Sunday, May 18, 2014

Finished Item: Simplicity 1699

I got this dress so far. SO FAR! And then nothing. So I had to hustle to get it finished.

I originally bought this pattern for the jacket (I need to revisit it because I like it!!). Yet as I looked for reviews of the jacket I saw tons for the top and dress. And now, I totally want one :)

For DD, I used a size 10 and did a 3/8" broad back adjustment.
I ended up needing to sew the bodice with 7/8" side seams, but left the skirt with 5/8" seams.
*Can anyone tell me why the skirt would have a center front seam instead of being cut on the fold?
 Facings can just be silly and fiddly and I knew a facing on what was still for her a casual dress would be a total fail. I used bias binding instead.
There is some detail happening at the sleeve that I don't think I executed correctly or very well. Eh...

At the last 'fitting', she walked past me and I asked, "uhmm, are your undies striped?" yeah...the skirt needed lining!

The fabric is a very pale mint with a pretty flower detail. There is texture to the flowers...they're raised in some places.

I had a perfect minty colored poly pongee (yay $1 sale at FabricMart!) in the stash. I finished this dress late Friday night. I was totally going to hem the lining but just used my Gingher(!) pinking shears on it and she was *IN LOVE* with the pinking!

It was hilarious!!! She thought it was "SO FANCY!" needless to say I did not need to hem the lining - SCORE!

Sewing for her is interesting. I have to balance wanting to make a garment I'm happy about with her wants. She did not want a blind hem (that's weird). She wanted a visible zipper but really thought the lapped zipper was cool. Etc.
I totally still think of her as a fat baby sitting on the counter eating chicken...


I tried to sew a lapped zipper last March and April and it was horrible and I never tried again! When I got ready to tackle this one I was apprehensive. Then something clicked and I looked at the instructions (pretty dang good!) and thought,'s kinda sorta like a fly zipper! Easy as pie. 

(I interfaced both sides of the zipper area for stabilization)

Another skill under my belt!

I wore my Winter Street Dress to the banquet. During dinner, one of the women at our table complimented my dress (hey, she even knew that it had inverted pleats!). I said thank you and kept eating. My daughter did an "ahem...and where did you get it?"...So mouths dropped, people were amazed and it was pretty friggin awesome! :-D

Fun times!
I need (YES I DO!) a couple tees/tanks to get ready for the warm weather. She won't stop about her Burda jacket though so I think I will make that my project this week. I can get the bulk done and hopefully finish over the long weekend.

*The bonus? This was an $11 dress.

Fashion fabric from SR Harris: $9.00 for 2 yards
Pongee lining from FabricMart: $1 for 1 yard
Zipper from SR Harris: $1
Bias binding from stash
Pattern used before


  1. You have done a beautiful job on your daughters dress Nakisha. The fit is perfect. And lovely to hear you are receiving compliments on your makes it so worth while.

  2. Yay! A garment for your daughter that fits AND is soo beautiful.


  3. I can see why she loves it - I'd take a dress like that. I found a great lapped zipper tutorial and have been hooked making them ever since....

    1. Thank you Annie!

      I am ready for my next lapped zipper!

  4. Haha I laughed at thinking about a fat baby eating chicken! This dress is great and your daughter looks beautiful. I had a pattern with a skirt cut in two pieces instead of the fold, and I ignored it. The only reasoning I could figure out was that in my pattern, the top was cut in two pieces, and it was trying to mimic the CF seam on the skirt. But really--who knows??

    1. She was totally the greediest, fattest baby ever! :)

      Yeah, on this one, it was weird because the bodice has princess seams.

  5. I loved seeing these pix of the two of you together! A gorgeous dress for a gorgeous girl! Also, her opinions about sewing finishes (pinked hem, blind hem, etc.) are so funny!

    1. Thanks Gail!!

      I started to argue the merits of a blind hem and then said...oh forget it! LOL!!

  6. What a great story about this dress. It sounds like she's about to get the sewing bug from her mom. The dress looks well done and it has a lovely fit. Love the textured fabric too. She looks great in the dress.

    1. Thanks Graca!

      I certainly hope so!! I did talk her into making a pair of pj pants so we will work on those this weekend!

  7. Both of you look lovely. And how wonderful that your daughter is proud of your mad sewing skills!!!

  8. It sounds like you both had a great time and I loved seeing the pics of you 2 together. She is such a beautiful girl and the dress is perfect on her :)

  9. Beautiful dresses [both of you].. Love your dresses, and love the photo of you both together.
    Happy sewing.

  10. Pretty dress for a pretty young lady! You both look fabulous. I love the pic of the two of you together. So sweet!

  11. Loving the dress and the color. You both look great--and isn't it nice to get a compliment on a dress when they DIDN'T ask: 'did you make that? oh, I thought so'. That's when you know you've got mad skills!

  12. Love the pic of you together. That fabric is gorgeous, and so is the dress.

  13. You did an awesome job!! And I agree with your assessment of the lapped zipper--It really isn't that hard. That is a nice compliment on your Winter street dress, but you deserve it! It's also great that your daughter set that up nicely!

  14. Your daughter's dress is so pretty--she looks lovely in it, too. And I think it's cool that she's so proud of you and made you admit that you made yours, haha! Congrats on doing such a great job on the lapped zipper; I still haven't figured those out! ;-)

  15. You two look beautiful!!! Great job on the lapped zipper. I'm afraid of zippers. All of them! Maybe I'll face my fear before Christmas!

    It's so cute how your daughter set that up for you. Did you ever teach her how to sew?


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