Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wah. Quasi Fail

Today wasn't my day. I will highlight all of my mishaps on the Lady Skater in the review post...but I worked it out.

All we need now are neck/sleeve bands and hems. 


So I needed then, to make a project for me! ;-)

I've been wanting to make NL 6110 for a long time. I had the cotton from SR Harris slated for this and the pattern was already cut out so I got started. 

I was scared I wouldn't have enough fabric so I decided to do view C with the shorter sleeves of view D. And then got the bright idea to use contrast for the bands. 

And then it started. 

This pattern is not hard. But if you look up the word 'fiddly' in the sewing dictionary...this pattern would be listed. 

The front, back, top and bottoms of the sleeves are all gathered. You have the sleeve bands. The -oddly shaped and in need of uber careful stitching- band. Just so many things and so many places where something can go wrong (if you're me). 

Note to self, if you use the shorter sleeves they will hit you at a higher place. And so the bands will need to be bigger. See. Things like that. 


The good:

That's a nice lookin sleeve and band! 

The ok: 

It's cute! But the imperfections show. 

The ugly:

Wavy band, poor stitching in the ditch and topstitching. And, what the heck happened with the band?!?! I dunno. I'm going to add a little fake placket square doo-dad to cover it up...

I LIKE the top on me...and I like this fabric. I guess this will be a muslin. Or hopefully I'll pull it out later and not notice all of my hiccups. I hope!

Size 14 with size 12 sleeves (reviews said they ran big). I think if you're slim, small cup size, your traditional size may feel too big. But above a C cup or with a little extra fluff...and you need those gathers and extra room to help get over the lady lumps! :)

My husband thinks the print + shape is dowdy. I think it's perfect to toss on on the weekend with skinny jeans or my new shorts!

**oh also, I thought I was going to eventually make this up in chiffon?? Heck. No. Too flippin' fiddly. Maybe a rayon challis?? Maybe. 


  1. Nice looking Lady Skater dress! I know what you mean about fiddly, figgity patterns. I've run across quite a few of them myself. New Look patterns always look easy to me, but truth be told, I've had problems with a lot of them. I think it's just me so I can't down the pattern line. Glad you got yourself a wearable model of the one you made.

  2. Love the skater dress... great colour. I like the style of the top but I'm afraid I agree with your husband re the fabric. I think it's small print (of which I have 2 I love but am afraid they scream 'pjs' to me). At least you know it fits and you like the style!

  3. I had a top like that once and I loved wearing it for chores - and I didn't care what anyone else said. I never take notice of that. I always find wearable muslins useful for those days when you are running out of other clothes as well. Yes, cover up your mistake as best you can - that's a good trick known by quite a few sewers. I have little lace daisies for that sort of thing, bits of braid, ribbon, etc.

  4. I know that you say you worked it out on the skater dress. Dang, I would say you did. It looks great. And that color, swoon!

    I run into all sorts of issues when sewing. It seems every. darn. thing. I make for my daughter, no matter how fussy or fiddly (lol), turns out great and looks adorable on her, but for every one great project I make for me, I end up with two or three that are meh. Sigh.

    I am a big believer in finding uses for all the "tragic" outcomes. So far I have a large pile of loungewear, swim coverups, and exercise outfits. I definitely could see that top heading to the pool as a coverup!!! It's actually quite cute.

  5. That is a beautiful shade of purple! Whatever sewing problems you encounter, I know you will work it out.


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