Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finished Item: McCall's 6744

I knew right away when this pattern came out that I had to have it. Then I started seeing them pop up around the blogosphere and was ready to go.

I had this amazing striped ITY knit from Fabric Mart in colors that define summer. I figured I had to get a maxi made soon. It was about 65 degrees on Friday with overnight lows in the mid 40s...that's Minneapolis for you! I didn't want to run out of summer :)

I paid $3/yd for the fabric and used all of the 2 yards. The dress wasn't difficult at all to make but was a bit time consuming - mostly because of the open front, making those long hems on front.

The finished garment measurements were kind of wacky...the bodice was meant to be HUGE for some reason. I ended up cutting a small at the bust and waist and grading to a medium at the hip - this was a good idea. The dress fit perfectly.

The adorable shoulder ruching is courtesy of 1/4" elastic and then you need 3/8" elastic for the waist.

LOVE the colors!!

I absolutely had to have this for our trip to Georgia so I was literally sewing the hem as my husband had the boys taking our bags out to the van! :-) I got it done though! The only thing that isn't "finished" is the skirt seams aren't serged. I'll get that done though.

Look at those colors!!

Now, beware - that split is REAL - it is split almost down the center! It crosses over a bit, but not completely. I ended up pinning the bodice and will probably tack it down. That skirt has a real potential to become scandalous. I don't think I"ll make this particular version again - I might make the cross over bodice with the regular skirt - OR - make it a mock wrap. I was holding the skirt shut the entire time I wore it.

The kids are all gone - WOOHOO! I got a little bit of sewing in today - I made a muslin of B5908 and so far, so good. Before taking the rental car back, I went to SR Harris to grab some zippers (I intend to make some makeup bags for my girls) - short (<15") are $0.50 and other zippers are $1.00. you just have to search...

Not a bad haul for $4

And then I got 2 remnants - one is black SILK!!!! So I added 5 yards to my stash but for $10. I am going to challenge myself with both the silk and the chiffon(?) - I love the print.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Slight Rant...And Sewing Plans

Ok, sewing plans FIRST...then you can avoid my rant (re: Disqus) if you want ;-)

I am trying to get my M6744 dress finished in time to take it to Georgia with me! I was well on my way, and was going to tackle it Monday night, then some family related (important!!) things came up and I couldn't finish it. Last night I got a little more work done on it.

I got home yesterday, made dinner, hung out with the kids, watched a tv show, then gave myself from 9-10 to sew. So far, the bodice is finished (sewn, elastic inserted, serged), the skirt is hemmed along the length (the hem will show) and I got the front skirt pinned to the back on one side. I need to hem the arm openings, sew the skirt together, sew the skirt to the bodice, and hem it. WHEW! I have tonight and tomorrow to do this!!!

This morning, when I realized I needed to iron my shirt, I managed to, in 8 minutes, pin the other side of the skirt front to back and iron my shirt - score! The moral of this story - a little (time) can go a long way when working on projects.

I should take progress photos...but I don't have any so here is the fabric! :)


It's gorgeous! It's an ITY knit that I picked up for $3/yard during a FabricMart sale. I'll take a $6 maxi dress!!

***Also, does anyone have suggestions for thread storage that doesn't involve it hanging on the wall? Being in the basement, I don't want too many things just "out". I had to get the husband to relive me of a giant spider last night...Right now, this is my storage solution:

My sewing plans for the 3 weeks while the kids are gone:
  • FINISH the gifts I started! I need to sew two aprons (that have long since been cut) and I want to make the girls some simple bags for makeup (the oldest) and feminine products (both of them).
  • Muslin my pants patterns and get at least 2 (hopefully 3!) pairs sewn.
  • Practice rolled hems on my serger.
  • Practice blind hemming.
  • Whatever else may come up.
I'm still participating in the stash busting sew-a-long so I hope to get some serious yardage sewn while I have a bit of free time.


My rant...I hate Disqus. I will not comment on blogs that use Disqus. It's sad too because two bloggers that I really love following use disqus and I don't want to. I don't like that tracking of EVERYTHING. I don't want EVERYTHING linked around the web. No thank you. I especially don't want my full name displayed everywhere which -- okay, I learned to change that -- but I am anti-Disqus and will continue to read the content of those blogs without comment. ::sadface::

Monday, July 22, 2013

EEK! - Butterick Giveaway Winners!!!

I was supposed to do this on Saturday...announce on Sunday. I'm a day late - sorry!!! Busy weekend with teens, you know how it is.

Anyway...I assigned a number to each entry and using random.org generated a winner for each pattern and...

B5927 - Amy Gorman!!

B5926 - Beth Byrge!!

Contact me at babymodo@gmail.com to claim your pattern! :)


This weekend I got started on my M6744 dress. I was going strong until I sewed the side seam and went right up to the shoulder. Oops! :) I kinda need a space to put my arms! LOL!

Soooo yeah. Then I quit sewing and started organizing:

There are 3 (three!!) of these cabinets in my room, but I had to relinquish one to cleaning supplies - boooo!

There's a shelf above but it isn't full height of the others. I have one bin with miscellaneous sewing patterns up there and a couple of empty baskets.

Top shelf has tins with bias tape, hem tape, twill tape (I like the storebought stuff - 'sew' me! Lol!!!), 7-9" zippers, a vase holding 12"+ zippers and then a tin of snaps, hook & eyes, buttons on cards. Then a Ball jar full of buttons, a basket of elastics and a basket of trim (free FM bundle)
4 tubs of patterns - Dresses, pants/skirts/shorts, wardrobe patterns/jackets & blazers/outerwear and tops. There's a little room to grow. But because these hold the standard patterns so well, I think I might buy a couple more just in case :)
2 tubs of fabric. It's pretty jam packed. I might buy two more to relieve the pressure! Also, they're really heavy to lug in and out.
Lastly, the white bin has WIPs, UFO's then there are two boxes of non garment fabric and scraps all mixed together.

I think I'll move the stuff from the bottom shelf to the other cabinet (which will hold crochet & knitting yarn and goodies) and put two more blue lidded tubs in here for fabric.
I also worked on my socks. It's starting to look like a sock but a small one. I have thick feet. We'll see! Turning the heel wasn't that difficult, but picking up stitches for the gusset was. Also, that is supposed to be ribbing. I don't know what happened, but apparently I got off track on my knits and purls and uhmm, yeah. Hopefully sock #2 fares better. I'm hoping to get a pair knitted on the road trip this weekend!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Finished Items: New Look 6108 (2 of them!)

Be prepared for a plethora of projects! A barrage!! An onslaught!!!!

When I was younger I was fascinated with reading (ok, I still am and reading IS a hobby!). I would always have a new vocabulary word on hand to toss around...Like miscreant. I like that word :) I love plethora and myriad...and lately, despondent :-)

Alrighty so, I have the sewing room up and popping. I haven't gotten a cutting solution yet, but I have projects ready to sew and sew I shall.

Next weekend, we will become kid-free for about 2-3 weeks and I will be sewing. Sure I'll be working and grocery shopping and cooking (well, somewhat)...but I will have tons of crafting time and I plan on making it count. I hope to get at least 2 pairs of pants and a jacket (unlined) out of that time...we'll see.

Today, I finished up my NL 6108 top and sewed a second one. Of course, the second one went much faster than the first!

#1 was done in this ribbon print, black, blue and white ITY knit from FabricMart. I got a yard of it for $3.00 - SCORE! I apologize in advance for bathroom shots. I was solo-dolo.

I think it makes a mighty fine work shirt! I should probably do swayback alterations on my tops - but I won't. I just won't. Maybe on a button down blouse...probably on a fitted jacket...probably on a special occasion dress...but not on everything. Meh.


 #2 is in a lovely, lovely border print, also an ITY knit from FabricMart. This came as a 38" panel.

I wanted more of the top to be black, but didn't want to lose the grey to cream gradient. I *LOVE* this fabric!

Now, because I knew where I wanted the print to hit, I focused on that and ended up short on fabric for the front facing - oops! I had to buy some cheap poly knit from JoAnn to finish it, but ran into a small snag as the fashion fabric is 4 way stretch and the facing was only 2 way. I remembered to put the stretch across my body, but I had to work a bit to get the arm holes to line up and everything because of the difference in drape. Ahhhh, live and learn.

Lily's rocking this top! :-)

I thought I was going to have to hem it after a trip to Hancock (50% off zippers!!!! 50% off thread!) tomorrow but lo and behold, I had matching thread in my stash! I was very proud of myself:

And finally, a decent job at matching the pattern print:

I originally intended to make the second version with the twisted front straps, but the wrong side of this fabric is obvious and it didn't work out. BUT,  I will probably be making this pattern again. I really like the ease of putting it together and the final fit.

Oh, I should mention that I cut a 12 in the neck/shoulder, a 14 through the armhole and graded to a 16. I could have cut a straight 12. I ended up taking 1 1/4" side seams.

Tomorrow morning I'll be up while the house is still sleeping - I've gotten the bug!

In Progress NL 6108 and Pattern Stashing!

Trying to get my sew jo back, I started cutting a few patterns earlier this week. Two tops and a dress all in ITY knits - PRETTY ones too! Just you wait and see!!!!

NL 6108 views B and C:

View C is almost done:
And M 6744, the long version of view C.
Line Drawing

Last month, I ooh'd and ahhh'd over the latest McCall's pattern release. (Fall McCall's). I know, I know I own what's fast approaching 200 patterns.

Listen - this is a marathon, not a sprint! I have to buy them cause you know...I just may sew it. One day. Yes, I have about 6 patterns in queue right now, but who's counting?! :)

Hancock had McCall's for $.99, Vogue for $3.99 and Simplicity and Butterick were on sale as well, for $1.99. Burda will be on sale at Hancock AND JoAnn this weekend - GO! There weren't any Butterick or Simplicity patterns that I wanted but I had 3 Vogue's on my list and 82 McCall's. Ok, about 8 McCall's...


1343  -Tracy Reese Pullover dress.

I totally had no interest in this dress until I saw Kathy's. I mean, RIGHT?!?!  There are so many amazing details...the pleating, the tulip skirt, the pretty gathered back with buttons. Swooooooon. I have a perfect rayon challis for it too!

8904: This Marcy Tilton dress doesn't necessary look inspiring...

But then....

Carrie's Version:

Goodbye Valentino's


And, SewManju's
Vogue 8904 LBD

And...oh just head over to PR...they are all FABULOUS!!!!!

Lastly, Vogue 8776. I am making this for fall. I do not care! Both Mimi and Erica told me I could still do a cape so I shall do a cape!!!!


Mimi G's

Miss Celie's:

Aaaaaand Heather's:

Closet Case Files - Vogue 8776 Cape

So uhmm, yeah! I'm making it!
I picked up McCall's 6791, 6792, 6796, 6801, 6802 and 6803 - HEY! They were dollar!!! AND there's no tax so they were REALLY a dollar!

Line Art
Line Art
Line Art
Line Art

Line Art
Line Art

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Butterick Pattern Giveaway!

Yes! I am giving away patterns! Only 2...but they're new and they're perfect for fall!

When the new Butterick's were released, there were a few that I wanted for sure.

5908 - I was thinking the red drew me in, (I love red pants!!) but I think I rather like the rise and cut of these. Looking at the pattern envelope, it seemed like these could work. I traced the pattern this weekend...hopefully I can get a muslin going sometime this week.


5915 - The line drawing is much better looking than the pattern photo. I especially like views A and C.

Line Art

5928 - Again, the photos look outdated, the line drawings show how cute this pattern can be when the right fabric is chosen.

Line Art

5908 is a See & Sew pattern, they're $2.99 always at JoAnn's. The other Butterick's were picked up at a $1.99 sale at Hancock.

In addition to the above, I picked up 5926 and 5927. I was happy they were in!! Well, on a trip to JoAnn this weekend for double pointed needles, I saw that Butterick's were 5/$5! And then I saw that the new patterns were in! So I bought...5926 and 5927 - AGAIN! :)

So I figured I'd host a giveaway on my little blog. I don't have a ton of followers so it'll be easy to win! ;-)


MISSES'/MISSES' PETITE JACKET: Fitted, unlined jacket has collar, pockets and stitched hems. A and C: purchased trim.
Designed for moderate stretch knits.
FABRICS: Wool Jersey, Ponte Knit, Cotton Knit and Sweatshirt Fleece.

GIVEAWAY SIZE: B5(8, 10, 12, 14, 16)

Line Art


Clean, modern lines, no lining and made of a knit - SCORE!!

MISSES' JACKET: Semi-fitted, lined jacket has optional shoulder pads, front variations, and topstitching. A and B: seam detail. B: flaps and pockets. C: front zipper. D: button trim on cuffs and back tab. B and D: collar and cuffs. C and D: side front seams and pockets.
Designed for light to medium weight woven.

GIVEAWAY SIZE: E5(14-16-18-20-22)

Line Art


Leave a comment stating which pattern you'd like and I'll choose a winner of each using random.org number generator on Saturday, July 20th!

**US residents only please! I loathe visiting the post office.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little Home Dec Sewing

So, as you know I started out wanting to sew garments. For ME! :-)

I am having fun sewing other things and getting back into crocheting...while still learning to knit well.

The new place has a walkout basement, which backs up to the woods. At night, it's COMPLETELY dark. The kids are scared that someone is going to be looking in on them! :)

So we needed curtains. But I know I want to buy new furniture and want to wait to figure out what the family room decor will be.

Cue the sewing machine! You know that cotton/poly fabric I got from WalMart for $1.00/yd? I had 3 yards. I went back and got the rest of what they had - 3.5 yards.

The fabric was 54" wide, my patio doors are 36" wide - perfection! I wanted to make them 84" finished  so I cut the fabric 96" long creating a 1" pocket for the rod and a 4" hem. The rod pocket was far too tight a fit...next time I'd make it 2". I had to flip it and use the 4" side for the rod so it doesn't have a nice, wide hem.

Also, I cannot, for the life of me, find my hardware for my curtain rods...so it's on a tension rod, resting in the clips that the previous vertical blinds (I assume) were mounted with.

The measuring took longer than the sewing! I was able to get beautiful (BEAUTIFUL!) chalk lines so that made my life easier. Plus, hubby found a big roll of 3/4" fusible hem tape so it made my life even easier. I chose white thread to make it pop and therefore sewed very carefully.

I am too short to get them spread out well :) I'll have my husband do it, but it was a rewarding project and I spent $6.50 on the fabric - using about $5.50 worth of fabric! SCORE!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

One Giant Blog Post: FO S2700, WIP, Me Mades

I will try to make this less wordy because I have a TON of pics to share! Three of the past 4 days, I've worn a me-made item. All 3 were things that I initially found lots of "problems" with and had yet to wear, then I wore them, and I love them all!

On the 4th of July (Happy Birthday America!), I wore NL6025 - My winning top (2nd place) for the Pattern Review Challenge contest. I won a Fitz Like a Glove! ironing board cover and a Best Boy pressing cloth - they're amazing! The top was paired with white shorts.

Bathroom pic - sorry. 

On July 5th, I wore S2443. I was about 6 weeks into sewing when I made this. I did a horrible job gathering the skirt and have puckers in the bodice. But I really like this dress!! I'm sure I'll remake it.

Then July 6th was my birthday! Yay!! I'm 34 years old now and looking forward to what the next year will bring. I didn't wear a me-made item today, but I did have good food, fun with my husband and kids and cake. Mmmmm. Cake.

I also did a little crocheting because I decided I should have a little doily for my teakettle. 

Made with Sugar 'n Cream cotton in red. (Ravelry review here)

I also snuck in a little sewing, and started another version of M6751 in a patterned cotton lawn I got from Fabric.com. I don't have enough white bias tape to do the endless neckline so I'll have to finish it one day this week - full post and review to follow.

Today, my hubby and I ran errands and I wanted to look a little cute so I wore my M3830 (BEST pencil skirt pattern ever). Paired it with a navy and white striped top I've had since forever (and that's consequently a little snug) and white sandals.

Banana popsicles are the business!

FINISHED OBJECT: Trousers!!!! S2700 is finally done! Woohoo!!!

This I think is caused by the massive amount I had to take in in the front crotch. Version #2 of this pattern will be very nice.

The pièce de résistance - I got my tags from GutenTAGS!!!!  I wanted them to be the longer tags, but I was still happy with what I received so I didn't want to complain. 50 tags for $20 (I got 4 bonus tags!). These puppies will be added to everything I make!

The front reads "K. Smith"

The back reads "made by ME"

GO! Go and get you some today!!! :)