Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Wrap-up and June Plans

Is it that time again? Before you know it we'll be halfway through the year! How crazy is that?!

Perhaps you don't know, but I count yardage as "out" once the project has been cut. Couple of reasons for that:

1) I don't really buy extra yardage. So once a project is cut out it's near impossible for it to become something else.
2) I HATE having large scraps. The exception are nice cottons that can be used for pockets, facings, bias tape, etc.

So I have a couple WIPs here but there's no turning back! :)

This month I sewed 10 3/8 yards:
  • Burda 04/2016 #119 dress in striped ponte - 1.75 yards
  • Simplicity 8138 top in olive crepe georgette - 2.5 yards
  • McCall's 7386 skirt in floral rayon jersey - 2.5 yards (wadder)
  • Burda 6769 skirt in denim - 1 3/8 yards (WIP)
  • McCall's 7167 jumpsuit in peach poly crepe - 2.25 yards (WIP)
At the end of April I had 4 projects planned for May; I got 1 done (S8138) and 1 in progress (M167). I had doubts about the May Burda project and I think I'm going to pass on that for now. Maybe after I see a few more sewn up. The other dress, I didn't get to because I chose to make the maxi skirt over the M7350. Boooo!

Favorite: Right now I'd have to say the striped Burda dress. I am loving how the jumpsuit is looking so far so we'll see how that goes.

FAILS: The maxi skirt just doesn't work for me.

Accomplishments: 1) I made that Simplicity top work 2) I am kicking butt on my denim skirt, I have a feeling this will be love. 3) Even though I like to sew fast, I really took my time with the bodice of the jumpsuit and it looks amazing so far. 

For June, I have a few things in mind (of course!). The jumpsuit is to be worn Thursday so I have to get that done asap. The denim skirt is being entered in the PR contest which ends 6/15 (I believe) so that'll be up next. Otherwise...

I have not been into the off-the-shoulder trend. 1) Narrow shoulders 2) strapless bra (I DO have a good one; I just do not prefer to wear strapless!!!). And then...(You know where this is going, right?) I saw that Very Purple Person made the new Style Arc Cara Top

So uhmm yeah, I was SOLD!  I am going in with mid-range expectation. If I hate it, I won't be sad (OMG DO YOU SEE HOW LITTLE FABRIC IT TAKES?!?), but what if I love it? 

Uh-huh. What if? 

I imagine I want a fabric with a little bit of drape (but not too much) and stable enough that the band won't do anything too weird (challis: you are not it). So I'm thinking voile or lawn...in a print. (I'm secretly giddy! Shhhhh. Don't tell my cautious self).

Also, I am making this Burda dress for my June --Burda and Fabric Mart-- project and as my (work) birthday dress!
06/2016 #105

I really want to hold firm on sewing from each Burda mag this year so from May I'm going to make this pattern, but to be used as a nightgown (I really need a couple more for summer), not a dress:
05/2016 #113
I saw this new In-House pattern and just had to have it. I am going to try to sew this for the Natural Fibers contest on PR:

I think that's plenty. The Burda shift dress has a ton of detail so I am going to give myself some time for that one. And the Sophie dress less so, but it is fully lined.

(thinking out loud...Jumpsuit --> denim skirt --> Cara top --> June Burda --> Sophie dress...and the nightgown will fit in wherever it fits in).

My *BABY* graduates on Thursday, family and friends will be hitting town Thursday/Friday, party is Saturday. It's been a year (whine) since I've seen my mama's face in front of my face! And a year and a half for my dad (WHIIIINE). So I may be on IG a bit but won't be back in blog-land for about a week! Until later!!!! 


  1. Congrats to your daughter.. Enjoy your time with your mom and dad..
    Your sewing plans , sound great.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the Sophie dress.

  3. Hey there stop copying me :) ha ha or should I say we both have good taste? As you know I have that Burda stripe dress with the diagonal seaming up very soon in my sewing queue AND I just prepared this #105 dress which I hope to start next weekend. I love your version of the stripe dress - so perfect for summer. I'm planning this # 105 in a light blue denim, how about you?

    1. Totally just both have good taste :-p

      I am using an animal print twill.

  4. Congrats in order I think :). And love your plans...and attitude, hey, if the off the shoulder does not look good, so what. The fun is sometimes in the finding out. I'm going to do the same with a dress I would have loved way back when, and I think I'm now too old...but what if it looks great on me??? So I understand the dilemma...

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! I can't wait to see your dress. I hope you love it!

  5. I absolutely adore the Burda dress you have chosen for June!! ADORE!!!! :)

    1. Thank you!! I just love it! Such a classic but so interesting at the same time.

  6. Love the upcoming dresses! And you don't keep scraps??? What?? lol. I have bins full :P

    1. Haha! I *do* have some but I am too narrow-minded to do much color blocking and have no little people to sew for, so I try not to make many scraps.


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