Monday, February 11, 2013

An Eager Yet Novice Sewer

I have checked out from my local library, some of the top sewing references mentioned around the interwebs. I have in my hot little hands:

  • Fit for Real People by Pati Palmer & Marta Alto
  • Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin
  • Sew What! Skirts by Frencesca DenHartog
  • Making Trousers for Men and Women by David Coffin
  • 200 Sewing Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets by Lorna Knight
  • Fabric-by-fabric's One Yard Wonders
I am armed with a collection that now consists of 34 patterns, including shirts and blouses, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, jumpsuits, jackets, blazers, coats, swimwear and a toddler pattern for my sweet little Baby K. Baby K isn't *my* baby, she's the most awesomest baby of a close friend. My "babies" are taller than me and have mustaches and go on dates. Oy vey!

Every pattern I've bought has been a part of Hancock or JoAnn's sales; 5/$5 on Simplicity, $1.99 or 2/$3 Butterick, $1.99 McCall's, $3.99 Vogue...and a couple of New Look patterns from Wal-Mart. 

On my hot list of patterns I want to see come to life like, yesterday:
  • Butterick 5525 and 5678. Both are button down/up(?) shirt patterns, something I am completely lacking in my wardrobe.
  • NewLook 6130. I LOVE the peplum. I was ready to make this my first project but opened it and had a missing pattern sheet :( I am waiting on a replacement copy.
  • Simplicity 2255. This is high up on my list. I want to make version D in a kelly green to pair with a pencil skirt done in navy & white knit jersey. (My daughter loves version A and I went back and got the smaller pattern size so I can make it for her).
  • Vogue 8787. Inspired by Mimi G's version in black. This would be great for datenight!
  • Simplicity 2246. Who doesn't want an awesome shirt dress? RIGHT?!?
  • Simplicity 2562 and 2700. I want amazing fitting slacks and I want them now!
  • Simplicity 1887. I love the shorts. But I'm in Minnesota so those won't be sewn up anytime soon...
  • McCall's 5400. In keeping with the theme of the ever elusive summer. I want all but the ruffled version.
  • Simplicity 2508. More in line with where my mind needs to be :) Although this coat is something I'd probably begin to attempt in late summer/early fall.
In my mind I have a few outfits in mind and if I can find the time (I sewed all day on Saturday - ALL DAY!! And completely abandoned my family. I'm guessing this is not an acceptable norm??

I'm excited to be gaining this lifelong skill. I have also inspired my sister in law to break out her sewing machine that she bought in 2005!!!! Woohoo!


  1. I'm enjoying your blog. It's nice to read about other beginners. You're doing well! I bought myself a sewing machine for Christmas, but I haven't actually made anything yet. (I have figured out how the machine works and practiced all the stitches, etc.) Mostly, I just read about people who actually make things, and I buy sewing books! (I have the Fit for Real People book.) I did cut out one pattern, but I made a little mistake and the instructions confused me. I have zero previous experience and am easily intimidated. But I have found a teacher and hope to start lessons in a few weeks.

  2. Hi Leigh Ann! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

    Are you as blown away by all of the awesome at-home seamstresses there are among us?! I had no clue when I began to pine for a sewing machine that this entire world existed :)

    I'm glad you're getting lessons. It is crazy rewarding to go from a piece of folded fabric to a REAL item/garment! I'm sure you'll do great.

    Are you on Pattern Review?


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