Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Burda June 2014 and New Butterick patterns

There was next to nothing in the May issue that excited me. There are several things in the June issue that I want though! And my Burda rule of thumb has been; if there are 2 patterns that I *really* like - it is worth it to order the mag and pay $10 vs. paying $5.99 per pattern. Although I've never bought a single $5.99 download before.

Basic pant...but I like the pockets. 

Again, a basic, but a nice basic! I love racer back tanks!

Burda is the master of jackets. This is fabulous. I might even try my hand at sewing leather for the sleeve contrast (scraps are $10/lb at SR Harris and some of the pieces are quite big!!).

Yes! Great cover up option

My daughter will LOVE these. She's been wanting swim shorts and this pattern will be perfect. I have a great tankini swimsuit pattern and the top paired with these shorts will make her happy.

Another resounding YES. I love everything about these - okay I have to measure the inseam and may need to add an inch :)

Similar to, but for some reason much cuter than, the recent Simplicity version, 1370:

Simplicity 1370 Misses' Shorts, Skort and Skirt Line Drawing
Maybe it's because the Simplicity version the flaps cover the front completely?? Not sure.

I like this but unsure how those layers will work on a full bust.

Yes!!! I was going to sew some rectangles together draft a coverup for K but here it is!!!! 

Cute. Cute. Cute.

Not too many wowed me. Lots of dresses; of course.

Butterick 6053 Misses' Dress Line Drawing
6053 is bland on the photo; you can't see the amazing seam lines. I am getting this. 

Butterick 6054 Misses' Dress Line Drawing
6054 is cute but is close enough to the McCall's 6884 that I don't think I "need" it.

Butterick 6064 Misses' Vest Line Drawing
6064 I do like this Tilton vest/tunic. But probably wouldn't make it until fall

Butterick 6061 Misses' Pants Line Drawing
6061 is a great basic shorts/capri/pants pattern. I like the jean-like pockets. I might buy this one and see if I can make it work for capris.

Basic t-shirt dress. I liked this one and then realized I already own this one...The pattern was released not too long ago so if you like this, wait for a sale and get the McCall's vs. the higher priced See & Sew version.
Butterick 6041 Misses' Dress Line Drawing
Butterick 6401 See & Sew

McCall's 6747 Misses' Top and Dresses Line Drawing
McCall's 6747 released last summer


  1. So the magazine has patterns in it? I'm not sure how Burda works.

    1. Hi Tasha! Yep. Burda magazine has a few dozen patterns per issue (I say that because each variation of a pattern is counted as a separate pattern).

      They come on these huge, crazy color/numerically coded sheets and you have to trace them off. It's intimidating when you first look at it but it really isn't that bad at all! Plus the drafting and fit seems to be a lot better than what is usually offered by the Big 4. Now the instructions?? Well...they leave something to be desired for most of us but...the end result is usually worth it. :)

  2. Nice pattern selections. I especially like the Burda jacket and the Tilton vest. I can sometimes get so wrapped up in pattern styles and possibilities that I become a collector. It's so hard to walk away from 'designer greatness'.

  3. That Burda jacket and the origami skort sure looked nice! I guess skorts are back this season?

  4. I love the first pic of the Burda pants and top!

  5. Yes to Butterick 6061!! I saw that pattern, and want it for making summer shorts. Burda has some cute swim items too.

  6. ok, your statement about sewing some rectangles together really made me laugh! thanks! i needed that!

  7. I love Burda magazines, but I have to admit I am sorely tempted by downloading - tracing the patterns is no fun. Love the rectangle jacket.

  8. I used to love Burda but now I am very disappointed with the designs that they have. They are so out dated and old fashioned. Nothing from the ideas that Bershka, Stradivarius, Mango, Zara, or H&M have. I cannot do my own patterns. I am looking more at new contemporary designs so I can make the clothing myself out of good fabric.

  9. I am also tempted by the downloads. I hate the tracing part....


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