Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Wrap-Up and the end of MMM'14!

Last 3 days of Me Made May 2014! Eeeeeek!

Day 29: Simplicity 2700 pants (the too high at the waist pair)
Day 30: Simplicity 2594 top (again)
Day 31: McCall's 6744 dress

I am very glad that I participated this year. Not only was it incredibly fun to see everyone's handmade goodies on display, it was very useful too!

This month, I aimed for zero weekend repeats and I achieved that. I did have repeats during the week, which I knew I didn't have enough stuff to really, truly go 30 days.

What I did observe was:
  1. I need more pants. I have made 5 pair of S2700 pants and one pair of B5908. I ruined one pair but slicing them open. A 2nd pair was made with sad fabric that grows by the minute. A 3rd pair  (which was technically the 1st pair) was made before I knew just how much needed to be removed from CF. A 4th pair is STILL awaiting new hems. So I really only have the plaid pair of S2700s and the B5908 pants. I have to change that!
  2. I wore ALL 3 of my M6844 cardigans. I reached for the white one multiple times, mostly because it's much lighter than the ponte versions. I need another in a lightweight knit.
  3. I wore both of my: S2255 tops, Sew Simple A1523 tops, S2061 pants and KS3115 yoga pants.
  4. I have well over 300 patterns now and 100 of them are McCall's (to be fair, some are craft, mens, kids...) and 80 are Simplicity. But I noticed a lot of Simplicity TNT patterns here!
  5. I want additional versions of several of these garments (not just the pants!)
  6. I have some things that need handling. If it looks decent and is finished, I will donate or give away (my mom LOVED the M6886 and M6844 dress and cardi I sent her!). If they are in UFO jail; they need to be finished or tossed. If they need to be the notions! I have three(!) zippers cut out of failed pants. I need to just unpick the stitches and boom, zippers!

I didn't mind the daily pics but knew I'd never post daily to the blog; and Instagram was the perfect medium for that. Also, next time I'll do calendar weeks like normal humans. :) 

Until next year!!

My May wrap up:

  • Lady Skater - 2 yards. (eggplant knit--I made this for DD. Plus the yard I ruined by mis-cutting)
  • S1699 dress - 2 yards (mint cotton/poly woven--also for DD)
  • BSM 06/2014 #121 tunic - 2 yards (windowpane cotton/poly shirting--also for DD)
  • M6844 cardi - 2 yards (white knit)
  • S1430 shorts - 1 yard (denim)
  • S2153 jacket - 2.75 yards (black waterproof fabric--still in progress, but cut in May)
  • M6519 top - 1 yard (teal challis--still in progress, but cut in May)
then...I had wadder after wadder after wadder this month
  • NL 6110 top - 1.5 yards (white cotton w/circles--not fully a wadder but won't make it into the wardrobe)
  • Lekala top - 1 .25 yards (white knit)
  • M6744 dress - 1.5 yards (multi colored print ITY--I think the skirt can be salvaged and used for something else!)
  • M6866 top - 1.25 yards (bright yellow knit :sadface: )
And in limbo:
  • M6961 top - 1.5 yards (floral chiffon--not sure yet if my FBA worked. I need to find a lining fabric to finish sewing it up)
20.75 yards out this month, 6.5 yards as wadders and 6.5 yards for DD; plus 5.25 yards as in progress. Sooooo 3 yards worth of wearable items for me!?!? LOL!!!!

Fabric purchases were also quite rough.

26.75 yards purchased but 6.25 was NOT quite what I was expecting. So I'm pretty much at parity again. Yay! Of the 6.25; 1 will become pj shorts (too thin for 'real' shorts which is what I bought it for), 3 will become 'muslin' for knits (if I decide to muslin a knit. If it sits too long, I will give it away). We'll see if the others become more worthy as they age in the stash :)

Let's show off the good stuff...



I'm going to go out on a limb and say my favorite May make will be my black jacket when it's finished. It is coming along REALLY nicely and I am super proud of my work.


  1. So proud of you for being able to keep up with photographing Me Made May and for all the wonderful garments ,you have sewed.. Such beautiful stuff.
    I love,love that wrap dress.Looks great on you.
    Happy Sewing.

  2. Great Me Made May. I said I would not make any maxis this summer, just may have to eat my words. Loving your M6744.

    1. Thanks Sheila! I am not a maxi girl but this one I love. :)

  3. Congrats for making it through MMM! That McCalls wrap dress is so beautiful. It looks amazing on you.

  4. Say yes to the dress! :) Loving M6744. Congrats on finishing MMM, and thanks for sharing on every day on IG.

    Also, I am coveting that "grafitti" fabric, with the face on it ... oddly enough, I'd like to make pillow cases with it. Is it from FabricMart? Is there more?

  5. You had a marvelous me made May!

  6. You busted it out this MMM'14! And I am so curious what will become of that purple faux quilted suede from FM. I was tempted by it but never ended up with any... I was nervous I'd not know how to use it to make something cool looking.

    1. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that... ;-)

  7. You made it to the end! Congrats! I loved reading your observations. You are totally a scientist at heart. ;-)
    Beautiful fabrics too!

    1. Thanks! It was so fun :) and of course I had to observe!!!! Lol!

  8. Congratulations on completely MMM Nakisha. I particularly love the long dress you wore on the last day. Those colours look great on you.

    1. Thank you Jean Margaret! I love that dress!

  9. What I great MMM! I love your May 31 dress because the colors are beautiful on you.

  10. You have a great wardrobe and that McCall's striped maxi dress (M6744) is absolutely beautiful. Well done!

  11. Me Made is great for weeding out those not quite rights - but I still find them handy for around the house. I do love your whole approach - at least you have things that go with things. congrats for managing the commitment, which from memory you were a bit worried about.

    1. I got rid of some things yesterday and it was quite freeing! :) thanks Sarah Liz!

  12. Girl you worked it out with the Me Mades this month. I definitely have to try it next year. I love your wardrobe.

    1. Thanks Andrea!!!

      Last year I wanted to participate soooo badly so I was super excited this year!

  13. What an inspirational Me Made May!! You have me excited with all the wonderful gamrents you made! Also, you came to a lot of good conclusions about your wardrobe.

  14. Wow! You had a great month! Me Made May is intriguing but I can't imagine managing a picture for every day although I have probably more than enough garments to wear something different each day! Lol !. love your maxi dress. I made one from that pattern for my DD last summer and I found it to be a gerat pattern . I have that purple "quilted " fabric and haven't decided what it will become yet but I so love it! It will be inrteresting to see what you come up with!


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