Monday, February 15, 2016

Wardrobe Contest: Burda 01/2016 #135 & Butterick 6219

After finishing the shorts, I somehow decided I should sew the pants next. Because...I like to torture myself?? :)

I was so excited about these pants when this issue came out.

I mean...those LINES!!!! 

Being me, I decided I ain't making no stinking muslin! And cut them out. The one alteration I made immediately was to shorten the front crotch by 3/4". Since Burda directions are frequently unhelpful, I didn't even look at them.

And uhmm...

They're intended for stretch wovens. Oops. 

I ended up having to recut the side panels, adding 1" to the back only. This threw a couple other things off, but nothing major. E.g., the dart in the side panel is more forward than in the center and the leg opening is wider...but it doesn't stop me from loving them!!! :)

These took me forever to finish. FOREVER. But I think they're pretty awesome.

You can see they're a little tight at the thigh. I didn't show a back view because I had insane VPL. 
So you'll have to trust that I'm happy with the fit. LOL!

I love the front with extended tab.

I ADORE the front of these!!!! I love how the yoke wraps around to the front seam, and the belt loops and the tab waist and everything!!!

Side panel with dart. You can see that there's more room in the back. The waistband had been adjusted and that seam is at the actual side seam so I covered it with the belt carrier.

Cute! Right?!?!?! Ahhhh!

I will totally make these again. I really like them as a casual pant!

In between fighting with these, I cut out B6219 because I have also been salivating over this pattern since it was released.

I loved this view. Loved it and had to have it. I used ponte instead of jersey so I lose some of the intended drape...but it's okay!

I cut a size 16 and sewed the side seams of both the yoke and skirt on the sewing machine to match the stripes.

Excellent matching on the side seams...never even thought about the matching the horizontal seams! OY!

And then zip, zip, zip went the rest of the skirt on the serger. Such a quick project - my favorite!

I also matched across the front - yay! 

The instruction on doing the waistband (which they call a yoke) is stupid. It's bulky and just...not good. I also didn't like that the skirt came all the way up to the natural waist. I hacked off the waistband from the pattern and an additional 5/8" to shorten the waist height.

I ended up using 1" elastic and cut a rectangle for the elastic and just made a "regular" casing. It works. I love it. I want to wear this skirt everywhere right now!!!!

Tell me why I was giving it to the camera:

Hahahaha!!! :)

In all these pics you see I'm wearing the S1916 top. Here are the S1430 shorts modeled:

I was watching The Hangover and was having a good giggle at whatever scene was on at the moment! :)

Thinking about new jacket options. I am going to go with a more casual unlined jacket. I just pulled out my chambray and am aiming to get at least the front and back sewn...then a couple days for sleeves and plackets, a couple days for collar and then buttonholes/buttons. So hopefully I'll have finished before next weekend is out.


  1. Three awesome projects all with great results. Great work, Ms. Charisma!

  2. Love everything here! I love that you didn't match the skirt horizontal lines because this shows the seaming. Great skirt and great pants..

  3. Great projects! Loving it all.

  4. Love that skirt, as well as those excellent fitting pants. Very productive, you are!

  5. The pants are cute and love the skirt.

  6. Some lovely makes there. The skirk is so strikingšŸ˜€

  7. These are all gorgeous pieces! Love the styles that you've chosen.

  8. LOL serving face. i like the skirt. ... I like most long knit skirts lol they're so easy and versatile to throw on.

  9. Your wardrobe is really coming together. Love these pieces!

  10. Great job on all 3 items.. Love that top too. Happy sewing.

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  12. You've been busy. Everything fits great & looks so good on you! I can see why you're so pleased with them.

  13. I love what you made! The pants are the BOMB! They look great on you. And that skirt is really cute. I admit I wouldn't originally think to pick a design like that up, but you make it look stunning.

  14. Wow, wow, wow! I love all of these but the PANTS are smokin!

  15. Wow, wow, wow! I love all of these but the PANTS are smokin!

  16. I'm so jealous of all your Burda pants! They all fit you so well, but when I sew pants it's a fitting nightmare! Keep up the good work :)

  17. Love them all...I'm so intrigued with the skirt (for myself) -- it's a different take on on a maxi/midi skirt that could work for almost any body type. Great sewing Nakisha.

  18. I'm so jealous of how fast you sew! All your items look great. That skirt is screaming my name! I love it!

  19. You're really cranking them out aren't you! I love everything in this collection! (And you look really good in them too)!)

  20. That pants pattern is awesome, I overlooked it somehow. Your wardrobe is coming together nicely, it's going to be fantastic. I'm one of those people that finds it impossible to think about spring clothes until spring is actually here although if I sewed as fast as you that wouldn't be a problem!

  21. Wow you make beautiful outfits.... and rock them so well

  22. Fabulous! You are moving right along with this collection!

  23. Wow! These look fantastic! You are getting so good at pants. That skirt is my favorite thing you've made so far. Love the stripes, it looks so good on you!

  24. Fantastic! I really need those strappy beige sandals...


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