Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Wrap-Up and the end of MMM'14!

Last 3 days of Me Made May 2014! Eeeeeek!

Day 29: Simplicity 2700 pants (the too high at the waist pair)
Day 30: Simplicity 2594 top (again)
Day 31: McCall's 6744 dress

I am very glad that I participated this year. Not only was it incredibly fun to see everyone's handmade goodies on display, it was very useful too!

This month, I aimed for zero weekend repeats and I achieved that. I did have repeats during the week, which I knew I didn't have enough stuff to really, truly go 30 days.

What I did observe was:
  1. I need more pants. I have made 5 pair of S2700 pants and one pair of B5908. I ruined one pair but slicing them open. A 2nd pair was made with sad fabric that grows by the minute. A 3rd pair  (which was technically the 1st pair) was made before I knew just how much needed to be removed from CF. A 4th pair is STILL awaiting new hems. So I really only have the plaid pair of S2700s and the B5908 pants. I have to change that!
  2. I wore ALL 3 of my M6844 cardigans. I reached for the white one multiple times, mostly because it's much lighter than the ponte versions. I need another in a lightweight knit.
  3. I wore both of my: S2255 tops, Sew Simple A1523 tops, S2061 pants and KS3115 yoga pants.
  4. I have well over 300 patterns now and 100 of them are McCall's (to be fair, some are craft, mens, kids...) and 80 are Simplicity. But I noticed a lot of Simplicity TNT patterns here!
  5. I want additional versions of several of these garments (not just the pants!)
  6. I have some things that need handling. If it looks decent and is finished, I will donate or give away (my mom LOVED the M6886 and M6844 dress and cardi I sent her!). If they are in UFO jail; they need to be finished or tossed. If they need to be the notions! I have three(!) zippers cut out of failed pants. I need to just unpick the stitches and boom, zippers!

I didn't mind the daily pics but knew I'd never post daily to the blog; and Instagram was the perfect medium for that. Also, next time I'll do calendar weeks like normal humans. :) 

Until next year!!

My May wrap up:

  • Lady Skater - 2 yards. (eggplant knit--I made this for DD. Plus the yard I ruined by mis-cutting)
  • S1699 dress - 2 yards (mint cotton/poly woven--also for DD)
  • BSM 06/2014 #121 tunic - 2 yards (windowpane cotton/poly shirting--also for DD)
  • M6844 cardi - 2 yards (white knit)
  • S1430 shorts - 1 yard (denim)
  • S2153 jacket - 2.75 yards (black waterproof fabric--still in progress, but cut in May)
  • M6519 top - 1 yard (teal challis--still in progress, but cut in May)
then...I had wadder after wadder after wadder this month
  • NL 6110 top - 1.5 yards (white cotton w/circles--not fully a wadder but won't make it into the wardrobe)
  • Lekala top - 1 .25 yards (white knit)
  • M6744 dress - 1.5 yards (multi colored print ITY--I think the skirt can be salvaged and used for something else!)
  • M6866 top - 1.25 yards (bright yellow knit :sadface: )
And in limbo:
  • M6961 top - 1.5 yards (floral chiffon--not sure yet if my FBA worked. I need to find a lining fabric to finish sewing it up)
20.75 yards out this month, 6.5 yards as wadders and 6.5 yards for DD; plus 5.25 yards as in progress. Sooooo 3 yards worth of wearable items for me!?!? LOL!!!!

Fabric purchases were also quite rough.

26.75 yards purchased but 6.25 was NOT quite what I was expecting. So I'm pretty much at parity again. Yay! Of the 6.25; 1 will become pj shorts (too thin for 'real' shorts which is what I bought it for), 3 will become 'muslin' for knits (if I decide to muslin a knit. If it sits too long, I will give it away). We'll see if the others become more worthy as they age in the stash :)

Let's show off the good stuff...



I'm going to go out on a limb and say my favorite May make will be my black jacket when it's finished. It is coming along REALLY nicely and I am super proud of my work.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Me Made May 2014: Week 4 roundup

Week 4. It's getting rough. I am running out of me mades! I am realizing the things that I need to donate, give away or just toss. AND the holes that I need to fill in my wardrobe. This is super helpful for me. SUPER!!

3 more days!!!

Day 22: Burda 7886 top
Day 23: Simplicity 2255 top
Day 24: Butterick 3314 pj's (I did not go outside on Saturday)
Day 25: Simplicity 1430 shorts
Day 26: I actually put the S1430 shorts back TOO hot and showered and changed into M6927 top and leggings
Day 27: Simplicity 2700 pants and Butterick 5493 top
Day 28: New Look 6108 top and McCall's 6844 cardigan

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finished Item: BSM 06/2014 #121

Holy pin tucks!! :)

I actually ended up sewing them down flat as she thought the normal way was too ruffly. This top took a lot of work over Friday, Sunday and Monday and I sewed the last button on at around 8:30 last night. 

This child looked at me and said, "I don't think I'll wear it tomorrow."

Her brother said to her, "uhmm. Do you see mom's face?" :-)

She was worried about getting it dirty. I reminded her it's a cotton shirt and we have a washer and dryer!!! 

(happy face!)

(Yes mom! I'm wearing shorts!!!)

*50/50 cotton/poly fabric from FabricMart
*Buttons from stash (the top and bottom are actually slightly smaller. I didn't have enough of the larger ones and figured the first button would never be closed and the last one will be mired in skirt gathers!)

*In a moment of genius, I decided to band the bottom so I wouldn't have to hem it! Woohoo!
*Removed the tower placket and cuffs on the sleeves and inserted elastic (LOVE this!)
*Adjusted the bottom of the button band so it ended at the skirt.
*Sewed the tucks flat instead of as you would for traditional pintucks
*shortened the sleeves

With the dropped shoulder and oversized blouson nature, I didn't even bother with any broad back adjustments (wasn't needed). I had full intentions of doing the burrito yoke method but forgot (yes...I forgot!) and ended up just pressing the bottom up and topstitching from the right side.

When I was attaching the skirt, my husband looked and said, "WHAT is that going to look like when it's done??!" with this...face.

When it was assembled and just needed buttons, she tried it on and my son asked her, "You WANT that? Like, you're going to WEAR that? To school? All day??"

The boys were non too impressed with the oversized top. I was on the fence until it was washed (all the yellow and blue markings removed) and pressed.

Pretty proud of my work on this one and she loves it!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blog of Randomness

I really enjoyed reading everyone's responses on the fabric stashing question!!! and once again, I am constantly amazed by the way we are all doing the same thing (SEWING!) different ways. It's always fun to hear about what works for someone else and what doesn't...and to get new tips and tricks!

Now...The Randomness.

Dear sewing friends,

When I started sewing I'd saw references to making bias tape. Then one day I bought some and used it on a top. And I was smitten. "OhEmGeeeee! This stuff is awesome! Why the heck would I make it!?"

And I'd read comments from sewers about how icky the packaged stuff is and I'd be all...pfft!

Then one day I made a bias cut neckline binding for a top. And thought, "AGAIN, WHY would anyone make this stuff?!?! It's so extra tedious!"

Dear, dear sewing friends...I was so wrong.

I decided to make a lightweight jacket from this waterproof fabric I scored at FabricMart for cheap. It's black and using Simplicity 2153 which is unlined. So I decided I'd make black & white polka dot bias tape for the insides. And I was dreading it.

And then...THEN...I googled and found this tutorial by Seasoned Home Maker and it looked really simple and easy and I thought, "hey, even *I* can do THAT!"

Oh. My. GOSH!!!

Sure it took me 4 tries to get the second fold right (don't ask...) but I made bias tape! And a lot of it! And it was FAST. Well, the cutting was and I ran a couple short pieces through the bias tape maker...I still need to sew the ends together and do the whole lot of it but I think I'm hooked!

Yes, I know that isn't black and white. You see...I used some of the black and white fabric to make the bra top and uhmmm...I can't find the rest. I have looked and I don't see it. Now, what will happen (guaranteed) is, I will use this grey and white bias tape, finish my jacket and then BAM, I'll see the black & white fabric sitting in front of me. No worries. I *could* go buy a smidge of fabric but I'm on a budget and I have no more craft dollars for May. I spent them all. All. And I'm sticking to my budget!

So, the jacket. I decided that I don't need to finish this and I have been working a bit more meticulously than I normally do on projects. I will probably finish it sometime this week. I'm adding a hood (hello? Waterproof fabric!) and it should be great for the morning commute. It'll still be jacket weather in the a.m. for at least a month...and then I'll be ready for early fall!

Look at those pockets! I promise they are stitched extra neatly!

I need to serge the seam allowance here and topstitch it in place (towards the yoke). 
I finally realized THAT is why my loop kept swinging out.

That buttonhole ain't half bad!

The casing is created by stitching 7/8" bias tape or twill tape at the waistline and then running cording (if I remember correctly...) through. My bias tape will be 1" but I don't think anyone will come looking for me.

Since I don't have the black and white, there will be fewer accented areas. So only the casing and the front facing. Not the side seams or the inside of the hood. Whatevs.

I really like how this pattern is coming together and if you Google it, there really are NO bad versions! Everyone's is extra cute! I think I'm going to make the vest too in this orange twill.

What else...Hmmm. Jacket progress halted because my dear, sweet daughter saw the June issue of Burda and decided this tunic MUST be hers. By Tuesday for her culinary final (my husband and I get to go and have her cook a 4 course meal for us!)

So...those tucks? Oh good grief. I have one half done. I have to do the other one. Based on the length of time these tucks are taking she is getting a mama version of this top. The mama version will be altered such that:

There will be one skirt layer (it's WAY too short to be a dress on her. The girl has a 34" inseam...)
There will be no placket/cuffs. Nope. I am going to make a band and put some elastic in it.
That whatever is happening at the bottom of the button band? nope. It's going to end and then the top will meet the skirt.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

In other sewing news;

I'm thinking of this S1374 bikini in these two contrasting fabrics. :-O I cannot bring my head around mixing fabric. I see it when others do it. I LOVE it. I get scared to do it myself. The closest I got was the snake print/black ponte raglan and that wasn't exactly an interesting mix of prints.

Since the striped fabric was something I bought when I FIRST started sewing and didn't realize was a swimsuit fabric until I tried to make a no-pattern pencil skirt and press it (Oh boy!) it's been sitting. The coral was free in a FabricMart bundle. This will be my first swimwear piece so it'll be good practice.

Lastly (WHEW!)...

Growing up my mom would bring my sister and flowers every time she got paid. I grew to *LOVE* flowers. Trader Joes has really cute small bouquets for $3.99. I bought one today and figure that's a fun treat for myself...

No exaggeration...I smile EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I walk past them. Small price to pay for some warm fuzzies :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Does Your Stash Ever Overwhelm You?

So...I had the dress pseudo-fail.
Then the Lekala top fail.

Then I wore my M6519 top yesterday and remembered how much I love that top. I made that a few months after I started sewing and it's not perfect but the challis is so perfectly comfortable. I remembered I had a pretty teal jewel-toned rayon challis (Hancock) in the stash. I pulled it out, cut the pattern, sewed the seams (only shoulder seams and side seams) and tried it on.

Huge. Colossal. Tent like.


The latest fits NOTHING like any of these. NOTHING. It's huge. And long. It's extra long(?).


I just need to take it in a bit here and there but it frustrated me. So when I get frustrated with projects, I go clean and organize my room.

There's this
There a LOT of patterns on that cutting table. Way too many.

I had too many things out as "in progress". I can't have 15 patterns in progress. So I pulled them all out and I will put them away until it's their time to be made.

Today I picked up two cheap-o totes because I wanted to put my scraps in one and have a rule that once that bucket is full, they need to be weeded out. I really try not to have leftover fabric unless it's a basic, e.g. black ponte or suiting or white knit. So I don't generate a ton of scraps...but it's hard for me to get rid of big pieces.

Well, this started me down a path of organizing fabric bins.

Coating/jacket fabric 

Shirt/dress/skirt(?) weight fabric

"lighter" weight knits

Heavier knits

Bottom weight

Bottom weight

And there is a bin with fleece and flannel. And there is a box of lining fabrics. And there is a box of "I need to do something to make this wearable but I don't know what and I am not certain that I should even hang on to it but I can't get rid of it just yet"

I had a few, "OH! I forgot about that" moments while organizing. Now, I do not get the warm fuzzies when I find a piece of fabric I completely forgot about. It makes me feel  bad!!! So I am really going to try to not buy any fabric for awhile and to sew from stash. I have more summer sewing plans but know not to go haywire because it is MN after all...

So I'm going to regroup and try to be productive this long holiday weekend.

Soooo, do you stash? Do you get overwhelmed or giddy when you assess the stash? 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week THREE of MMM'14

Eek! 10 more days to go! It looks like I  will make my goal of zero weekend repeats. I still have loads of casual non-work garments that I can wear on the weekends!

Day 15: KS 3115 yoga pants (my only repeat so far)
Day 16: NL 6108 top and B5927 jacket
Day 17: S2054 tunic/mini dress
Day 18: PR Winter Street Dress
Day 19: Burda 6910 top
Day 20: M6519 top
Day 21: Sew Simple A1523 top

Hopefully I'll get my hair done soon :-D

Monday, May 19, 2014

Trust Your Judgement

I was so mad when I realized I didn't change the settings for my Lekala patterns. This one I REALLY wanted and pleaded with them to resend it as letter and they did. 

I taped it while I was cooking dinner and knew I could sew up the bulk of the seams quickly on the serger, and do the hems tomorrow. 

Fail. Fail. Fail. 

I entered my measurements correctly. 
I know lekala has little ease. 

Top I saw:

"Oh cute! A fancy tshirt! Should wear easily and those pleats are sweet!"

That neckline looks impossibly small. 
It looks kinda short...
"Mom is that going to go around your boobs??"

Well...this is the top I got
(Sorry for the mirror!)


(Yeah. Not gonna cover my entire torso)

1) I reversed the markings and the pleats are wrong BUT that's the least of the problems. 

2) I added 2" to the sleeve circumference and they're still JUST right. 

3) The bust is too small 

4) The neckline is stupid, ridiculously high. 

5) The top is just too short. This is with 1 1/4" added for hem allowance and it's not hemmed!

Fail. Fail. Fail. 

I can take a fail or two. Now and again. Sometimes ;)

Now I have to make something totally awesome.  

I like this fabric. Luckily I have 2+ more yards of it. Maybe I'll stash this to use as fabric for undies when I get around to buying lace. It's SUPER soft. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Finished Item: Simplicity 1699

I got this dress so far. SO FAR! And then nothing. So I had to hustle to get it finished.

I originally bought this pattern for the jacket (I need to revisit it because I like it!!). Yet as I looked for reviews of the jacket I saw tons for the top and dress. And now, I totally want one :)

For DD, I used a size 10 and did a 3/8" broad back adjustment.
I ended up needing to sew the bodice with 7/8" side seams, but left the skirt with 5/8" seams.
*Can anyone tell me why the skirt would have a center front seam instead of being cut on the fold?
 Facings can just be silly and fiddly and I knew a facing on what was still for her a casual dress would be a total fail. I used bias binding instead.
There is some detail happening at the sleeve that I don't think I executed correctly or very well. Eh...

At the last 'fitting', she walked past me and I asked, "uhmm, are your undies striped?" yeah...the skirt needed lining!

The fabric is a very pale mint with a pretty flower detail. There is texture to the flowers...they're raised in some places.

I had a perfect minty colored poly pongee (yay $1 sale at FabricMart!) in the stash. I finished this dress late Friday night. I was totally going to hem the lining but just used my Gingher(!) pinking shears on it and she was *IN LOVE* with the pinking!

It was hilarious!!! She thought it was "SO FANCY!" needless to say I did not need to hem the lining - SCORE!

Sewing for her is interesting. I have to balance wanting to make a garment I'm happy about with her wants. She did not want a blind hem (that's weird). She wanted a visible zipper but really thought the lapped zipper was cool. Etc.
I totally still think of her as a fat baby sitting on the counter eating chicken...


I tried to sew a lapped zipper last March and April and it was horrible and I never tried again! When I got ready to tackle this one I was apprehensive. Then something clicked and I looked at the instructions (pretty dang good!) and thought,'s kinda sorta like a fly zipper! Easy as pie. 

(I interfaced both sides of the zipper area for stabilization)

Another skill under my belt!

I wore my Winter Street Dress to the banquet. During dinner, one of the women at our table complimented my dress (hey, she even knew that it had inverted pleats!). I said thank you and kept eating. My daughter did an "ahem...and where did you get it?"...So mouths dropped, people were amazed and it was pretty friggin awesome! :-D

Fun times!
I need (YES I DO!) a couple tees/tanks to get ready for the warm weather. She won't stop about her Burda jacket though so I think I will make that my project this week. I can get the bulk done and hopefully finish over the long weekend.

*The bonus? This was an $11 dress.

Fashion fabric from SR Harris: $9.00 for 2 yards
Pongee lining from FabricMart: $1 for 1 yard
Zipper from SR Harris: $1
Bias binding from stash
Pattern used before

Finished Item: Simplicity 1430 and McCalls 6744

I made another pair of shorts!

I hadn't sewn very much lately (finished dress post to come tomorrow!) and the bug hit me this weekend. 

I was all set to sew this really cute Lekala top and realized it was ordered (along with a few more) on A4 paper. Boooo! 

So I needed something worthwhile that I could execute easily. 

I picked up this denim piece at Hancock for $3.95 not long ago. And decided to use the fabric leftover from my psuedo fail of a top. This of course also meant using a red zipper! :)

This time I did not break my zipper. Yay!
I added the pockets. 
I used one large button. 
I shortened them one inch (like chopped an inch off the bottom) and hemmed 1 1/4"

I fully intended to add belt carriers. Then I realized I didn't have a long enough piece of fabric. THEN I realized I could've pieced them aka sewed two smaller strips. Oh well. Next time!

I will make a pair with carriers and welt pockets. I will! :)

Sooo the mojo was going. Of course. 

I decided to cut this crazy wild fabric I'd gotten from FabricMart and make the straight skirt-racer back dress from M6744. 


I don't love it. I think there something to this type of construction that I don't like. 

When I made M6752 I hated it on me. Yet I love my Winter Street dress. 

I think it's the elastic casing/waist. 

I'm going to pull the elastic out and just gather the skirt. And I will be doing bands instead of turning and stitching the arms/neck. 

The girl is crazy about her dress. I'll get tons of pics this afternoon. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - 2nd week ...And More

I would like to extend a huge, sincere THANK YOU to all of the wonderful messages left on my post about Kitten.

We had her cremated on Sunday and we are slowly coming to terms with her not being around. I need to put away her bed, toys and food dishes because I keep seeing them and getting sad! :-(

So no, I haven't sewn anything new for me. However, I have been working on the S1699 dress for my daughter. It's almost done. I realized I need to line the skirt and beyond that just finishing the neckline and hemming.

I decided to take in the bodice a bit (7/8" side seams) and it fits beautifully now - review next week!
Then, this sweet girl got me a great Mother's Day gift:

The mascara is an inside joke :)

Hancock had a 15% off purchase coupon soooo I had to go. I HAD to.

1 yd poly (silky) geometric print
1.5 yd striped black knit
1.5 yd bright(!) yellow knit
2 yds grey lightweight sweatshirt fleece
2.5 yes light/mid weight denim
Tomorrow is day 14 of MMM and I decided what I'm wearing tomorrow...but I won't have a chance to blog again until the weekend most likely. Work is crazy and my energy is low :/ I'll probably finish her dress this week and I really hope to trace a jacket from the April Burda mag.

Day 8: S2192 sweatshirt, KS 3115 yoga pants and my hand knit socks
Day 9: B5908 pants, S2255 top, M6844 cardigan
Day 10: M6844 cardigan and S2061 pants
Day 11: Burda 11/2012 top
Day 12: S2700 pants
Day 13: Maria Denmark kimono tee and KS 3115 yoga pants
Day 14: S2594 top

Friday, May 9, 2014

I Lost My Sweet Kitty Today

She was so awesome even if she preferred the boy to me. :)

She'd become a very important part of our family with the kids and I playing with her FIRST thing in the morning and FIRST thing after coming home. 

She was so funny in her ways. How she's be glued to us at one point then completely uninterested at another. 

She wasn't that old though my coworker suspected she was 6-7 years old. 

I  so dreading telling my son. 

We will miss you you crazy, sweet kitty <3

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Me Made May 2014: 1 week peek

Sooooo I guess other folks who were doing weekly recaps did it like by calendar week. Ah well. I'm a rebel.

Also, I know that some (ok, LOTS) of people glaze over during the month because of Me Made May. Hence my decision to participate daily on IG and only post what will be 4 updates here on the blog (7/7/7/10 days). Bear with me! :)

I am secretly enjoying Instagram! I have avoided it as I didn't 'get it'. I still am unlikely to use it for regular, every day photo uploads but I love it for sewing. I have found many new sewing 'friends' to follow and ooh and ahh over what they make - Score!!

Day 1: McCall's 6844 cardigan
Day 2: McCall's 5890 [ I was so excited for my work conference on Friday because I could wear  a dress!!! :) ]
Day 3: Simplicity 2061 pants
Day 4: Burda 02/2014 - #135 top and #109 skirt
Day 5: Sew Simple 1523 top and Burda 10/2012 #113 jacket (Although I wear the jacket daily)
Day 6: Plantain tee
Day 7: Simplicity 1916 top

This week I wore 3 items that I had not yet worn!! And I had NO repeats! Yay!!

In other sewing news...

And I made another McCall's 6844 cardigan. Really I can't write anything else about it that I didn't write the other FOUR times I made this pattern :)

WAIT! I can!!! On the very first one, the black one, I followed the directions exactly and interfaced the band. Then the next 3 I did not interface the band/collar. But I've come to realize I like the weight/stiffness(?) that the band has when interfaced so I interfaced this one.

This is made from the same knit as the plantain tee above. I wear the others at work over sleeveless tops/shells and the ponte is getting kind of warm at times (if you overheat like I do). 

BUT anyone that works in an office knows that in the summer months you need something lest you turn into an air conditioned ice this lightweight knit version should be perfect as the mercury continues to rise.

Lily is lopsided and I can't seem to fix her :-/

Oooh. This month I am also managing the vintage pattern contest on Pattern Review. It is an interesting process to say the least :-)

PANTS contest coming up mid May! Woot! Even though I can't win, I am making red pants. Cause everyone needs red pants!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Burda June 2014 and New Butterick patterns

There was next to nothing in the May issue that excited me. There are several things in the June issue that I want though! And my Burda rule of thumb has been; if there are 2 patterns that I *really* like - it is worth it to order the mag and pay $10 vs. paying $5.99 per pattern. Although I've never bought a single $5.99 download before.

Basic pant...but I like the pockets. 

Again, a basic, but a nice basic! I love racer back tanks!

Burda is the master of jackets. This is fabulous. I might even try my hand at sewing leather for the sleeve contrast (scraps are $10/lb at SR Harris and some of the pieces are quite big!!).

Yes! Great cover up option

My daughter will LOVE these. She's been wanting swim shorts and this pattern will be perfect. I have a great tankini swimsuit pattern and the top paired with these shorts will make her happy.

Another resounding YES. I love everything about these - okay I have to measure the inseam and may need to add an inch :)

Similar to, but for some reason much cuter than, the recent Simplicity version, 1370:

Simplicity 1370 Misses' Shorts, Skort and Skirt Line Drawing
Maybe it's because the Simplicity version the flaps cover the front completely?? Not sure.

I like this but unsure how those layers will work on a full bust.

Yes!!! I was going to sew some rectangles together draft a coverup for K but here it is!!!! 

Cute. Cute. Cute.

Not too many wowed me. Lots of dresses; of course.

Butterick 6053 Misses' Dress Line Drawing
6053 is bland on the photo; you can't see the amazing seam lines. I am getting this. 

Butterick 6054 Misses' Dress Line Drawing
6054 is cute but is close enough to the McCall's 6884 that I don't think I "need" it.

Butterick 6064 Misses' Vest Line Drawing
6064 I do like this Tilton vest/tunic. But probably wouldn't make it until fall

Butterick 6061 Misses' Pants Line Drawing
6061 is a great basic shorts/capri/pants pattern. I like the jean-like pockets. I might buy this one and see if I can make it work for capris.

Basic t-shirt dress. I liked this one and then realized I already own this one...The pattern was released not too long ago so if you like this, wait for a sale and get the McCall's vs. the higher priced See & Sew version.
Butterick 6041 Misses' Dress Line Drawing
Butterick 6401 See & Sew

McCall's 6747 Misses' Top and Dresses Line Drawing
McCall's 6747 released last summer