Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finished Item - Simplicity 1887 Shorts

I have 5 more cut patterns ready to sew up so I'll be posting lots of Finished Item updates! :)

This pattern grew on me after staring at the envelope a bunch of times. I like the silhouettes and if I learn what needs to be done to sub a zipper for an elastic waist, I think this can become a favorite of mine.

I bought some simple woven fabric from WalMart at $1.50 per yard a few weeks ago. It's not very "firm" (is that the hand??) and if you hold it up to the light, it's a bit see through. not much...not on the body...but it is a thinner fabric. But, it was $1.50...totally muslin material.

I bought some pretty fabric (I honestly don't remember what it is. I have to remember to take a pic of the end of the bolt like I started initially). It's navy and black with a slight sheen and moderate 2-way stretch. I'd love to make the pants in this fabric but I'd prefer a zipper (maybe a side zipper??).

They were EASY to put together. I saw a couple of blog posts on them and they have a huge amount of ease. In pants I'm probably a skirts a 14-16...but I cut a 12 in these. I ended up adding back darts (which I completely winged) to make sure they didn't gap.

Cute, right? :)

Lined up the tie with the start of the pocket. I top stitched the pocket because it seemed like they'd want to turn out.

The other side of the waist band/side seam meets up. Dang it!

I really like the simplicity and the ease of the pattern. I'm going to ask the wizards at PR about the slight crotch bagginess because I want to make the pants! :)


  1. These are fab! I have the pattern but haven't used it yet. Did you modify the length at all? I love your length because they don't look like mom shorts, but I don't want my junk hanging out either. Great job!

  2. Thanks Amy!

    I made no modifications other than, not turning up 1/4" first before hemming. I want to make them in linen so ight go up a size.


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