Monday, August 19, 2013

Finished Items: McCall's 6519 and My First Socks!

So, I was working on my Annabelle jackets for the contest, and was having so much fun, and then today, something happened. I was initially worried that I'd get tired of them but when I breezed through #2, I was gung-ho about #3.

I was working on the last jacket and was just not feeling it.

So I pushed it aside and decided to sew something else. And I started working on the already cut M6626 in white gauze. And the gauze was being fussy. So I quit it too.

Enter M6519. An easy-peasy pattern that could give me instant gratification.

I used my quirky patterned fabric that I picked up yesterday from SR Harris and got to work. A couple or so hours later and I have a new top to wear to work tomorrow!

I had to get pics even though it was kind of dark in here :)

I forgot to add a little bit extra for my lady-hips.

With my favorite skinny capris from the Gap

I love my tags!!


I knit my first pair of socks! I finished them! They're awesome! They're fuzzy!!! :-) My daughter will probably confiscate them but I think I'm confident enough to move on to a sock pattern using sock weight yarn but in a simple pattern. I'm thinking I'm going to try a pattern from the "Toe-Up 2 at-a-time" book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. We'll see!

I totally bombed the ribbing on sock #1 AND the gussets...on #2 they went better. My kitchner stitch is imperfect but I'm proud of myself for tackling it and my color bands don't match! :)

Ravelry project HERE

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