Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest: Items 1 and 2

So with my hardcore, set in stone plan (ha!), I'm using 4 patterns that I've sewn before and 3 that I'm considering making a muslin for. Initially I thought I should just knock out the 'known to me' patterns first but, later decided to intersperse some of the more labor intensive projects in with the "quick and easy" ones (quick and easy tends to be Famous Last Words).

Since I've decided to devote weekend sewing to the prom dress once the fabrics are procured next week; I know that things like pants and button front shirts are excellent projects for me to work on during the week. I sew those in that '20 minutes at a time' format all the time.

So I did start with 'easy' this week because, Instant Gratification is my middle name.

Simplicity 1916 has been made 2 times before; once in an animal print jersey (which I wear ALL the time) and the other in a lace print ITY. I love this one too but with the lace+black+low cut, not very often.

I really liked this candy-pink ITY much more than I anticipated. And I know I'll really love it come summer when I get my 'glow'!

Again, major props for seeing the skills grow and develop! The first time I made this it took for-evah to figure out that front ruching detail. This time I looked at the instructions and boom! Effortless. I opted to leave the neck binding exposed and to do binding on the sleeve openings as well.

Definitely the sassy vibe I was going for!!!

Next up was S1430 shorts. After the Style Arc Jennifer fail, I had to jump right on these.

I sewed a size 18 with 3/8" seam allowances at the waist only. I kept the original length and 'stole' the side splits from the Style Arc shorts.

I also added welt pockets - yay me! And belt carriers.

I was going to do hook & eyes but decided they would look much better with a button. This is the mate to the button I used on my son's shorts with this same fabric. I can never let him know that we have shorts with the same fabric and everything! :-p

The only issue, I put the zipper down a bit too low. Otherwise I LOVE them!

bias tape to finish the facing

I'm so proud of my welts!!!

I realized after WHY the SA shorts were angled so much at the hem; so that the split could open. Dang it.  It's pretty cool finish though. I will be doing that again. I need some bright green shorts! :)

Look at that bar tack on the bottom carrier - so good! And then the top one misbehaved. But who has time to be removing bar tacks?! Pfft.

The last photo is before I added the carriers. I considered them done and was all OH! I meant to add loops! :) I just love the finishing on these.

I've been too blah for photos. Soon...

As for the remainder of my items:
a) New Look 6373 is in progress
b) Burda 1/2016 pants are basted and too small (the pattern was meant for stretch wovens!)
c) Butterick 6219 skirt
d) Simplicity 1070 top
e) McCall's 6965 shorts
f) McCall's 6884 dress
g) Burda 7136 (also made twice before)
h) Burda 4/2014 jacket (I may do an unlined jacket or a vest or cardigan)

The contest ends on Thursday, 3/31. But I'd totally have to be done before that last weekend to get photos. Stay tuned!


  1. I love the shorts. I need to revisit simplicity 1916. I made it up a couple of year back when I had just got back into garment sewing and it turned out huge (and a mess). Yours looks great so it has inspired me to have another go.

  2. Looking good Nakisha! IKR! "quick and easy"...riiiiight! I love the color of these two pieces - sassy indeed and the shorts - nicely done! Ditto about the photos...hoping for some decent weather by then. Sew well!

  3. Wow, you are on a roll! I love the shorts!! They are beautifully made!

  4. Wowzers! That's a lot of sewing going on over there. The start is good, love the top and shorts, especially those shorts! Well I don't doubt you'll get it done, so get em girl!

  5. Wowzers! That's a lot of sewing going on over there. The start is good, love the top and shorts, especially those shorts! Well I don't doubt you'll get it done, so get em girl!

  6. Wow! I love those shorts! I am definitely going to have to check out that pattern. My plan was to mix some of the more challenging pieces in with the easier ones too. I figured if I left both pairs of jeans and the "denim" jacket till the end I would be in trouble!

  7. I love to watch when you are in a contest or challenge. Nice top and shorts - love the color.

  8. I love everything about your shorts! The colour, the fabric. ..

  9. You're off to a great start Nakisha! These two pieces are really, really nice!

  10. This is going to be quite some sewing challenge - a mini wardrobe plus a prom dress. Still, you will manage it with aplomb. The shorts are great - and no-one looks at the bar tacks in any case. Some on RTW aren't too great either...

  11. I've missed reading your blog; I've been so busy. I can't believe you made those shorts! They look really great. What a great color too.

  12. You've made a great start on your wardrobe plan! Both items look fantastic but I just love those shorts :D It's funny how things that used to seem hard start to seem so easy as time goes on ;-)


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