Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finished Item - New Look 6104

I saw so many renditions of this project that I loved and knew I had to have it.

Most notably: Four Square Walls versions for OWOP. I LOVED the striped version - loved. I am going to have to recreate a similar one soon! The next favorite was her version in black. Swooooon.

Also: Nikki's version. I didn't do the version with the ruffle because I thought it might be too cutesy but - it's very pretty and sophisticated even. I love it.

Last but not least: Sew She Said's version here. I wish mine fit more like that.

I cut a size 16, grading the sleeves out to an 18 (I have big arms). I think I could have cut a 14 with an FBA and the bigger sleeves. I ended up making 3/4" side seams. I'll have to measure the 14 and see how much smaller it would be.

I really like this top. I was really proud of myself for the work I did on it. I couldn't believe I did those 1/8" stitches to form the tucks. WOW!! I reset one of the sleeves and still ended up with some pleats - ah. It's ok. I love the little jeweled buttons and am so ready to wear this to work on Monday as part of my own MeMadeMonday venture.

And then...THEN...My husband said it looks like a maternity shirt. :-( He said it looks nice on me but it looks like a maternity shirt. That was not a thing that made me feel warm and fuzzy...but I still love and will wear it!

He caught me leaning to one side. The neckline is a little wide, and I feel like my bra might flash (which it did not)

Little tightness through the arm hole (what's the technical term again?? LOL!). I probably should have accounted for that.

I think the back fits really well. It fits nicely through my waist and rests at just the right spot above my hips - at least I think so.

I will definitely make more versions of this shirt. I could see it being a nice weekend staple, an alternative to getting up and putting on a tee. I can really see it with a nice pair of shorts - especially once we get some summer weather.


LOVE it tucked. I don't tuck in shirts. I have a high waist and no hips and a long back (aka a flat bottom at the top). Tucked shirts don't typically look good on me. But I like it!

Slim cropped pants - Gap


  1. This looks so fabulous on you! I agree-it looks fabulous on you tucked in.

  2. Totally don't agree with your hubby. Looks so comfie!

  3. Thanks for the mention! This is still one of my favorite patterns and my striped version is still in my regular rotation. It goes with everything! Great job :)


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