Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Slowwwwly Returning

I am feeling better. I am not 100% (I hope to be eventually!!); but I am feeling better. I have some energy and am thinking I might return to the sewing room this week!


I don't think my machine has ever gone 3 weeks - since buying it in January - without being used. I feel sad on the inside.

I did start some knitting (which hadn't been done in the last 3 weeks either) - I am making socks for my daughter and a hat and some fingerless mitts too. I need to get some shorter circular needles.

So today I was thinking I could/should make a dress to wear out for our anniversary next week, but nothing from my pattern catalog really jumps out at me (I have 47 dress patterns!). It needs to be anniversary-date worthy. A little sass but not over the top. Appropriate for cooler temps (so probably not sleeveless) but able to be paired with boots or peep toes (I own like 30 pair of peep toe shoes).

I am not inspired. I probably need to make a quick, instant gratification something to restore my sewjo, then I can work on a dress this weekend.

  • V1343 in the right fabric could look really cute with boots. But it doesn't have many reviews and I don't want to make a muslin (I'm quite rebellious)

  • B5915 (the pattern photo is ugly so you get the tech drawing), view A could work too but I can see fit issues that I don't want to deal with (lazy). My hips don't do that. I'd likely need some odd mixing of sizes for it to fit through the waist and skim the thigh but not bag at the hips.
Line Drawing

  • S2406 is actually a really good options. The "cold shoulder" sleeve is still hanging on and in black I might really like it...though I'm a little worried about the blousing.When you spend 3 weeks in a fatigued/emotionally draining/etc state you start to feel a bit round 'round the middle.

  • S2178 view A without the extra strap (and in a slightly more flowy fabric) would be cute too.

  • V8787. The pattern photo is un-inspiring but Mimi's version made me fall in love with this pattern. I totally have black ponte too.

Here's to hoping the mojo has returned. Maybe I'll make trusty NL6104 (here and here) or NL6108 (both seen here) -OR- super trusty M6519 (here, here, here) to get my mojo back!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No Mojo :(

I don't think I've gone this long without blogging since starting my blog earlier this year.

I haven't been feeling well :( and it's zapped me of my energy. I haven't sewn or knit or anything. Just go home, make dinner, crawl into bed.

Monday was my baby's 15th birthday and I seriously had to muster up the energy to just NOT go get in bed. I played a bunch of Dance Central with her (seriously tiring!) and we had pie (mmmmmm....birthday pie!).

I'm starting to think I may not finish the wardrobe challenge. Maybe I can if I take the jacket off the list and make a skirt instead...maybe if the top is more of a simpler style, like a shell.

I'm not optimistic but we'll see.

Hope all is well with everyone out in blogland!