Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little Home Dec Sewing

So, as you know I started out wanting to sew garments. For ME! :-)

I am having fun sewing other things and getting back into crocheting...while still learning to knit well.

The new place has a walkout basement, which backs up to the woods. At night, it's COMPLETELY dark. The kids are scared that someone is going to be looking in on them! :)

So we needed curtains. But I know I want to buy new furniture and want to wait to figure out what the family room decor will be.

Cue the sewing machine! You know that cotton/poly fabric I got from WalMart for $1.00/yd? I had 3 yards. I went back and got the rest of what they had - 3.5 yards.

The fabric was 54" wide, my patio doors are 36" wide - perfection! I wanted to make them 84" finished  so I cut the fabric 96" long creating a 1" pocket for the rod and a 4" hem. The rod pocket was far too tight a fit...next time I'd make it 2". I had to flip it and use the 4" side for the rod so it doesn't have a nice, wide hem.

Also, I cannot, for the life of me, find my hardware for my curtain rods...so it's on a tension rod, resting in the clips that the previous vertical blinds (I assume) were mounted with.

The measuring took longer than the sewing! I was able to get beautiful (BEAUTIFUL!) chalk lines so that made my life easier. Plus, hubby found a big roll of 3/4" fusible hem tape so it made my life even easier. I chose white thread to make it pop and therefore sewed very carefully.

I am too short to get them spread out well :) I'll have my husband do it, but it was a rewarding project and I spent $6.50 on the fabric - using about $5.50 worth of fabric! SCORE!


  1. Wooooo Hoooo! You did a great job.

  2. Great job and lovely curtains.. yea for using up that stash.

  3. I totally just finished making curtains right before traveling, and I've been meaning to take pictures to post about them. Aren't they a lovely quick fix?


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