Friday, August 23, 2013

New Butterick Patterns!

Two posts in one day! Eek.

Someone posted the link on pattern review and there are some REALLY nice patterns in this release. Now, there are quite a few that just aren't my taste and ok...I think Katherine Tilton patterns are kinda weird.

LOVES. As in MUST buys. As in I don't care how many patterns I own, these will be purchased.

 Oh. My. Word. This coat is amazing. It is just lovely in every way. I would wear the ish out of this

I mean, for real?! Classic. 
Someone pointed out to me that the Butterick coat is a knockoff of FLOTUS' inauguration coat!!! No wonder I LOVED it when I saw it!

This dress is 2 sizes too big on the model but it's shaped beautifully.

Other great patterns...the wardrobe pattern is nice and that top is exactly what I've had going on in my head and trying to mentally adapt other patterns to

On this pattern, view B is pretty awesome

I'm sure this pattern isn't unique and I can probably find this silhouette in another Big 4 pattern...


  1. I love so many of them, and those you highlighted are sure to look great on you!

  2. All these patterns are great and will be so much fun to sew, I especially adore the coat!

  3. The coat looks a lot like the one worn by our FLOTUS during Inauguration. It's beautiful. The other patterns would work well with other tailored separates. The First Lady has really influenced trends in women's fashion.

  4. Thanks everyone! You're right Robin! Someone on PR pointed it out. She has impeccable taste and I love her style!!

  5. I don't care what else I buy, i WILL be buying the FLOTUS coat!!
    I was overall pleased with this crop of patterns.


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