Sunday, February 24, 2013

Simplicity 2700 Muslin

Today was a sewing day. All sewing with a trip to WalMart for cheap muslin fabric. They have actual muslin priced fairly reasonably...but were very low on the 45" muslin. They had a ton of 36" muslin for $1.97/yd though! This fabric was $1.00/yd. I bought 4 yards of it and another $1/yd fabric and some cheapie fabric for $2.50 that sort of looks like herringbone that will hopefully become a cute pair of shorts. Since it's February. In Minnesota. Shorts are a little ways away. Hopefully I'll have my trouser making in decent working order by then.

Now, on with it. For some reason, I initially traced and cut a 14 average. Uhmm. Ok. That tissue fitting showed that a 14 average was LAUGHABLE! No photos of that atrociousness.

I cut a 18 average here:

They were too tight though the front crotch area was the least sad of the three attempts at fitting. The thigh is way too tight though and my butt is eating the pants!

Then I thought maybe the seams just needed to be let out a bit (the pattern calls for 1 inch seams). But reducing the SA to 5/8" resulted in a catastrophe. No photos of that either.

So I cut the 18 curvy:

Overall, a better fit I think. The thighs are nice and relaxed, but then the crotch is doing something. And it looks like there's extra fabric under my butt.

Off to research!

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