking it easy this time and making my own jelly roll strips to do a "Jelly Roll Race Quilt" in baby size. It looks easy and fun and I don't have to worry about a pattern. 

The fabric on top is the backing

Lastly, I have a couple of cuts of fabric that want to become blouses. These are the patterns I'm considering.

Simplicity 1253, McCall's 6898
Vogue 1387, In-House Belle Bow blouse

 I may be able to eek out S1253 plus one of the others since it's a simpler style...we will see. The McCalls pattern has 813 pieces and I unfolded it to cut it out and put it right back in the envelope! The Vogue seems really scary and complicated and the In House blouse is a wildcard because of fitting (although they draft for a D cup - YAY!)

As for the rest of October...I will be making a quick & easy knit dress for myself - I'll pass out candy as a witch! And a dress for my daughter for Halloween. So that will definitely consume the rest of the week.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

FabricMart Winnings!! (and a little randomness)

First of all, I would like to point out that I waited an entire 24 hours (24 hours and 6 minutes) before spending any of my gift certificate money AND only spent about half of it! I got fun stuff coming though!

From the red dress challenge I won:

Boucle-type fabric with metallic threads (2)
Orange chiffon (1)
Pink textured (composition unknown) (2)
Poly printed chiffon (1)
A silky poly pring (5.5!)

20 yards! (10 of each color) stretch lace
10 yards of elastic

A plethora. That ruler is very nice.

Winnings from the bundle challenge:

Coated linen (2.5)
Paisley shirting (DREAMY! 3)
Printed linen (2)

This coating is FABULOUS! (4)

A new pattern

Pretty colors of cotton Gutermann thread!

 And then because I was crazy after finishing the contest, I super-duper cleaned my cave:

And then I made a dress! LOL!!!

I swear when I make the cave spotless I get my mojo back FAST. I knew I wanted a knit version of NL 6123 without the flounce.

This was FAST sewing. Every hem is just turned and topstitched. The zipper is not invisible but it's wearable and comfy!

No adjustments from the purple dress except to add sleeves.

And then, I made DD a skirt using NL 6189

I made a size 6 with centered side zip

I made a mistake and sewed the side panels to the center panel wrong on front AND back. The result is a little puckering but not too noticeable and she likes it so... :)

OH! This floral denim was also a win from the red dress challenge. I got 2 yards and will make a skirt for myself too!

Last up...Because I'm away for a week and can't sew, I brought along a few patterns to cut out and I brought some knitting. I can't knit for long periods for risk of injuring my hand. And I won't knit with fine yarn/small needles. But worsted and a size 7/8/9 is needles?!? And 20-30 minutes max at any given time...and things have been fine. It took 6 days to make this sock but that's okay :) I'll have the second one done probably in a week or so.

 Ooh, really last, I saw this cardigan and want it. Badly. I have some fabric on the way that is a wide stripe like this and I had intentions on making it a cardi. Must score some faux leather to copy this one.

Super. Cute. I think I'll use McCall's 6844. The front of this one has bands like that. And I've made it a million times already so no fit issues. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Coming in 2nd...

I WON 2ND PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

GUYS!! I WON 2ND PLACE! hahaha! I am very excited and giddy and all that! I get $100 to spend at FabricMart and a Julie's Picks Membership.  Congrats to Dina on 1st place and Sue on 3rd!

This challenge has been insanely fun. Each week, I had to step out of my comfort zone in some way and boy am I a better sewer now because of it! Extra bonus -- I found new blogs to follow and made new sewing friends!

I've really tackled fitting challenges and learned that muslin-making isn't the devil. I've learned to think outside the box a bit more than I am used to. I've learned to think of fabric in a new way. And I got to sew along with some fantastic sewers. SCORE!

I intended to write this post -and- show my yummy winnings from the Red Dress challenge and Bundle challenge but I haven't gotten the second one yet. So be looking for that post :)

Week 1: Embellishing the Grainline Scout tee

I freaked out because the woven, dartless tee would not be my friend and 'embellish'?!? I don't embellish!!! :) I ended up doing an overlay and exposed zipper. 

Week 2: All about FIT!
This dress had been on my to-do list for awhile. I picked up yummy wool crepe and made a well fitting dress to celebrate my anniversary. New Look 6123

Week 3: Knocking off RTW

Again, OUTSIDE MY ZONE! :) I had tried to trace off a simple tee before and got all frustrated. Yep. Had to do it here. I've since traced off another RTW item and want to copy a pair of cropped pants (probably in the spring). 

Week 4. The LRD (little red dress)

This was a challenge in fit and construction. I was VERY proud of my work here and WON this week! Simplicity 1314.

Week 5: The FabricMart Bundle challenge

I was simultaneously looking forward to and dreading this week. There was some amazing stuff put out last year in the bundle challenge and again, I was really pushed to come up with something cool and wearable from 5 random fabrics! :) And I WON this week too!!! McCall's 6844 cardigan and McCall's 6752 dress.

Week 6: Inspired by Art

I created a sleek, chic look inspired by minimalist architecture. I am in love with this outfit! V8932 jacket, V9032 pants, S1364 top.

Thank you SO much to everyone who voted and who cheered us on. It was minorly stressful in that you get the challenge say on, Thursday and your look is due on Tuesday. And somewhere in there you have to choose what you're sewing, get fabric and notions and pattern together, maybe muslin, sew it up, get photos, write it up, and blog about it. WHEW! BUT IT'S SO FUN!!!!!!!!

You (whoever you are), if you are thinking of it, be sure to throw your hat in the ring next fall! :-D


As soon as I finished this last look, I really cleaned up the cave, put everything in it's place, and declared a break from sewing.

And then I sewed a dress! I wanted a comfy knit dress for my upcoming trip to Chicago and I did one of those super-quick sewing jobs and got it done. I have now been informed that my daughter needs a skirt before I leave ;)

Will blog those in the next couple days along with some unblogged makes.

No sewing til I return in a week. Eep.