Making My Wardrobe Work

Let's first make it clear that I am not a fashionista in any sense! This spring I really wanted to start getting daily outfit shots so I could reflect on my wardrobe. However, once I started my new job, that went out the door! :)

As we head into fall, I am at it again. Or at least for the month of October. I want to be thoughtful in how I put things together and of course, want to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. My wardrobe is pretty huge (no apologies!) but it needs to really work for me vs. just being full of stuff. The only drawback is that now that it's fall, getting photos before I'm all wrinkled mid to end of day will be hard.

October 1
Target cardigan, Forever 21 tank, V9032 pants. Paired with black pumps and silver jewelry. 

I rate this outfit an 8.5. 

Very easy to wear (cardigan/top/pants have always been my 'uniform'). My pants are a little too big now and I was self-conscious about that.

October 2
Burda 7136 shirt and Style Arc Sandra jeans. Paired with green/gold jewelry and gray booties.

I rate this outfit a 6. 

I loved the idea of it but I think the shirt would need to be more fitted to be left untucked. Or perhaps layered over with a sweater. It felt a bit sloppy. I liked the slim, straight jeans + bootie though.

October 3
Can I just start by saying I rate this a 10! I felt very good in this outfit!!!!!

Thrifted jean jacket, M7193 top, Gap cropped pants. Paired with leather booties (LOVE) and silver earrings. 
My daughter treated me to a jazz concert and I switched to a black cardigan with darker metallic earrings.

October 4
V1395 dress with Converse jacket (navy). Paired with black moto boots and green/bronze jewelry.

I rate this outfit a 9.5. 

If I had clean tights (haha!) it would have been a 10.

October 5
B6104 jacket with Target top and V9032 trouser jeans. Paired with black patent-toe wedges and aqua/brass jewelry (earrings-new, necklace-super old).

I rate this outfit a 9. 

I wear these 3 pieces together a lot. I like it but I almost always pair this jacket with this top and these pants. I LOVE MY NEW EARRINGS though. So that's good. I have to find new ways to wear this jacket. The other pieces get worn a lot, with other things.

October 6
Target top with V9032 pants. Paired with bronze shoes and gold/white jewelry.

I rate this outfit a 10.

I absolutely love this combo. I don't know what made me decide to put this top and necklace together but I love it. And I thought neutral on bottom would be best. And I totally don't care about not being rail-thin and wearing horizontal stripes, I love this top!

October 7 (sorry for the poor lighting)
Ann Taylor Loft sweater with V9032 black pants. Paired with the patent toe wedges, gold earrings and a gold bangle.

I rate this outfit a 8. 

Simple and totally work appropriate, but nothing earth shattering.

October 8
Burda 6911 top with RTW pants. Paired with black patent toe wedges, black/white/red scarf from Charming Charlie and silver/grey/black earrings and a wide silver ring.

I rate this outfit an 8.

I had a horrible morning. I was just not in the mood for LIFE today and just randomly chose things. I never noticed that these pants are that full through the legs. Or either my heels were not high enough for them. I do love that scarf though.

October 9

McCall's 6886 dress and denim jacket from Target. Paired with tall boots that I've owned for ages and bronze-y jewelry.

I rate this outfit a 10!

I felt really great in this! I was told that I was "dressed up" a couple of times but meh! No. No. No. A knit dress and jean jacket cannot constitute being dressed up at work. Just, no.

October 10

RTW knock off top and Burda 6907 pants. Paired with my favorite nude wedges and gold jewelry. All 3 jewelry pieces are from my Rocksbox subscription.

I rate this outfit a 10.

I had a hard time choosing shoes. Well no...I chose these first and then wasn't sure about them. But I think the nude really works. I love these pants so much!!!

October 11

RTW top with Vogue 1411 pants. Paired with my nude wedges, CZ studs and tennis bracelet.

I rate this outfit an 8. 

This is the first version of V1411 that I made. The instructions called for adding elastic to the crotch seam. I think this is weird and uncomfortable and pulls the pants down. I like the top but as it's RTW, when I tried it on, the medium was SO tight in the sleeves so I went with the large. So it's a bit bigger than I would normally wear, through the body. But I love it so much! 

I received several compliments from strangers on Sunday!

October 12

Vogue 8805 dress. Paired with black tights and booties, with my Rocksbox bar necklace and gold/silver earrings.

I rate this outfit a 9.

The dress is a little too big through the waist/hip now. But I think I can easily take it in. I just love those little booties! And the bar necklace was perfect as it fell right on the black part of the dress. I had a LONG Monday and changed clothes the moment I walked in the house. And realized after an hour or so that I'd never taken pics. 

October 13

McCall's 6708 top with 6996 cardigan and RTW jeans. Paired with gold jewelry and black ballet flats.

I rate this outfit an 8

Just fine...Comfortable (my daughter had an outpatient surgery this day). But I often pair this cardigan and top together.

October 14

RTW tee with V1411 pants and B6169 jacket. Paired with casual black boots and simple earrings.

I rate this outfit an 8.5

I really love this tee. I got it an eon ago from Old Navy and really should create a pattern from it. It's like the Plantain + Maria Denmark Kimono tee had a baby. It's just fitted through the bust, has cut-on sleeves and is loose through the waist.

I worked from home today but did have to run out a couple of times.

October 15

V8597 top and V9032 pants. Paired with aqua/gold jewelry and bronze pumps.

I rate this outfit a 6. 

I 'found' this top when I switched my closet over and remembered not loving it. So I decided to wear it and's not my favorite. The cowl is oddly done and it doesn't drape right. 

October 16

Burda 6911 top, S2446 jacket, RTW jeans. Paired with gold/white jewelry and boots.

I rate this outfit a 9.

I took a lot of pics because I didn't like any of them. I liked wearing this and liked it much more in the mirror than in photos. 

October 17
Burda 7136 shirt with Style Arc Sandra jeans. Paired with gold jewelry and taupe boots.

I rate this outfit a 8.5

I enjoyed wearing this but 1) my jeans are too big :( I even inserted some elastic in back to pull them in at the waist, but they are even looser now. 2) The shirt looked sloppy out and I like the half tuck but it comes undone easily.

This was Saturday and I was running errands wearing my Sewaholic Minoru and a handknit hat. I was so happy to be wearing all handmade!!!!

October 18
B5789 cardigan with RTW tank and jeans. Paired with silver jewelry and black flats.

I rate this outfit an 8.5

I made this and hated it and almost gave it away. It has been relegated to being thrown on when it's cool in my bedroom. I don't know what made me decide to pin it but I did an instantly loved it! Today I have small safety pins on both sides but I'm going to sew in some small black snaps. I have a new wearable cardi!

October 19
An all handmade day!

M6519 top with B6169 jacket and S2061 pants. Paired with silver jewelry and black pumps.

I rate this outfit a 9.

All pieces that I really love individually and they work well together. Not earth shattering being black/gray but those are my neutrals! I really love these pants and wonder if there's another color that would still be work appropriate. Black ponte makes them able to transition from casual to work easily.

October 20
RTW cardigan and cami with B6182 skirt. Paired with black boots and silver jewelry.

I rate this outfit a 6.

I should've just worn it with the white button front. This felt so matronly though I love the white cardigan and the skirt individually and with other things. Also, this dang blasted skirt is again loose in the waist. I swear I'm not altering it anymore. Grrr!

October 21
RTW tee, thrifted blazer and V9032 pants. Paired with black pumps and silver accessories. 

I rate this outfit an 8.5

I absolutely love this tee. I really should make a pattern from it. I bought it from Old Navy ages ago. It's still in great shape. I tell you, their quality has really diminished a lot. The jacket is a bit wide in the shoulders but it will work for layering as the cold rolls in. My pants are too big (are you tired of me saying that??). I have them rolled over at the waist. So sad!

October 22
S2246 jersey shirtdress. Paired with black boots and silver/black jewelry. 

I rate this outfit a 10.

I LOVE THIS DRESS! I hope to find some wool jersey to create another (solid colored) version. This is totally like wearing secret pajamas. 

October 23
B6183 top with B5760 skirt. Paired with my Rocksbox necklace and favorite silver knot studs, black tights and black ballet flats.

I rate this outfit an 8.5

I was asked why I was "so dressed up on a Friday". Seriously. A black skirt with black tights and black flats (I like doing that btw) and a simple woven top. Ahhhh. :) I really like this top and the neckline was perfect for the necklace. I was fussing with this top a lot though. I have to re-examine the fit.

It was a rainy, dreary Friday and I changed clothes AS SOON as I got home. Hence only having a mirror pic.

October 24
NL6230 sweatshirt with V1411 pants and Sewaholic Minoru jacket. Paired with black boots and silver accessories.

I rate this outfit an 8.

Blah. Blah. Pants are too big. I was running in out of the house All.Day.Long! So I totally felt like my Minoru was part of my outfit! :)

October 25
Err. How do you categorize, "I did nothing but sew all day and mostly had on a tank top and pjs...and threw on jeans to go grocery shopping..."

So yeah :) But I did get all 3 dresses sewn as planned this weekend! Go me!

October 26
B5678 shirt with V9032 pleated pants. Paired with gold//bronze jewelry and shoes. 

I rate this outfit a 9.

I am starting to like these trousers more and more. I still think it's because of the overall straight cut from the thigh, because the pleats still show off my belly pooch unflatteringly.
It's funny how with the shirt out (and it's kind of long), I feel like it makes me look "longer". I enjoyed wearing this.

October 27
RTW cardigan with M6839 sleeveless top and V9032 pants. Paired with silver Rocksbox necklace and earrings, bangles, and black flats.

I also wore my Burda 11/2012 jacket today. I absolutely love this coat. It's slightly too big, the neckline is so wide and open that it's impractical for actual cold, and I never really figured out how to connect the lined outer sleeve with the black ponte sleeve. It's so raggedy! LOL!!!! But no matter. This coat is just too fun to wear!

I rate this outfit a 10. 

I just love my black/white/bright color combos. And I almost considered buying the earrings and necklace from this Rocksbox set. I love these two pieces.

October 28

New Look 6301 wrap dress with McCall's 6884 cardigan. Paired with black opaque tights and boots, and silver jewelry.

I rate this outfit a 9.

I really liked the dress with this cardigan! I initially thought to pair it with my thrifted blazer, but it looked much better with the cardigan. Weird how those tiny changes make a difference. I will definitely have this outfit as a contender for winter. I was a little warm in ponte + ponte with tights. But I will welcome that come January! :)

October 29
Butterick 5678 shirt with RTW sweater and Style Arc Sandra jeans and taupe ankle boots. 

I rate this outfit a 7.

I like the idea of it but the jeans are too big to be comfortable now :( The length is perfect with the boots though. They just sit over the top. I also feel like the sweater was a bit long and loose through the body.

October 30

RTW sweater from Ann Taylor Loft and cropped pants from the Gap. Paired with brown oxfords and chunky jewelry.

I rate this outfit a 10.

I wanted to wear orange and black to work. I thought this pants were a littttttle on the snug side but with the flat, casual shoes and chunky sweater, I think it works. (e.g., compared to high heels and a fitted top). I love these shoes so much :) Even though I don't really think they match my usual aesthetic, they are fun to wear.

October 31

RTW knock-off top with Vogue 1411 pants. Paired with (new!) brown boots and bronze-y jewelry.

I rate this outfit a 9.

I mentioned the issue with the pants when I wore them on October 11. But I love this combo so much and the new boots are perfect for a casual look like this! It was a cold and wet day so I was rocking my Sewaholic Minoru jacket too :)

This has been such a fun month!

What I learned?

I just like 'playing in my clothes'.
Throwing a denim jacket over dresses makes me happy.
I love my gray Butterick 6169 moto jacket.
Of the 31 days, I wore a dress 5 times and a skirt 2 times. Interesting as I was so gung-ho for fall and dresses!
I wore 7 pairs of pants twice each
I had one day where I didn't get dressed so the other 9 days each had a different pair of pants. That's 16 pairs of pants I wore this month! OHMYGOSH. I am totally not making more pants right now. Okay I probably will. But sheesh! LOL!

So my big takeaway is that I like dresses but I still love separates. And I need more cardigans and jackets. And still feel like I need more tops.

I am just a person who will have a large wardrobe!

From this spring:

Work (handmade dress/jacket)
Errands  (handmade skirt)
Weekend (handmade jeans)

Meeting (all handmade!)
Weekend (RTW)
Errands (handmade jeans)

Errands (handmade top and pants)
Weekend (handmade top and jeans)
Kid's band concert (handmade jacket and pants)

Errands (handmade skirt)
No destination (handmade pants)
Movie night (all handmade)

Saturday errands, topped with a denim jacket (dress handmade)
Sunday Funday! :) (handmade top)
Informal interview (handmade top and skirt)

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