Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Finished: New Look 6123

I previously sewed this in October 2014 for week 2 of the Fabric Mart challenge. I made a muslin and everything! I made it a second time later that month in ponte. When I went to my cousin's wedding last month, I wore the puple version and fell in love with the dress all over again.

I decided my polka-dot chambray would become another NL6123 vs S8014 (even though I love that pattern).

Both of my previous versions used the pleated skirt and I wanted to make the straight skirt this time. I pulled out the pattern and I had traced ALL of the pattern pieces. So I felt compelled to trace the other pieces this time and I'm glad I did. I didn't realize this pattern is now OOP. Boooo!

V.1 was lined and v.2 was a knit so I hadn't used the facings. I will say I find them just a bit shallow. I also want to raise the neckline a little - like 1/2". I am okay with a little cleavage during daytime, it's my tattoo that I prefer to cover up. Sidenote: I am totally going to look into laser removal. I don't hate it, I just hate the location now! But there's some tricky business to removing tattoos from brown skin so you have to find someone experienced.

Anyway. I used the facing as-is after having made changes to the bodice. So I have this happening on the inside...Oops.

Note to self: Add an inch to the facing! :-p

I assumed (oops) that the bodice was a 14 but it was a 16 and I traced the size 14 facings. Doh! I stitched them down which thankfully isn't visible because of the crossover.

Also, trying to preserve whatever amount of this fabric I could, I ended up cutting my skirt fronts too close to an edge that had a scissor snip. I interfaced it and took the seam a tiny bit deeper. Fingers crossed it stays put!

I made no other changes to the pattern from the original make.

  • Shortened bust dart (moved the point 'back')
  • Narrow shoulder adjustment
  • Gaping armhole adjustment
  • Removed width from center back tapering to nothing at waist
  • Swayback adjustment
  • Full butt adjustment

I could stand to add a tiny bit to the cap sleeve - maybe 1/2". I used an invisible zipper and topstitched the hem. I also tacked the facings down at the shoulder seams.

Matching at the top of the zipper

Matching the waist seam and darts

Really digging the vent and my red serger thread!!!! <3

The chambray cut, sewed and pressed as beautifully as cotton chambray does! Such a breeze to sew!

We're officially into fall here in Minneapolis and dusk arrives earlier. Plus the past 2 weekends have been crammed. I have had no time to photograph the gazillion finished garments I have.

I haven't been feeling well and am working from home today and figured I would FINALLY get this dress blogged (it's been finished since end of August/very early September). So I look haggard but just look past that. Okay? LOL!

These boots were the only shoes upstairs besides flip-flops...

I've really working out the fit for my back/butt on the CB seam!

You'll see (as do I now!) that my side seam is curved. I need more butt room (horizontally). Also, I've worn this twice already so the chambray has bagged out a bit in the seat. I'm sure it'll be fine when it's washed/dried.

DDs sweatshirt turned out SO CUTE! Again, we were jam packed when she was here so I didn't get photos of it on her...or even the completely finished garment. Her Thursday's are a bit more open so hopefully she can get a friend to snap a few for me.

I was going to add decorative side seam zippers but the style lines and the super-duper drapey fabric made it a no go. The sweatshirt sort of collapses on itself and the zippers made it stiff.

I used Burda 1/2016 oversized hoodie with hi-low hem. I used a size 36, view A (the other views are longer and have pleating or gathering in the back). I ended up adding a band to the hem instead of hemming it.

I made the gathers in front and attached the hood via serger. And turned it out and saw this:

Oh. Well then...

I unpicked from the bad gathering on the right as viewed to the other side and reattached via sewing machine (yeah, I learn sometimes...) and was  able to get the hood in correctly (fronts touching).

This is before the bands were sewn

I tried it on because it is pretty oversized and it looked weird (probably because it's still way small for me). Saturday morning she came to show me the sweatshirt on her body and I swear it was THE cutest thing. I said with leggings, she said "with huge pants!". Ahhhh to be 18 again.
Wait...well, no. No thank you! Maybe!!!

So many things to do yet. I have my September Burda in under the wire (needs hems), DD needs a black gown for concert performances. Because I am smart sometimes, I am making the non-fancy version of her prom dress (e.g., no lace, no illusion, no tulle, etc). And I am making the bodice with a stretch velvet. New-to-me fabric but I think I'll be okay. Oh and did I mention she needs this for her concert on October 8th? And I'm joining the PR outerwear contest and sewing the Clare coat from Closet Case Files. Plus the other stuff I want to sew.



  1. You've got some great things coming down the pipe...I really like your cotton chambray dress!! Note to self: add cotton chambray to my list of fabrics to try!!

  2. Your chambray dress looks great on you and your daughter's sweatshirt is so cute! have so many sewing projects lined up. Best of luck (although I know you don't need it since you are such a speed demon with your sewing).

  3. THe chambray dress is so cute.. Really like the red serger thread too.cute!!
    Happy sewing.

  4. :Love both outfits....the dress fits very well, and love the casual top.....both great makes!

  5. So what zipper did you use for the hoodie? And the New Look pattern is pretty and so you!

  6. That is a great dress and love the hoodie.

  7. The dress is so perfect! I love the red serger threads on it. It suits you so beautifully. And your daughter's sweater turned out really well.Hope you feel better soon.

  8. I LOVE your dress! You look great in it. I too am so far behind blogging and fall has arrived in your neighboring state of SD. Dusk comes far too early!!!

  9. The fit of this dress looks great on you, and I love your daughter's hoodie. It's so cute. Feel better soon:)..

  10. It's one of those sort of dresses that just works. Looks lovely on you. Good luck with the removal process - and yes, a good operator essential.

  11. Fab dress, it looks great and I love the red against the polka dots.

  12. Clare coat hint: if you are doing the zipper version, pick out your zip FIRST and match to it. It's a long zipper and the choices get slender. Call this my "don't do what I did" advice.
    That dress is smashing. And good for you to get pictures of kid in clothes you made. My teens are not interested in participating in Not Their Social Media. "MOOOooOOOooOM"


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