Saturday, March 30, 2013


I decided a few years ago that I needed to learn to knit and/or crochet. So, I taught myself to crochet. I fell in love with the craft and that was that. My crocheting lead the to the start of BabyModo, my Etsy shop. I focus on baby goods for several reasons - it's cuter and faster and takes much less yarn. The cowboy set is BY FAR my most popular item. I shipped a few out this week, with three more orders to fulfill in the next week or so.

From a satisfied and amazing customer! (thank you for sharing!!)

Hat and Booties (patterns courtesy of Elizabeth Alan)

Full sets with diaper covers to match. Newborn on the left, 0-3 months on the right

If you look at the booties on the 0-3 month set, the top portion is thicker. I think I'll do it this way from now on. I really like the effect. 

I love to crochet. I love to make stuff and see a ball of yarn become something cool (like fabric --> garments??). But I have tendinitis and carpal tunnel. And they've been kicking my butt lately. I have a cyst on my right wrist that has returned after being dormant for almost 8 years. Sigh! I've had to close my shop periodically for weeks at a time because I can't crochet for more than 20-30 minutes. That would be fine if I were just making things for me...but that doesn't work for my customers.

Right now I'm closed while I get these last few orders out and may stay closed for awhile...I don't know. I have knitting lessons April 7 and 14 and know I'll want to get some practice in, but know that I may also be obligated to get orders completed. My husband thinks I should let the shop go (Nooooooooo!!!!!!). I get where he's coming from but I enjoy it! And it provides fun -aka- sewing money!!! ;-) 

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