Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Sewing Related Thoughts...

I'm all out of sheets for muslins! I need to get more, more, MORE! It is great muslin material. With the two random queen size sheets that I had, I muslined 3.5 pair of pants (once I took them apart using the same backs but cut new fronts). I think I might be able to muslin either this skirt or the bodice of a jacket with what I have left - score!

I re-muslined S2700 and they look amazing! I didn't ask my husband to take pictures because he seemed rather non-plussed at my excitement last night.

***Edited to add muslin pics

When the back is good, all is good. Ok, mostly good.

The side seams show that slight dip backward at the butt and then forward at the full part of the thigh. I suppose I could work a little harder at eliminating the issue but I probably wont' with my swayback...

I don't think that bunching is "real". I think that's due to not having a zipper in place. On the last pair, I completely eliminated the bunching in the muslin but then they became a little bit tight up front.

Also, I am totally making this:

I will find the right fabric (it won't use much) and make a cute (slightly smaller) envelope-style clutch. It'll be a fun date-night bag - utterly useless except for prettiness :)

I bought this book on amazon for 1 cent

I really want a couple of blazers and it has some good information. Sure it was written in the 90s and it's hard to get past some of the pictures :-) but the basic info remains. There's a PR contest in October for a lined jacket. I probably have no chance to win but it'll be nice to go through the process with lots of others.

I took a peek inside and found this:

How cool is that?


  1. That was a long time ago. Looooooonnngggggg!

    I'll have to check the linen closet of doom, but I may have some old sheets to donate to the cause.


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