Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week THREE of MMM'14

Eek! 10 more days to go! It looks like I  will make my goal of zero weekend repeats. I still have loads of casual non-work garments that I can wear on the weekends!

Day 15: KS 3115 yoga pants (my only repeat so far)
Day 16: NL 6108 top and B5927 jacket
Day 17: S2054 tunic/mini dress
Day 18: PR Winter Street Dress
Day 19: Burda 6910 top
Day 20: M6519 top
Day 21: Sew Simple A1523 top

Hopefully I'll get my hair done soon :-D


  1. You're on a roll! I would have done a MMM pledge but I'd feel like a cheater because it's virtually impossible to NOT wear a me made thing each day already... and I'm much too lazy to document it so well like this.

  2. You covered the bases this week, from dressy to casual. I especially like the Sew Simple cowl on you.

  3. Very nice! I like your tunic/mini dress! That is my kind of easy dressing!

  4. Gosh you put me to shame! Look at you go! I would love your wardrobe; those tops rock; and you are totally pulling out a "House of Pinheiro" pose there on the bottom right!

  5. You make sewing look like so much fun!

  6. Congratulations Nakisha on reaching your goals for MMM. You are building a great Me Made wardrobe.

  7. You have made some great clothes over the last year - such a great mix and match wardrobe.

  8. Thanks all!

    oooh I am Kristin - I AM!!! LOL!

  9. Fantastic outfits. You are a fantastic sewer..


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