Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Miscellany; In Which I Whine About All the Things

Because my middle name is miscellaneous... No, not really, I just have a lot of random thoughts, often.

New Look 6189. I made this pattern before, a few months after I started sewing. They were REALLY cute just too high in the rise and I knew I'd never wear them. I made them again in a suiting fabric and messed up and got one leg off grain. But the fit of the pattern worked!

I had them in my fall plans out of a crepe. When I ordered this fabric, I made sure it was opaque and that it was suitable for pants. I missed the texture. It's pebbled and I don't like it. I like the color but don't love it and with the texture it's just a big ole' NO for me. I'm not completely anti-polyester but with that, this color and that pebbled texture it reads too much like old-man pants.

Also, I forgot that the leg on this pant is MUCH, MUCH fuller than the envelope suggests.

Meh. I left these alone, and unfinished, and moved on to the wrap top of my dreams (haha!). I have to do a full review on this one because this pattern is stupid and dumb. Yes, very mature, I know. But it is. It did not help the cause that I used a (beautiful, printed) polyester charmeuse. I swear when I walked into the room the fabric would fray. Peek around the corner -- fray. Think about walking downstairs - fray. Good grief.


I'm going to finish it because it is pretty. So perhaps, after awhile, my anger at it will subside.

Also, I want to finish this jacket (B6141)!!! But first, the funnel-ish collar is just wrong. I think it's drafted incorrectly and I don't know how to fix it with the way the front is constructed. So I'm going to use one of the other collar views.

Then, I had a hell of a time setting this sleeve and when I went to take it off the dress form I noticed a few small puckers in front (which in the photo below I thought it was just because I hadn't pressed it). So I have to re-do part of the sleeve.


But it's cute!!

My daughter is on week 3 of college and mentioned wanting a robe for going to and from the bathroom. She's a huge fan of dark green (hunter, pine, etc) and I found a great plaid cotton flannel at SR Harris to sew up M7297

They both washed and dried well and I was excited to get started. 

It wasn't until I went to cut out the solid parts (the bands) that I realized the green is FAR thicker/heavier than the plaid. And the bands are all sewn double. I'm not so sure this will work out and am tempted to call it quits and buy a robe!


So you know what this means? Mojo is kaput. Which is fine; I've been sewing like a crazy person despite being super busy with family stuff.  The next two weekends were already non-sewing time because of existing plans. Plus I have a new book to read. So I'll take some time off, clean my sewing room and I'm sure I'll be all excited to jump back into it :)

I still need to photograph my polka-dot New Look 6123 (which I've worn) and maybe I'll get pics of the NL6189 pants on. 

Other Stuffs...

Have you been following along over at Carolyn's with all her fun giveaway's for National Sewing Month? 

Do you know that Saturday begins OWOP and there are giveaways? 

I'll be using my trusty Butterick 5760 skirt to participate!

Also, I changed my blog theme again. I wanted more white space. I like it.


  1. First don't toss the robe idea yet. Use some lining fabric on the inside bands, it will solve your bulk problem and make it a little fancy. Fancy is good. Two, the poly top is making me howl. Three, I told you that your sewing machine was nagging you for a break...

    Finally thanks for the shoutout! There is so much good stuff yet to come! The rest of the month should be pretty amazing, if I say so myself! *LOL*

  2. Liking the whitespace :-)

    If you wanna pass that green fabric over I'll volunteer as tribute lool

    also, I've never done OWOP. I wouldn't have half a week of the same pattern lol maybe I'll change that this season when I find a good pant patter. I just pulled out V9032 so hopefully i'll like it just as much as everyone else

  3. We all experience mishaps sometime or another! You are the most productive sewist I know so you most definitely deserve a break. I know you will come back with a bang. I like the white space too!

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  5. I thought about purchasing that green fabric when I first saw it on Fabric Mart, but thought against it, due to some of your same reasoning. I really am not a fan of the pebbled nature of that type of fabric either. I have some I purchased years ago, and it still languish in my stash :(.. I also like the white space, but refreshed my screen, as I thought something was up with my system,lol!

  6. Do you have any leftover plaid? You could use the plaid for the bands, but set on the bias, and maybe add some piping. It would be a nice contrast and keep everything the appropriate weight.

  7. What a shame about the NL pants - that fabric looks perfect for it. Doesn't it shit you when fabric doesn't live up to your expectations? I've got a pair of pants made from a wool suiting which I *should* like, but the grey-ish colour pulls just green enough to make me look sickly. Plus it was much, much lighter weight than I expected, and I just can't bring myself to retrospectively line them. Sigh.

  8. well have fun during your break, clean your room, pick up all the pieces and bits of fabric and thread and start a new adventure!

  9. Okay, I shouldn't laugh at your pain, but I am going to laugh at your pain a little bit. ;-) I lost it at "this pattern is stupid and dumb" and your description of the naughty fabric, LOL! What a shame about that crepe though, because the color looks so lovely in that picture. =/ I hope that your planned time away from your sewing room will boost your mojo once again!

  10. That is a gorgeous wrap top!
    I know you will "make it work" with the robe for your daughter.
    OWOP sounds like fun!

  11. The wrap top is really pretty and will look great on you. I hope you can fix the problems. I'm sure you will!
    That coat is so cute! It inspired me to go look at the pattern myself. I need a light/medium-weight coat, preferably water resistant, for fall.
    The robe 'problem' should be pretty easy to fix. Just cut the bands single-thickness with maybe 1" hems, then cover the seams between the different fabrics with bias binding. Make the bias from the plaid fabric if you have enough, otherwise you could just use purchased bias in the same dark green or another color from the plaid.
    You are an inspiration to me!

  12. I ended up buying my own kinky robe last year at Costco because Ihated sewing with the stuff so understand your pain. Good intentions!! You can save it, as already described, but it is annoying to have to stop and regroup for what should be a pretty quick and easy project.

  13. Nobody reads this far down in the comments, right, just you and me,hanging out here?
    I bought my son curtains for his dorm room.
    (he was worried he was going to end up with Dora the Explorer print curtains). So he picked out the dullest plain light blocking panel at Target he could find.
    (which are on all the windows in this house)

  14. What if the green and plaid swapped? Or maybe there isn't enough fabric for that

  15. How about a classy sheath out of that gorgeous crepe? With some feminine detailing it will be the farthest things from old mans pants ;)


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