Sunday, October 4, 2015

Miscellany: Photo Edition

I've been wanting this style of boot but not quite sure it would fit in my wardrobe. 

Target was having a Cartwheel special so I was able to snag them for under $30. I wore them Friday with straight legged jeans and thought they were pretty cute.

Friday was my 5th Anniversary. The last 2 years have been an uphill battle but we are hopeful for the future.

Target had another Cartwheel offer for accessories. Yes. I am addicted to Target. I absolutely loved this necklace and it was well worth the $10! The earrings were on clearance plus an additional percent off so they were $1.66 each! And I *LOVE* the aqua pair!

Similarly, I have a lot of fun costume jewelry and some of it I have had for years. Like, YEARS! It's still in decent condition (probably because I have so many pieces to choose from!) but I think I'm tired of a lot of them.

So I have started a free trial subscription to Rocksbox. You get the first month free though you do need to enter your credit card info. It is $19/month and you get 3 pieces of jewelry at a time. You can keep the box as long as you like but also, once you return it you will get a new box. So the possibility exists of getting several boxes per month.

They claim each box is worth about $200 total. If you decide to keep any items you get 20% off the list price. You also get $10 credit each month towards purchases, but it expires each month. You can get $25 for each person that signs up using your referral link.  I won't be posting a referral link until I've had a chance to review.

Be clear that I am NOT shilling Rocksbox!!! :) I have yet to receive my first box so I will review the service after a few months of use.

I am also going to be taking daily outfit pics and posting them on my "Making My Wardrobe Work" page. I really want to have more fun with my wardrobe and I think documenting will help as will a fun assortment of jewelry!

When I picked out my new jewelry I happened upon the sleepwear clearance rack at Target! The top two are rayon/modal blend pajama pants ($4.48!), then there's a rayon romper ($2.03!) and a tank with a cute crisscross back detail ($1.94!). I wore my new jammies last night and they were awesome :-D

The kids' dad showed up to make the 17 year old happy! 

Yesterday I was doing laundry and noticed how many items in my closet are handmade! I was wearing 2 RTW pieces but of what you see pictured, I counted 21 items in my closet that were storebought and I think about 16-17 of them were from Target or JC Penney! LOL! 

Target is my kryptonite!

My closet is arranged by 
casual (non work) dresses
work dresses
cardigans (solids then prints)
jackets (prints then solids)
sleeveless tops (solids then prints)
shortsleeved tops (solids then prints)
long sleeved tops (solids then prints)
work pants
casual pants
And then random stuff.

I had some generic October plans but after looking at my closet, I really ned to add to my closet purposefully. 

I am still making my Burda pants, but I have the most ridiculous bloat every month and I don't trust pant making during this time. 

I fell in love with this top but I am head scratching at the directions. Hopefully as I go through it it will start to make sense.

I've done no stitching yet, but the darts on the back are pinned and on top, those are the sleeves, pinned and ready to sew.

I don't normally use a lot of pins but this is a polyester crepe so....yeah!

I have more on my plate for this Sunday than I'd like but I will do the above stitching and insert the invisible zipper. I also hope to get the front assembled (it has a lot of steps!!!!). It's one of those patterns that by the time you get to the side seams you have pretty much done 80% of the work. 

So we shall see.

Hope you're having a great weekend! What's on your sewing table?


  1. I haven't been to Target for a bit....what is a Cartwheel special????

    1. Oh I am a Target junkie! Probably doesn't help that I have about 6 of them within 10 minutes of my house!!! They have this app (I have an iPhone) called's like these extra discounts and savings. You can only add a certain number of offers at a time, but it's been really helpful! Even for household type stuff like toilet paper.

  2. I had to stop wearing jewelry when Eva was a baby (too much pulling on things), but I'd like to get back to wearing it again now that she's 3. I'll be curiously waiting to hear your Rocksbox review--that sounds like a great option for me who quickly gets bored easily with costume jewelry but likes to wear it (or at least used to like to wear it).

    1. Yep. Little ones make dangly jewelry a huge no-no.

      I am looking forward to it for sure! I will review each box as I get it (probably just tagged along with a sewing post) and then decide on the service overall at about 3 months

  3. Similar to Rocksbox, my daughter uses and loves Le Tote. Every month they send her five outfits which included jewelry belts, accessories, etc. If she likes she can pay and keep. If not she EASILY mail them back in the prepaid mailer bag. She LOVES it. She hates to shop, needs nice clothes due to her work position and finds it the perfect solution. I am not shilling either, just telling about one happy daughter.

    1. Nice! I have a few friends that swear by Stitch Fix. So fun!

      Even my husband considered doing a clothing subscription service!!

  4. Cute booties and happy Anniversary!

  5. Ooh, I will be waiting to hear how you like the Rocksbox! Jewelry is my splurge, but my favorite spot is the clearance racks at the Limited or Chicos. Congratulations on your Anniversary! I remember that last year we were both making purple dresses for our anniversary in the FabricMart contest! On my sewing table- well you won't believe it, but my 27 year old just asked for a pair of footie pajamas since it is so cold now.

    1. I would always go into Lane Bryant for their jewelry. I absolutely loved their selection! NY & Co was another favorite! Not really shopping for clothes has made me forget how many awesome jewelry finds I used to get!

      I love it! Giant footie pajamas are a total win :)

  6. Well, when you've conquered that blouse, you'll be ready for the 80's Issey Miyakes. You've got a good brain on you, look at the tech drawing, think how you'd assemble it and it will work itself out (when in doubt, a light application of blue painters tape for basting helps).
    And very happy anniversary to you! Much happiness to you!

  7. OMG do you have a teen driving, LOL!! I'm giving you a "virtual hug"! I remember what it was like for e when my kids were new drivers!

    I love that red fabric and if that's what you're making the top out of, very nice! I can wait to see it! Good luck on both (new driver and your top!)

  8. OMG - I have that target necklace and LOVE it! It's so fun to wear. I'm a wee bit addicted to Target too. I love your sewing - happy anniversary - I hope the future continues to look positive! g


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