Sunday, July 7, 2013

One Giant Blog Post: FO S2700, WIP, Me Mades

I will try to make this less wordy because I have a TON of pics to share! Three of the past 4 days, I've worn a me-made item. All 3 were things that I initially found lots of "problems" with and had yet to wear, then I wore them, and I love them all!

On the 4th of July (Happy Birthday America!), I wore NL6025 - My winning top (2nd place) for the Pattern Review Challenge contest. I won a Fitz Like a Glove! ironing board cover and a Best Boy pressing cloth - they're amazing! The top was paired with white shorts.

Bathroom pic - sorry. 

On July 5th, I wore S2443. I was about 6 weeks into sewing when I made this. I did a horrible job gathering the skirt and have puckers in the bodice. But I really like this dress!! I'm sure I'll remake it.

Then July 6th was my birthday! Yay!! I'm 34 years old now and looking forward to what the next year will bring. I didn't wear a me-made item today, but I did have good food, fun with my husband and kids and cake. Mmmmm. Cake.

I also did a little crocheting because I decided I should have a little doily for my teakettle. 

Made with Sugar 'n Cream cotton in red. (Ravelry review here)

I also snuck in a little sewing, and started another version of M6751 in a patterned cotton lawn I got from I don't have enough white bias tape to do the endless neckline so I'll have to finish it one day this week - full post and review to follow.

Today, my hubby and I ran errands and I wanted to look a little cute so I wore my M3830 (BEST pencil skirt pattern ever). Paired it with a navy and white striped top I've had since forever (and that's consequently a little snug) and white sandals.

Banana popsicles are the business!

FINISHED OBJECT: Trousers!!!! S2700 is finally done! Woohoo!!!

This I think is caused by the massive amount I had to take in in the front crotch. Version #2 of this pattern will be very nice.

The pièce de résistance - I got my tags from GutenTAGS!!!!  I wanted them to be the longer tags, but I was still happy with what I received so I didn't want to complain. 50 tags for $20 (I got 4 bonus tags!). These puppies will be added to everything I make!

The front reads "K. Smith"

The back reads "made by ME"

GO! Go and get you some today!!! :)


  1. Love the outfits--you've been busy! I like the M6751--I'm going to have to make this for my daughter. I like the back straps.

    1. Thanks Robin!

      It really is a cute (and quick!) tank.

  2. You certainly have been busy - I like your approach to accepting the learning curve - practice will improve everything as you have pointed out. Your pants are good for a first effort at them. Finding the right shape and pattern seems to be half the battle won.

    1. Thanks SarahLiz! I really would like to know how to do EVERYTHING, right away ;-) In all seriousness, it is really fun to learn, and to watch your own progress.

  3. Happy belated Birthday. Lovely garments and you did an awesome job with the pants.

  4. Happy Birthday
    I really like the print lawn top. The fabric has great colors and the back looks like it will be fun to stitch and wear.

    1. Thank you! I *love* this fabric. I hemmed and hawed over the right pattern for 3 months. I think this is a hit. I will use the rest as pocket bags for my Kelly green capris :)


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