Wednesday, February 20, 2013

HOW Can I Have a Pile of UFO's Already?!

The first thing I cut was Butterick 5610 in a banana yellow broadcloth. Figured it was a nice, firm fabric that I could cut my teeth with. The pattern looked innocuous sleeves, sure, pleats and facings but I charged ahead.

It's almost done. I got hung up on the facings (which I *think* I understand now). And I didn't make my casing for the elastic wide enough. I don't know if I should redo it or use thinner elastic. Right now, there's a piece of elastic trapped in my shirt with safety pins still attached. LOL!

So she got tossed aside for now. (also, I followed the pattern explicitly on sizing and realized there's 5" of ease in the bust. FIVE INCHES. So it's probably going to be too big. But that's okay).

Next up, I cut out Butterick 5566, view C, in a brown woven fabric. I'm having some fit issues :(

Again, I think I cut it too big, and ended up using 1" seam allowances. But, I think the waist is now too small, the hips are puckering and the back, below the butt is just sad. Hopefully the kind folks at PR will give me some tips.

Next I cut NewLook 6150 in black. I used a knit from Hancock's that is somewhat shiny and that I don't love. The sleeve of the black shirt were a tad too tight. And I see NOW that I did a somewhat sucky job on setting it. I think I'm going to remove the sleeve, face the openings, and use this as a black shell. Can't have too many of those.

Next up was NewLook 6150 again - in a grey interlock (HERE). I love, love, love this fabric. I want to make like 10 tees/shirts with this stuff. I only needed to hem the sleeves and do the facing...and then I realized the seams on the black shirt were coming apart. I'm going to wait until I get my walking foot in the mail (hopefully this week) and now that I have stretch AND ball point needles, see which works best. Then I plan on redoing the seams on both these shirts.

Then I cut Simplicity 2594, view C and intended to use a poly charmeuse. OY VEY! I couldn't cut the stuff! I've done some research and will attempt to use freezer paper to stabilize the fabric. I have to figure it out because I have some other pretty printed charmeuse; 4.5 yards to be exact, and it will get sewn!

The coup de grace to my beginning sewing adventures...Butterick 5678. I need button down shirts. I need shirts that won't gape at the bust without being huge through the waist. I started with some $2 broadcloth - fine shirt muslin'ing material...I cut a 14 in a C cup. I probably should have cut a 16. So it'll be too small for me but there were a few mistakes and I'll be glad to move on to my shirting material after giving this one more try with a muslin.

There are some issues...I wasn't 100% on the collar and realized I sewed the raw edge outside - oops. My princess seams could use some tweaking and I don't like interfacing the cuff as a whole. I'd rather leave the "middle" un-interfaced so topstitching doesn't get wonky. I did okay on sleeve #1 but sleeve #2 is kicking my butt.

I ripped the second sleeve for the third time this morning. I'm hoping to finish it up tonight.

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