Friday, July 19, 2013

In Progress NL 6108 and Pattern Stashing!

Trying to get my sew jo back, I started cutting a few patterns earlier this week. Two tops and a dress all in ITY knits - PRETTY ones too! Just you wait and see!!!!

NL 6108 views B and C:

View C is almost done:
And M 6744, the long version of view C.
Line Drawing

Last month, I ooh'd and ahhh'd over the latest McCall's pattern release. (Fall McCall's). I know, I know I own what's fast approaching 200 patterns.

Listen - this is a marathon, not a sprint! I have to buy them cause you know...I just may sew it. One day. Yes, I have about 6 patterns in queue right now, but who's counting?! :)

Hancock had McCall's for $.99, Vogue for $3.99 and Simplicity and Butterick were on sale as well, for $1.99. Burda will be on sale at Hancock AND JoAnn this weekend - GO! There weren't any Butterick or Simplicity patterns that I wanted but I had 3 Vogue's on my list and 82 McCall's. Ok, about 8 McCall's...


1343  -Tracy Reese Pullover dress.

I totally had no interest in this dress until I saw Kathy's. I mean, RIGHT?!?!  There are so many amazing details...the pleating, the tulip skirt, the pretty gathered back with buttons. Swooooooon. I have a perfect rayon challis for it too!

8904: This Marcy Tilton dress doesn't necessary look inspiring...

But then....

Carrie's Version:

Goodbye Valentino's


And, SewManju's
Vogue 8904 LBD

And...oh just head over to PR...they are all FABULOUS!!!!!

Lastly, Vogue 8776. I am making this for fall. I do not care! Both Mimi and Erica told me I could still do a cape so I shall do a cape!!!!


Mimi G's

Miss Celie's:

Aaaaaand Heather's:

Closet Case Files - Vogue 8776 Cape

So uhmm, yeah! I'm making it!
I picked up McCall's 6791, 6792, 6796, 6801, 6802 and 6803 - HEY! They were dollar!!! AND there's no tax so they were REALLY a dollar!

Line Art
Line Art
Line Art
Line Art

Line Art
Line Art


  1. Those pattern companies need to hire sewing bloggers are stylists!! Gee, how un-inspiring those pictures look, and how nice the sewists turn them into with the right idea for fabric, placement, etc..

    Looks like you scored!! :)

    I really like the Marcy Tilton dress that the sewing bloggers made. Brilliant and designeresque (and that's how it should be)!!

    1. I say that all the time...oh the patterns they would sell if they had better styling and photography!

      I am gaga over all of the Tilton dresses. I can't wait to fabric shop for THAT one!

  2. Those pattern sales get me every time. I really need to go through my pattern stash and destash. I almost always end up with patterns I'll never use because I feel like I have to buy 5 patterns when they're on sale 5 for $5 even though I only wanted/needed 2 :)

    I admit none of the new McCall's patterns interested me until I saw the collar on view D of 6796. I've been looking for a similar collar (I didn't want to draft it myself) so that I could make this dress from Modcloth:

    1. That Modcloth dress is amazing! I love the details on it - I say go for it!

      My mom sews too so I tend to save patterns for her that I snatched up but then realize I'll never sew...and that may be her style :)

  3. I Totally Am Gonna Pick Up Some Of The Patterns U Listed Here ;)!!!!!

    1. Go Far!!! GO and get them!!

      I'm an enabler. I know it :)

  4. I so understand.. The reason I have a ton of patterns are:
    1- those $1-$2 pattern sales. [can't resist]
    2- I look at a pattern , see nothing in it, and then.. some one on the blog makes it, and I love it.

    Love your blouse your working on.Happy sewing.

    1. I mean...I just cannot say no. I's $1. I mean...I'm going to spend that on a kit-kat on any given day, right?! :)

      Half of my patterns are "OOOOH!!! I have to make that TOO!" purchases. But hey, we're sheltered...fed...we have electricity and stuff so I figure it's all good!

  5. Oh my - that cape/coat (whatever it is) is so fabulous. I totally bypassed that pattern until now. I have been hoarding this purple flecked wool for a while which might work although I'll have to figure out how to line it....which is not my favorite 3D mental processing experiment

    ALSO, I'm from MN and majored in chemistry so I feel that we're kindred spirits :)

    1. Aren't those capes amazing?!? I bet that purple wool would be to die for!

      I'm always ecstatic to find other tundra-dwellers!!! :-) AND you sew and was a chem major?!? Oh boy, kindrid spirits indeed!

  6. Anyone selling their used or unused vogue 8776 cape pattern you have a buyer right here. Size 12 and 14 have to be available.Thanks in advance ladies.


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