Friday, July 19, 2013

Finished Items: New Look 6108 (2 of them!)

Be prepared for a plethora of projects! A barrage!! An onslaught!!!!

When I was younger I was fascinated with reading (ok, I still am and reading IS a hobby!). I would always have a new vocabulary word on hand to toss around...Like miscreant. I like that word :) I love plethora and myriad...and lately, despondent :-)

Alrighty so, I have the sewing room up and popping. I haven't gotten a cutting solution yet, but I have projects ready to sew and sew I shall.

Next weekend, we will become kid-free for about 2-3 weeks and I will be sewing. Sure I'll be working and grocery shopping and cooking (well, somewhat)...but I will have tons of crafting time and I plan on making it count. I hope to get at least 2 pairs of pants and a jacket (unlined) out of that time...we'll see.

Today, I finished up my NL 6108 top and sewed a second one. Of course, the second one went much faster than the first!

#1 was done in this ribbon print, black, blue and white ITY knit from FabricMart. I got a yard of it for $3.00 - SCORE! I apologize in advance for bathroom shots. I was solo-dolo.

I think it makes a mighty fine work shirt! I should probably do swayback alterations on my tops - but I won't. I just won't. Maybe on a button down blouse...probably on a fitted jacket...probably on a special occasion dress...but not on everything. Meh.


 #2 is in a lovely, lovely border print, also an ITY knit from FabricMart. This came as a 38" panel.

I wanted more of the top to be black, but didn't want to lose the grey to cream gradient. I *LOVE* this fabric!

Now, because I knew where I wanted the print to hit, I focused on that and ended up short on fabric for the front facing - oops! I had to buy some cheap poly knit from JoAnn to finish it, but ran into a small snag as the fashion fabric is 4 way stretch and the facing was only 2 way. I remembered to put the stretch across my body, but I had to work a bit to get the arm holes to line up and everything because of the difference in drape. Ahhhh, live and learn.

Lily's rocking this top! :-)

I thought I was going to have to hem it after a trip to Hancock (50% off zippers!!!! 50% off thread!) tomorrow but lo and behold, I had matching thread in my stash! I was very proud of myself:

And finally, a decent job at matching the pattern print:

I originally intended to make the second version with the twisted front straps, but the wrong side of this fabric is obvious and it didn't work out. BUT,  I will probably be making this pattern again. I really like the ease of putting it together and the final fit.

Oh, I should mention that I cut a 12 in the neck/shoulder, a 14 through the armhole and graded to a 16. I could have cut a straight 12. I ended up taking 1 1/4" side seams.

Tomorrow morning I'll be up while the house is still sleeping - I've gotten the bug!


  1. Great tops--I love the prints--so much versatility and matchability (is that a word?). I was ending up an 'epic fail' project, tossing it off as a learning experience :[ --anyway I thought I'd check my blogs before I went to bed and I found your new post. I'm feeling inspired again--hey, tomorrow's another day in sew-land. Looking forward to your new posts!

  2. That is such a good pattern, I can see how useful those pieces will be in your wardrobe. I like both fabrics but the second is my favourite, what a great print :)

  3. Yea.. proud the sewing bug hit you... Love your new blouses.. What pretty fabrics you chose.. Can't wait to see what the next 2 weeks hold for you..[enjoy that 2 weeks sewing time.]

  4. Mrs. Smith your tops are beautiful!

  5. Oooooh, that border print! Amazing!


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