Monday, June 30, 2014

Finally(!!!) Finished: S2255 Nautical Print Top

And S1373 too!

Sooooo not a whole lot of sewing happening this weekend. Friday night I went to happy hour and then...yeah. No. So what was my Saturday like you ask? Well, from 1:15 a.m. - 6:50 a.m. I was in the E.R., got home at 7 to pick my daughter up and headed out to the softball tournament at 7:30. Was at softball from 8:00 until about 2:00. [Not serious...stupid ovarian cysts. Apparently I am a 'cyst getter'. I get cysts. At least this one didn't rupture]

The won 2nd place and Dougie was the MVP of game 3! She was insanely good in game #3.
At this point in the day I'd had morphine, percocet, 
a frappuccino and a redbull...I think I was kept vertical by sheer luck.

On to the sewing!

Sunday I finally made it to the sewing room and got those danged buttonholes done. The 1/2" buttons were too small/slippery to sew by machine but I figured 8 handsewn buttons shouldn't take too much time (famous last words). I started sewing on buttons waiting on DD to finish practice. I had put the buttons in the shirt pocket and yep, turned the shirt, spilling buttons all over the car. I found them all and then went on to lose a single button about 4 more times. Seriously.

On the other version (on the form), I'd used 5 snaps and on this one went with 6 buttons. I realized there's a tiny bit of gape on the first one and now I have NO gape! Woot!

I didn't realize that mirror was so dusty! sorry!

I moved the pockets down 1.5" (they were gonna be on my neck otherwise) but I think they're a little too far down. It's okay...they're mainly decorative but I thought they'd help to really give this the casual vibe I was looking for.

No swayback!

Love, love, love the cuffed/tab sleeve :-)

 How I intend to wear it on Saturday. Bright coral shorts and neutral wedges. (I got SUPER tanned on Saturday!)

The coral shorts are me-made. I decided for my mini-wardrobe I wanted to use a plain-front shorts pattern so I don't break up my ikat print too much. I decided to do up a wearble muslin of the pattern.

1) They are not that short...not sure why they look so mini on the model. I used a 1.5" hem too!
2) I did not do those side slits.
3) The waistline is finished with twill tape. No facing. No waistband. I found that...odd. I'd never encountered that before.
4) This fabric is nasty. It's spongy and too stretchy and melted under the iron. So I will wear these on Saturday and then take my coral zipper back.
5) I didn't gather that they are meant to be high-waisted but HOLY COW. The front rise was ENORMOUS. I had to take out 1.5" of fabric and there is still a pooch of excess fabric.

This was the fastest pattern ever. Front, back, 2 darts in each. Side lapped zipper. Done. 

I thought I was 'on to something' with the sewing and started on my M6702 top. I sewed the bias binding to the back opening and went to press it WITH a press cloth and...

My pretty "4th of July fabric" became...

Wah. Wah. Wah.

Friday, June 27, 2014

New Simplicity Patterns and RTW Inspiration

The early-fall Simplicity patterns were released and meh. I am not in a frenzy much at all.

I loves me some C.R. so I want every pattern she releases. Always.

Love view A (don't care much for the others); realized I don't need to buy a new pattern to make it (see how I'm evolving?!?!)

I don't need this one but I love raglan sleeves.

The pattern envelope photos are too hideous to show

*LOVE* this romper (?) but I know I'd never make it

Seriously Simplicity?

It'll take a fellow sewer to get me excited about this pattern. As it stands pictured - meh. The tech drawing is what matters though and it is promising.

Finally...Just...No. Please. No.

Unisex patterns tend to go verrrry badly and these look horrific on both of them.
In other news, I was in my favorite store in the entire world; Target and happened upon a clearance rack.  I got a cute baseball tee for Dougie for $1.56 and two tops for me for $2.56 each. Same top, one black, one ivory. Pretty cute with it's lace overlay and lace sleeves...

Except it was a knit top with non-stretch lace. Hellllllo sausage casing sleeves. I was all 'woe is me' and then my light bulb lit up.

If you don't like it as is; you can change it

I found a nice "break" on the lace and cut it! Wearable tees for cheap!

Then I tried on this vest (I will stab my ears out if I hear "sleeveless blazer" again)

Shoulders fit VERY well...

 The rest of it?? Ehhhh. Not so much

This makes complete sense though as my pattern measurements work well when I do a 14 neck/shoulders, 16 waist, 18 hip.

The crazy deep armholes were also a little bit of a turn off. BUT I was sold on the look!

I have a Simplicity pattern that I'll whip up (hahaha). I'd like to cut the armholes down a bit but not as low as the inspiration vest.

My top is coming along (just needs buttons and buttonholes!!) but we've been so busy and away from home so much that I haven't had much time at all to sew. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

WORKS in Progress

My name is Nakisha and I have sewing attention deficit disorder.

This weekend was a weird one -- not jam-packed with activities but it totally just slipped on by. I got a bit of sewing done in fits and as a result have nothing finished but several "in progress" works. long as it gets sewn!

Simplicity 2443 jacket:

This project could be WAY further along but those dang pockets!!!!! I posted a thread on PR and got a ton of helpful tips for turning out round patch pockets. I think they came out okay (sorry for the overexposed pic).

I *really* wanted the crazy ties and all that but it's designed to be made with ribbon and I've been to 3 spots and found no matching ribbon. I am going to "turn a tube" and see if it hangs well...I hate turning tubes.

Still need:
pockets stitched onto other front
sleeves (plackets, band and setting in)
Bottom band

Simplicity 2255:

This fabric makes me happy. It washed and dried well. It presses AHHH-mazingly! (everything should be made in nice cotton. Everything. Alllll the things) you see something?

I bet you do...even my daughter did.

My sailboats and seagulls are upside down. I cannot believe I made such a bone-headed move. I was going for optimal fabric use (not that I didn't have enough but I wanted scraps because this fabric makes me happy). Then I made sure my pockets were in line...but the boats are in line with the seagulls and the seagulls are in line with the boats. holy cow! sheesh!!!!!! But I am going forward. The shirt will be finished, upside boats or not. If it drives me too crazy it'll serve as a "throw on" top. I really almost ran back to FabricMart to buy more since I was so heartbroken over it!

Still need:
Sleeves set
Button band
Buttons and buttonholes 

PJ pants for the boy:

He wanted fleece lounge pants. In the summer. Whatevs.

I'm fasting for 3 months. Me. Mrs. Buy all the things.

I know...I know...But right now I technically have too much fabric. It's starting to migrate all over. My bins are full. I have fabric on the extra table, I have fabric (a really big pile) in a box in the dining room, I have fabric in my bedroom.

So I will have a marathon of sewing over the next few months. June still has several plans and then there's the mini-wardrobe and then I need work pants.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Mini Wardrobe Plan (And Finished McCalls 6654)

Last year I was SO excited (SO!) to sew a mini wardrobe for the competition on Pattern Review. And then disaster struck.

Mystery illness hit in September and I did not sew a single stitch, nor did I purchase any fabric or patterns or notions and I only had TWO blog posts that month!!!! The horror! I did not feel up to participating in the contest for October but I did sew my own little capsule wardrobe. Sadly it mostly ended in tragedy.

Pants #1: Made out of mystery growing fabric; no longer wearable.
Pants #2: I sliced the leg open and my repair did not work.
Blazer: It's just too big in the shoulder to be comfortable.
Top: I did not check the waist placement and the elastic sat way too high to be comfy

The other two items are staples; the black ponte cardigan and white lace kimono tee.

This year's contest involves the sewing of 5 items in order to make 6 outfits. The 5th item can be an accessory as long as it's wearable (think hat, scarf, belt, etc).

I plan to sew 5 garments from these lovelies and yes...most are from my recent acquisition! :)

 Kelly green ponte
white slubbed jersey
navy cotton poplin, 
lime green stretch twill
black/white ikat sateen

My pattern choices:
Butterick 5926 blazer in kelly ponte
McCall 6841 top in white jersey
McCall 6702 in navy poplin
Simplicity 1696 in lime twill
Simplicity 1373 in ikat sateen

  • The blazer is the same as the aforementioned "failed" pattern. But I know what to do now to make it fit...I will probably pull the old one out and make some adjustments to it to ensure I'm on the right track.
  • The M6841 top hasn't been made but everyone swears it's relative easy with one tricky bit.
  • M6702 will be made in a r/w/b voile for wearing on Independence Day! So I'll get to work out any kinks then.
  • S1696 is new to me BUT since my now TNT pants and shorts are both Simplicity patterns and this is an Amazing Fit pattern, I feel confident about comparing them to the others and sewing them up.
  • S1373 is also new to me. I will work up a quick muslin (since I love that sateen!) to ensure they fit. I wanted an uncomplicated pattern to showcase the sateen and limit pattern matching. Initially I thought skirt but I will be more likely to wear shorts so...
Now, I cannot win this contest. I am ineligible because I won the Fitted Blouse contest. But that's okay! This little capsule makes me happy so I will take on the challenge!

I made a skirt. A simple pull-on knit skirt out of the yellow ponte I got from FabricMart. There is not a whole lot to say about a knit straight skirt, now is there?


The largest size in my envelope was a 14...with a 39.5" finished hip. Oh. Boy. No worries! Instead of complicating matters I just added it on the fold line...about 3/4" on front and back for a total of 3 inches...and then I sewed 3/8" side seams. 1" elastic at the waist and hemmed...DONE.

I did finally use Kathy's suggestion of fusible tape in the hemline and a twin needle. PERFECT! I love the results and what's not to love about an insanely bright, easy to wear skirt??

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Acquisition...and STASH!

First things first...Please understand that I was not, in anyway, disparaging PR or the hard work of Deepika et al! I totally get that it is a ton of effort that I can't even begin to quantify or understand. I respect that completely. Since posting, more tweaks have been made and the stark white is gone from the forums (which is where I think the issue with the extra brightness lied).

Also, I would never say I'm leaving PR as a user because of the change. That's just crazy. I love PR! There is nothing like it! And I'm not even as extra crazy about Ravelry as the general masses seem to be so I don't make that comparison. I just honestly felt like the functionality did not see a huge improvement and so it's like...okay...

At any rate, I'm getting back into the swing of things over there and GREATLY appreciate everyone weighing in! I love to dialogue and seeing/hearing others' opinions is very valuable.


Sooo I have added eleventy-seven thousand yards to stash this month. You think that is a made-up number, don't you? Well it isn't. Nope. It's not.

From a destash on PR. Rayon challis at $1/yd! I scooped up 4 yards

 Teal ITY, kelly green ponte, lime sorbet *yumm* stretch twill, print sateen
(that print sateen is begging to become a funky version of S2451 view C)

The hard to photograph shirting with sailboats and seagulls. It's so cute. Seriously!

Solid Marc Jacobs poplin in navy and olive (yes, that is olive. Crazy sunlight)

Solid ponte in banana and seafoam

Striped ponte! orange, seafoam (but it doesn't match the solid like I hoped), 
aqua/grey, watermelon. The watermelon needs to grow on me. It's kinda bubblegum.

That note is because there are two small (!) spots so I got extra yardage and a note to call if I can't work around it. Chris is theeee best!

Waterproof Marc Jacobs poplin. I have another unlined jacket pattern in mind for this one. 

So many sewing little time :)


I've wanted a vintage machine soooo badly. I had no clue what to look for though and would think about it only passively. And this one just fell in my lap. Well, not literally...cause that would hurt.

My husband's job has an internal classified section and a guy that works there is relocating and downsizing. They are basically selling everything in their house. The wife sews and has been hanging on to this guy since forever. She apparently has a shiny new Pfaff that she's come to prefer. The machine works and has an array of attachments (I should get to play with it this weekend!). Based on my sloppy internet research, it looks to be in Kenmore's 158 model series. And she sold it to us for $10. Even if it didn't work, I would have bought it for $10. Because it's cool. So. Cool.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Question For You?

If you are an active member, what do you think of the redesigned Pattern Review site?

I don't like it :-(

Now, I am not a huge fan of changes with respect to technology. I didn't mind the old site but that could be because I navigated about 85% of the time from my phone.The new site is ok on a desktop and kinda meh and difficult from my iPhone.

I have been on their WAAAAAAAY less than I am normally.

I know that I can't begin to image the work that goes into a project like that so I don't want to "complain"...but :sadface:. Super, super sadface.

So, what are your thoughts?

ETA: Read MaryMary86's reply! That's how I feel! Often times, when I need to say something slightly critical, in written form, I filter it through my friend who is a wordsmith. I do not have good words. Only bluntness. Thoughts --> attempt to filter -->words. Mary more accurately described what I think!

(also, I have a humungous, mega colosal FabricMart order coming today. Yummy photos tomorrow!)

I didn't put the suite number in my shipping address and my FabricMart order is delayed! WAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's pretty early and the Fed Ex rep thought it could be redelivered today. We'll see. :(

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Finished Item: S2153 and My Genius Moment

I got a lot of laughs on the last post! :-)

Simplicity 2153, size 10. No alterations to the pattern.

The only thing I would do differently for her is lengthen it below the waist casing. *just* a little bit...which would allow me to make the pockets slightly deeper which would be nice for her long hands. But she is in love with it!

Love the bright contrast!


Speaking of long hands...
My hand atop my 14 year old's hand

Why am I genius you ask?

Yes, this is an accurate representation of how large my living room is.

And it has sat, unused, since we moved in last July. 

I decided to move my machines upstairs (ironing board too). My fabric and notions and cutting table are still downstairs. I told them it's for summer, because I enjoy the natural light.

but that's only partially true

Remember how, on Memorial Day, I brought the sewing machine to the dining room table in order to work on DDs shirt while my brother was visiting? Well the machine has been there ever since. And I have sewn a ton. A TON. And guess what? Not one of the people I live with has complained.

I'm "there".
I'm "present".
They can see me.

Today I spent over 4 hours working on her jacket. No complaints. The kids were in there for at least half of the time, probably more and my husband was in there for quite awhile too. I realized it was me "going away" to the basement that made everyone whiny sad.

So I cut downstairs and put the fabric, directions, zipper, buttons, cording, elastic, etc in a basket and worked from the basket. Worked perfectly. 

Lastly, I terribly miss my Papa. I hate that they live so far away :-(

Happy Father's Day to a super awesome dad!

The morning of my junior prom

Friday, June 13, 2014

Randomness - Photo Edition

Warning: This post has no point
I am working on the girl's jacket. Should be finished tomorrow...maybe Sunday...

Won't be much to say. She's getting the exact jacket that I have but without the back loop and with different bias tape! :)

Her bias tape (this stuff is now addicting to make!)

I *really* like this pattern!! I got tons of compliments on this top.

This may be my first Style Arc pattern. Let's see what the July freebie is!

Cynthia Rowley designer version of S2443. Uhmmm...that model is missing an appendage.

Should I make the Simplicity jacket or the Burda jacket first?? hmmm...

Yes. This. This exactly.

What foolishness is this?
Is this NOT the cutest thing ever?!?!?!?!? She's helping me work