About Me

Who am I?
As my blog name implies; I am a chemist by day - surprise! I live in the tundra -aka- Minnesota and live with some people; one I married, two I birthed ;-)  I have 3 more people that belong to me kinda-haha! (We are a blended family; I have two, he has three, but due to distance the kids are only with us in the summer and some Christmases).

When/How did I start sewing?
I started sewing in January 2013 on a whim. I'd learned to crochet a couple years prior and very quickly progressed in that craft. I was supplementing my income selling cute baby hats and booties. In seeking out other crocheters, I was in awe to discover that people were sewing their own clothes. At this point, I'd mainly found refashioning/upcycling blogs but nonetheless, was awestruck.

Well, Christmas of 2012, my husband asked if I wanted a KitchenAid (I LOVE to bake) or a sewing machine. I guess I surprised him with "sewing machine" and in January, I got my very first machine!

I knew absolutely NOTHING about sewing or sewing machines and I'd found no sewing resources prior to, nor had I done any research. We went to JoAnn and bought a machine that was less than $150 because, "What if I suck at this?!". As they say; the rest is history.

What sewing machine do I have?
I am still sewing on the Singer Talent 3321 that I picked up in JoAnn that day! Hopefully 2015 brings an upgrade; I am thinking a Janome Magnolia or Brother PC-420. I'm not eager to go computerized, not at all. But I know that I want automatic buttonholes(!), adjustable presser foot pressure, and affordable feet/accessories.

I am now sewing on a Singer Stylist 7258! (Features)

I recently acquired a vintage Kenmore 1503. I haven't used it much, yet.

I also own a Brother 1034D serger and would love the 2340CV coverstitch machine.

What do I like to sew?
Clothing. And lots of it! I am (obviously) still learning a lot and therefore still ruining a lot of fabric. Not intentionally! I am often quite excited about a project when I start it but either it fails during the construction stage or I finish it and later realize it doesn't really fit in with my wardrobe or, the fabric is bad.

How do I sew SO much?!? :)
I sew a lot, I know.

  • I think I sew really fast. Not in an "I'm in a huge rush to get this done" sort of way, just that I am really good at process based things. I can sew a (TNT) pair of pants (not jeans) in just a few hours because in my mind it's broken down already into manageable processes; interface all the things that need interfacing, pockets, fly front, in/side seams, waistband, facing, hem. Done. There isn't much lulling about and I sew a lot of basics. Because of work; there are no highly tailored garments or luxurious fabrics happening for the bulk of my sewing. It just doesn't make sense. So it's knit tops, simple woven tops, cardigans, jackets, pants. That's my work wardrobe and the majority of my sewing.

  • My kids are teenagers. I have a LOT more free time than I did when my kids were younger and am really wondering what I'll do in three years when my youngest is 18. Like, WOW! I have a ton of free time and OMG there'll be MORE?!?! I became a mom at 19 so there has been none of this "freedom" at any other point in my life up to now! :)

  • My main 'chore' at home is cooking; I buy the food and I cook it. I do no other chores! Kids do dishes, their own laundry and clean their own bathroom. DH does our laundry and general house cleaning (oh yes, it is possible! haha!).  I know that I'll have chores again in a few years but it'll be a little easier with just DH and I, I assume.

  • I have a dedicated sewing space. IMO this is crucial. I don't have to share my sewing space with the dining space (anymore) or the family room space, etc. So I can leave something right where it lies and come back to it when I have spare time.

  • Time. You would really be surprised at how far 10-20 minute chunks will get you on a project! 

Why do I blog?
Because I love sewing!!! I love to talk about sewing and see other's sewn projects and ooooh, fabric!! and blogging is the best way for me to interact with lots of other sewers!


  1. I love your blog; it sounds like you sew the way I do...get it done and start wearing it! I am also in Minnesota where the winters get 'chilly'. ;)

    1. YES! I assume that perhaps one day I'll have a 'need' for highly tailored things but for now, I need everyday clothing that can be washed and worn so "get it done" sewing is my kind of sewing! :)

  2. That's interesting that you work in science and also sew. I'm a microbiologist. I taught myself how to sew in my senior year of college (2013). My sewing space is my own bedroom, which I recently rearranged to make a lot more room for myself.

    Isn't it amazing to see what you are capable of creating with sewing? And you've done a tremendously fabulous job! I have a ton of patterns and still have bags of projects ready to be made, but I find it hard to make the time for it. You are so lucky to be able to sew so quickly. Congratulations :)

    btw, I'm Soday from PR.

  3. Mrs. Smith, I found your blog on Sew Your Own Wardrobe for a year. I absolutely adore your clothing, and am completely impressed with how QUICKLY you learned how to sew clothing that fits perfectly. That bathing suit story is a knockout. The fact that you are a STEM person, and a woman, makes your blog even more wonderful. I have been quilting for a long time, and started some other sewing projects, and have wanted to improve my clothing skills for a long time. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Rachel Hershberg
    Beit Shemesh, Israel

  4. Love hearing about your projects and I totally agree with you about tossing a project that won't work - I figure I learn from it and move on! I teach quilting and sewing and I stress that sewing is FUN!

  5. Just posted on your latest garment on PR and asked if you had a blog. I just found this!!! Thank you, I will be following you. Love your garments. Entered a contest for Jo-Ann's and had to comment on what and why you love shopping at Jo-Ann's. My comment -- It's my mental health store. As soon as I enter, all my stress vanishes. Love, love, love sewing. Have been sewing all my life, starting with a doll's bib, that I thought was incredible. Was so proud of it, I walked down to the GE plant where my Dad worked (couldn't wait to show him), when he looked at it, he said, "That's nice". I was expecting more, but . . . . .


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