Sunday, May 18, 2014

Finished Item: Simplicity 1430 and McCalls 6744

I made another pair of shorts!

I hadn't sewn very much lately (finished dress post to come tomorrow!) and the bug hit me this weekend. 

I was all set to sew this really cute Lekala top and realized it was ordered (along with a few more) on A4 paper. Boooo! 

So I needed something worthwhile that I could execute easily. 

I picked up this denim piece at Hancock for $3.95 not long ago. And decided to use the fabric leftover from my psuedo fail of a top. This of course also meant using a red zipper! :)

This time I did not break my zipper. Yay!
I added the pockets. 
I used one large button. 
I shortened them one inch (like chopped an inch off the bottom) and hemmed 1 1/4"

I fully intended to add belt carriers. Then I realized I didn't have a long enough piece of fabric. THEN I realized I could've pieced them aka sewed two smaller strips. Oh well. Next time!

I will make a pair with carriers and welt pockets. I will! :)

Sooo the mojo was going. Of course. 

I decided to cut this crazy wild fabric I'd gotten from FabricMart and make the straight skirt-racer back dress from M6744. 


I don't love it. I think there something to this type of construction that I don't like. 

When I made M6752 I hated it on me. Yet I love my Winter Street dress. 

I think it's the elastic casing/waist. 

I'm going to pull the elastic out and just gather the skirt. And I will be doing bands instead of turning and stitching the arms/neck. 

The girl is crazy about her dress. I'll get tons of pics this afternoon. 


  1. The shorts look great! I'm working on 2 right now myself. I hope they turn out as nice as yours did! I rather like the wild fabric dress. It looks really funky and fun.

  2. I love your shorts. I think the fabric is fab but if you are not comfortable in the dress you will never wear it (at least this is what happens to me!).

  3. The shorts look nice. Sorry for the dress fail, but I love the fabric. Hope the alterations help.

  4. Really cute shorts and the print of the fabric is pretty. Too bad you don't like the dress but there's always going to be a project we aren't happy with. It just come with being a sewer.!

  5. Those are some nice shorts, I was wondering if you know a good jeans pattern. Late this summer i am going to sew two pairs of jeans but i do not know what pattern to use. Thanks for the help!

  6. Your shorts look great.. Sorry you didn't like the dress. That happens to us sometimes.. But know, you will make something else soon.. Happy sewing.

  7. I love your shorts!!! The facing fabric is so cute!! Ok, whenenver I see your wonderful projects, I just want to abandon all my plans and sew whatever you are sewing! Btw, I did get the pattern from your giveaway, thank you. It is on my list of things to sew. I hope your adjustments for the dress make you like it more.

  8. Your daughter is lovely, as is the dress you made her -- amazing job, twice over! (I'm giving you credit for your daughter's looks. :p)

    Also, we are fabric twins -- I have fabric almost exactly like what you used for M6744!!!! I'll take a photo and post on Instagram, you'll see. Great minds think alike!


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