Friday, February 28, 2014

February Wrap Up & March MAGAM Challenge

I didn't sew a ton this month! I knew last month was some sort of freakish stress management sewing craze the month of February I managed to do very little it seems!

I acquired another 19 yards of fabric (dang you Fabric Mart!!) and only used 8. Oops.

Stash used/items sewn:
  • McCall's 5523 in black - 1 yard
  • (2) Deer & Doe Plantain in red plaid and white - 3.5 yards total
  • (2) Burda Style 11/2012 #136A in black and offwhite polka-dot - 2 yards total
  • Newsboy hat in camel/white - .5 yard total
  • Butterick 5965 in lavender - 1 yard (cut but not yet sewn. Was to be worn with black skirt)
 I decided to pass on sewing my February project right now for MAGAM; the Burda Illusion jacket as it's just still ridiculously cold here and it won't be worn anytime soon and that makes me sad.

Did you see Melody's version?! Check it out here!

For March I plan to sew the high waist pants from a Simplicity 1940's retro pattern!!


Simplicity 4044

I wanted this pattern anyway and then I saw Shanni's version
 Simplicity 4044
And uhmm - yes please! I think they will look pretty good on me and I certainly have some type of suiting in my stash that would I am going for it!

I will be in the sewing room this weekend as the hand is feeling much, much better. I won't over do it though...or at least I will try not to :)

Since I couldn't sew the other day (and yesterday was a 14 hour day almost), I cleaned. I am so ready to get in here and get some stuff done!

I need to make nicer covers!

I sold a TON of my yarn stash last weekend. Bye-bye crocheting :-(
The fabric stash has infiltrated the knitting cabinet

Stash. Stash. Stash. 

Burda tracing sheets in ziplocks and watermelon pop rocks. Don't judge me! ;-)

The random table I scored for free. This table is invaluable when I am working! Keeps my cutting table free of the extra stuff

This is the first time I am wearing this top and I made it MONTHS ago. For some reason, I don't like it though I feel like I *should* like it. It fits pretty well and it has raglan sleeves (!!!!). I want to sew some simple, light tops with my ITY and this should be a candidate...but I haven't fallen in love with it.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pattern Stashing

So, I must do *something* sewing related daily. If I don't, I feel out of sorts. My hand is feeling MUCH better today (btw, I fixed those cruddy pics in yesterday's post!) and I think I'll be up for some weekend sewing. I might con my daughter into cutting my dress out by using cookies. :)

One thing about fabric shopping is it begets fabric shopping. Yesterday I attended an all-day seminar for work and tried my best not to think about the fact that I was one highway exit away from SR Harris fabric warehouse. Sooooo I have 1 yard of this crazy wide (> 60") Nike sweatshirt fleece, 1.25 yards of black jersey (Score!) and 1.25 yards of this luscious coral cotton sateen.

I have an idea for the sweatshirt fleece - a little pattern hacking. I'm trying to branch out and think beyond the pattern envelope. 

A shell for the black (can you believe I have no plain black top?)

Shorts for the coral sateen.

Speaking of shorts, I was perusing the Simplicity site (painful as that may be) and came across 1430. I had totally missed this pattern!! Look at those perfectly normal fly-front shorts!!!

I finally finished cataloguing my pattern collection. There were about 10 that hadn't made it into my Pattern Review Pattern Stash Catalog. Now that it's updated, I know that I have 270 envelope patterns, 12 Lekala patterns and 3 Burda Style Magazine. I also discovered that I have 10 duplicate patterns.

Two were by accident and I think I shall do a giveway on the 'ole blog. The others are on purpose; styles that my daughter also liked (she's a pattern size 6), styles like M6744 where I like the long and short version so for $1, I bought two...rather than tracing (lazy. lazy. lazy and prior to my BSM fascination), etc.

I have:
17 Burda
49 Butterck
1 Colette
1 Deer & Doe
1 Grainline
1 Jalie
1 Kwik Sew
1 Marfy
1 Maria Denmark
1 Closet Case Files
87 McCall's(!)
13 New Look
3 Sew Simple
1 Sewaholic
65 Simplicity
24 Vogues

I have 58 dress patterns. 58! I'm never going to make 58 dresses! 

I want to enter the PR "New To Me Pattern company" contest and as I've sewn B/M/V/KS, S/Burda/NL, Burda Style Mag, Maria Denmark, Lekala, Deer & Doe uhmm...I'm running low on options :)

The Grainline pattern is the Lakeside PJs, CCF is the Bombshell swimsuit and Jalie is the jeans. Those are all out. OUT! :) I'm thinking of the Marfy 1913 top and/or the Thurlow shorts. I've got 2 weeks!

Then there is the fitted blouse contest right behind it. This Butterick 5678 is making me ready to move on. I last sewed the 14-C cup and it was ok with a little pulling at the bust. I went up to the D-cup and now I have extra fabric between shoulder and bust and it looks like the curve of the princess seam is hitting too high. Tips? Advice? Help!!!!

Hopefully I can sew my dress tomorrow night/Saturday a.m. and finish this top.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FabricMart Order!!!!!!

Yesterday I had my cortisone shots - OW!!!!!! But it's been over 8 years so let's hope for another 8!!

But as I pulled up to my garage I saw the box and got giddy,



Print ITY

Solid ITY

I want to sew and sew and sew! :-D

*I have been having ridiculous issues with the Blogger interface and may be switching to Wordpress and I don't even care for WP...But Blogger isn't helping me resolve the issue and I'm getting tired of workarounds.

I can ONLY blog using Firefox on a windows PC (and it doesn't work well). Only using safari on my iPad (and it doesn't work well. Plus photos can't be loaded directly). And only using chrome on my MacBook.

Over. It.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In Progress & Finished: BSM 11/2012 #136A

And in progress and in progress...It's okay, it's not necessarily a bad place to be! :)

I know enough now to be dangerous not to judge the fit of a garment completely before finishing details (like sleeves) are added. Extras, they change things.

So, to my New Look muslin I added the facings and bias binding to one of the armholes (I'm going to cut and sew a sleeve to the other side).

This is a selfie so I don't think that pulling right under the arm is "real" as it doesn't pull when it's on. 

Ah-ha. There was what appeared to be gaping in the front, that went away when the facing was applied. This however is crazy. I can grab like 2-3" of fabric back there. 

So, do I take tucks/darts on the garment or do I do a slash and overlap on the paper pattern?

Also 'in progress' is the Butterick 5678 top I started waaaaaay back in like October. I got mad at it and quit it. It's amazing how a few months changes things. I was thinking, WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT. But the hip is 43.5", my hip is 44", that's why it wasn't comfortable on. Luckily the side seams are just basted so I can take a little extra room.

I think I will wear this top but want to try ONE MORE TIME and use the 16-D cup (what this is) with a narrow shoulder adjustment and swayback adjustment. Almost there. It will not be a "muslin" though...definitely wearable.

Yep. BurdaStyle tracing sheets and -the horror!- an empty tracing paper roll :)

Almost perfect collar point! aargh!!!

It was when I took this pic that I noticed the pucker.
Stupid pucker
 I hope to finish the top this week and sew the NL dress in the fashion fabric too!

Last week after realizing the boxy top was a no-go, I went for fast and easy :)

I pulled out the 11/2012 issue of Burda Style Mag (BSM henceforth!) and traced off this top.

11/2012 #136A

I do love the mohair version!!
I started with this crazy mirrored knit and loved the shape so much that I cut a second in this polka-dot ITY.

Pictures are crappy; the tops are awesome. I want to make it in a sweatshirt knit next!!

Lastly...Burda is good. I know long term subscribers can be disillusioned with them but...seriously, this Plus issue makes me drool. I can wear plus size bottoms but not tops. I definitely need a 40/42 in their tops. boooo!

**Today I have to get cortisone shots. If I can't sew I'm going to cry. Real tears.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring New Look, Simplicity and McCall's!

Well, you know I scooped 6261 immediately...

Like but unsure if buying these two patterns is "necessary"...but the jacket and tee are nice basics. And NL shirts seem to fit me pretty well (save for the wide necklines/shoulders...but those are easy fixes)

Line Drawing

Pretty sweet jacket pattern. I'll have to wait until someone makes it to ensure it has all the elements and instructions that a fitted jacket should have!

Simplicity 1421.

Just lovely.

Simplicity 1426

And 1451 is an exact repeat of 4203 wihch is now OOP

Line Drawing

Simplicity 4203

GRRRRR!!!!! I hate that they do that. WHY? WHYYYYY? It is the exact same pattern!

I didn't really like much from the McCall's release. I will buy this skort pattern for little ones because skorts are AWESOME!

Line Art

THEN, I saw this:

And thought, YESSSSS!!!! I need shorts patterns!

But then I saw this:


Who in the *bleep* wants casual shorts with carriers...and a zipper up their butt? WHO?!

Sure I could transfer the zipper to the side seam or something but still. This is ridiculous.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

FINALLY! Finished Items M5523 & M3830

It took forever for me to be home and there to be daylight - at the same time.

I've made McCall's 3830 before along with half the internet so I won't belabor the construction.

I will say I cut a size 16, took a 3/4" wedge from center front and pegged the hemline just a *little* bit. I didn't want it completely straight.

I used a length somewhere in between two lengths because I am a rebel. :) The fabric is a stretch denim (remnant!) scored at JoAnn. Took less than 1 yard to make which is another reason to LOVE this skirt pattern.

Next time I'll op for an invisible zipper.

And - my McCall's 5523!!! I love this skirt! It's lined and it's wool and it feels so expensive to wear. Even if I really have no place to wear a wool skirt to right now.

So, I started this in a frenzy because I had a funeral to attend. Long story short I did not attend the funeral for reasons that will be left unsaid. So I made NO adjustments to the pattern at all. Sewed a straight 18. When (not if) I make it again, I will sew a 16 waist as it is a bit too large in the waist.

I love the lining - "drafted" simply by copying the pattern pieces, leaving off the upper flounce. Hemming this was a beast though. Sheesh. But I persevered and did a blind hem and my zipper is so invisible! hahaha!

Muslin Mania!

hahahaha. I crack myself up.

Well, after fiddling with the Burda Style top, I decided it wasn't for me. I think it is more suited to a very slender or very straight figure. But do I give up? No!

I want to make a dress for this fundraiser dinner because I shouldn't have to fight with dresses that don't fit or try to buy something. I can sew a dress darn it!

The new Simplicity and New Look patterns were released and right away, 6261 caught my eye.

New Look 6261

It's a basic for sure, but basic = room for interpretation!  I picked it up at Hancock and yes, worked up a muslin.

Now, I rather like this floral print. However, it is paper or plastic or something. It was $1.50/yd at WalMart and I figured it would be great for muslining and it is.

I did a swayback adjustment finally - and cut a smaller neckline. I did a horrendous zipper application because I just wanted to try it on already(!!!). It's snug in the hip, most noticeable in the side view pic...its struggling! LOL!

I'm going to make a couple tweaks, apply the facings (neck and armhole) and see if I am ready to cut into my fabric. Yay me!

Also - today is my brother's birthday! His hat is almost done. I had to unpick stitches 3 times on the bias binding around the inside. Holy cow. I knew that something would go wrong with me waiting until Monday.

Please excuse the "mugshot" pics.

I'm going to just sew the hat to the brim...hence the pins

And, snow-a-palooza!

From my bedroom window:

I'm not quite sure how long it took him to shovel us out :/ The plowing service finally showed about 1 p.m. Thanks guys.

Until next time! Ooh a few finished items to show later!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sewing ADD; Burda Style 02/2014 #111 Muslin

When I got home yesterday it was still daylight (at 5 p.m.!!!) I took the opportunity to trace off another pattern from the February 2014 issue.

Apparently when you realize the Burda mag tracing isn't that bad and you do it once, you become addicted to it and want eleventy patterns from the magazine and you want them NOW! So you exhibit sewists ADD and have far too many things that you want to crank out.

This issue has SO much good stuff in it and one that I absolutely love is the square neck dress, which is #112.

It's so sweet and romantic looking! Yes, it's boxy...can I pull it off??


I decide to start with the top - less commitment. 

It didn't take long to trace the pattern out and I cut it after dinner, while my kids were in a weird way...he was HELPING her clean the kitchen! They were also in full on goofy mode.
I had this thick black (twill?) remnant in my stash - just over a yard - and managed to JUST eek the top out.

Now, the top does not fit as badly as it appears in that first pic. I usually have my daughter take pics because hubby doesn't get that I need him to stand up and take them. He's sitting or lying down and I get Oompa Loompa effect.

BUT, it IS too big at the neckline, the armholes sit really low and there is too much fabric in the back. But then the front is riding up (I cut a 42). I posted on PR if I should do a 40 with an FBA and was told it looks like a tilted waist issue, not a full bust issue. Thoughts??

Also, The back isn't too tight but holy moly, the sleeves ARE. I think they are pulling the back making it look tight. I had to have him pull it off of me because I couldn't lift my arms enough to get it back off!

I really want this top and the dress!  I love the little sleeves! Although they are only a rectangle that has been folded over and gathered...

**Oh, it should be noted that it is intended to be cropped - the back length is only 16"

Also - and if you have this issue that might help - the sleeve is one pattern piece that you then divide into two pieces...only to sew it back together. Is there any reason I can't leave it as a one piece sleeve?