Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fabric Stashing and Finished Item: Annabelle Jacket #2

I've been on a self-imposed fabric fast since a few months ago but I have sucked at not buying fabric. I love to buy fabric. I love to fondle it once I own it. I've had a few online buying fails - too hyper over Fabric Mart sales and in person - too into a pattern/print and not looking at the content. But I have some awesome pieces in my stash and I can't wait to see them sewn up - eventually! :-)

Yesterday my husband asked if I wanted to go to "that fabric place" I like -aka- The Wondrous S.R. Harris. My brain said YES! HELL YES!! But my mouth said, no... Then he said, you don't HAVE to buy everything, you know? (is he crazy or what?!)

So today he asked again so I figured, heck. I'll go pick two "must make" projects and buy fabric for them. Initially, I planned to buy fabric for the Marcy Tilton dress (3 yds) and for a nice, crisp white button front shirt (2 yds). But I went to the knits first (3 aisles, packed ceiling to floor with bolts!) and ended up finding this:

I liked the variation in the stripes and it's black and ivory, not white. I wondered about using it for the Tilton dress but decided I didn't want the bands of stripes doing weird things and that a simpler dress was better for this pattern. Then I did find a stripe for the tilton dress and I was ready to go. 

I got to the cutting table and as I rolled it out, and got to yard #3, there was a HUGE hunk of fabric cut out - about 10" x 10". Uhm, that is NOT a fabric swatch people. I think you can cut a swatch - but think that 4x4 is a bit more appropriate. I was going to buy it anyway, rationalizing that I wasn't going to make it nearly as long as shown on the pattern envelope. But then I found two holes in the fabric :-( So I had to walk away.

But then, I only had 1 piece -- Nooooo! I fondled the wool remnants ($6/yd!!!! I am definitely going there when I'm ready to make a wool suit). Then I found a nice black ponte in the knit remnants. It was just about 2 yards - perfect for a dress or casual jacket - whichever I choose.

So then I decided to browse a little bit more (teeheehee) and found this cool print on this silky type fabric. I'm not sure of the composition - I will do a burn test to check - but it feels great. I know it's not actual silk (it was $3/yd) but it's soft and matte and the print will make an interesting top (using a simple pattern - perhaps another M6519?)

And of course, I rummaged through the zipper bin:

1 invisible, 2 in neutrals (shorter length zippers are 50 cents each!)

So that's 5 yards of fabric and 3 zippers for...just around $20! Woot woot!!! Gotta love that whole no-tax thing too!


Also, Annabelle #2 is finished. I did a few things differently. 
*I sewed the belt loops onto the jacket before bagging the lining so that the thread wouldn't show through
*I made the belt wider so it'd be easier to turn
*I remembered to add my tag to the side seam 
*I used bigger buttons
*I didn't do the contrasting tab 
*I used my newfound trick for buttonholes - fray check on the sewn but uncut hole. BRILLIANT! (I don't remember the blogger who mentioned this (sorry!) but if I find the source again I will link up.)

Size 4T

That ruffle is so cute.

POCKETS!! Everyone should have pockets!!

Also, there is no way in heck I can sew jeans on my machine. Sewing the jacket together at the neckline, I was going through the 2 layers of gathered fabric (the ruffle), the outer fabric and the lining, and it was NOT happy. That's okay...I will probably "gift" myself a Janome next year. The Bernina I'd be interested in is way outside my budget and I'm scared to look at some others!

My plan is to save what would be the equivalent of 3 braces payments and buy myself a new machine...after my braces come off next year. Fingers crossed! :-)


  1. Those coats are so adorable!!

  2. Love the coat.. It is so pretty.. Happy sewing.

  3. Thanks Sew Blessed! I am so loving this sewing hobby. Still amazed at the possibilities :)


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