Thursday, July 4, 2013

Double Welt Pockets Practice

Happy Independence Day America!

I'll admit, I never want to bbq or anything on the 4th, but it's because my birthday is the 6th - which, my mom reminded me for the 34th time that I she went into labor with me at the 4th of July picnic and I wasn't born until 2 days later on the 6th. :-)

The two big ones are with their dad's family for the holiday and we have the other two here at home. We decided to keep it simple because I want to have bbq chicken and ribs (mmmmmmm!) for my birthday. Have I mentioned that I hate sharing occasions  I don't understand people who choose to overlap occasions  Like...ok, you can't control a kid being born on/near a holiday, but I know a guy who shares a birthday with his mom and then got married on that day too.  I just don't comprehend it! Anyway, I'd never want a 4th/birthday celebration because it's my birthday! I'm not a brat or a diva or anything I just love birthdays!

Today, I would have liked to just sew. But I as I sit on the patio feeling the warm breeze on this perfect 85 degree day, I don't mind that I got out of my own way a bit.

Now, I did get *some* sewing done, but instead of trying to get a project done, I decided today was the day I'd learn how to do double welt pockets. I was intimidated but I knew I'd get it if I just keep at it.

Attempt #1 - Using cotton was smart, it was nice and sturdy - easy to press, etc. The pattern made it hard for me to assess though...and my stitching in the ditch was sad.

Then I decided to try some suiting fabric that I got in a free bundle...This is horrific poly something and it was distorting as I tried to make the marks on it and it doesn't press at all.

Then I decided to try the lovely woven that I made my peplum out of. I loved working with that fabric and figured it would make a good practice fabric.

It's mostly even, the corners are hard to turn properly

I was very proud of myself after this attempt! I will say, I will probably stick to using only stable fabric until it becomes second nature to me (and I didn't interface this attempt at all). It wasn't difficult at all - just an exercise in patience! You have to move slowly and deliberately. You have to watch your stitching closely. You have to cut it correctly down the center. You have to keep going even though you're going to be positive you did something wrong when you turn the pocket bag out and the whole assembly is flopping all about. (I like using run-on sentences for dramatics!). 

I used Fashion Sewing Blog TV's tute with pocket dimensions from Professor Pincushion's tute. I would assume that a pattern with welts would have a pattern piece for the welt. 


  1. Look at those welt pockets!!! You ought to be proud of yourself!!

    I love the idea of deciding 'I'm going to practice welt pockets today!'.

    1. Thanks!!

      That's how my mind works! :) Hmmm...I'm going to learn to sew today. Hmmmm...I'm going to learn to knit today.

      It's a gift and a curse!

  2. I so agree--- your birthday is special.. I wouldn't want to share it with another holiday either..ha I never understand these people getting married at Christmas.. NOPE... I want separate holidays.

    Great job with your welt pockets.. Proud you had fun sewing.

    1. Thank you!

      I don't get all... :)

  3. Welt pockets!! I am in awe. Last year I made a purse for the PR contest and I did interior pockets with closures...over and over. It occured to me that these were pretty similar to welt pockets. I like how you think :-)

  4. You had a great practice session. Looks like you are ready to go for it. I need to do more practice sessions.


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