Thursday, August 8, 2013

So Many Plans, So Little Time

So or Sew?? :-)

I am not without sewing mojo...I just want to make one of everything. I cannot make one of everything. I know this.

I have plans whirling around in my brain (uh-oh) and would love another sewing day (thanks to my awesome husband for last Sunday) but I can't decide what to sew.

When this happens, I end up compiling a list and then, get totally side tracked by another project.

Also, it must be my wacky hormones -- in a rare state of fat & happy vs. emotional and grumpy -- that is making me want to be the unselfish seamstress.
This week/weekend, I want to work on:
  1. The Peekaboo Patterns Annabelle jacket - I am making one in teal and one in a dark purple for baby girls of friends.
  2. My (12 year old) daughter's shirt - although I chose a kids pattern and I'm not 100% sure she'll be able to fit a kids pattern. Oops. If not, I'll be making a cute tee courtesy of Maria Denmark's free kimono tee pattern. The fabric is striped (large  2 1/2-3 inch blocks) and needs a simple pattern!
  3. Shorts for my (almost 15 year old) daughter who thinks that I am a creeper for telling her I need to measure her crotch first. LOL! I'm going to use what's left of the coral fabric I ruined...with McCall's 6756 (not that short and no lace) -or- McCall's 5391.
  4. A denim (I hope) tote from the top of an old pair of jeans. I am not sure about my Singer Talent and denim. Well...I don't know about jeans. So I'm really thinking I'll just cut the legs off, line it with some bright nylon fabric I mistakenly ordered one time from Fabric Mart, and sewing the bottom shut. I think that should be okay...But it has had a tough time sewing through layers. (Yep, I'm a needle changer. I change my needles I read once "...Needles are less expensive than sewing machine repairs" and I concur.
  5. A makeup bag -or two- from denim scraps (my son's old jeans) and nylon lining (I have three colors) using Simplicity 9949.
Right?!? That is obviously a lot more sewing than I am telling myself it is! LOL!!!! For myself, I'd like to make:

2 more pairs of pants
2 tops from NL 6104

That's not trivial. I think that pair of Butterick 5908 pants took approximately 10 hours. That did however, include unpicking the fly top stitching THREE times to redo and learning to use the blind hem foot. I think I can get a duplicate pair done in 8 hours. But still...8 hours!!! Fabric pretreated, pieces cut, sewn together, serged, hemmed. I think the waistband was a couple hours alone! Interfacing, sewing together, adding the bias tape, understitching, stitching in the ditch...Oy vey!

I did not get to do anything sewing related for two whole days (woe is me). Our power went out Tuesday while we were sitting at the table eating dinner -- it was out for about 22 hours. Wednesday, I worked a 12 hour day.

Tonight, I hope to get the rest of the fabric cut for the girls' jackets and cut out the pattern pieces for the shirt and makeup bag. Maybe tomorrow I can get everything else on the list cut and ready and then hit the sewing room early Saturday morning.

No marathons this weekend though...I might actually like to go outside! It's been in the 70s here and that is my kinda weather!


  1. I can't remember where I saw it, but once I saw a tote bag made from the top part of jeans. That way you can use the pockets too!

  2. OH.. you said exactly how I feel--- I want to sew every new pattern I see.. Of course , I can't!!! And then I compile a list, and while looking through fabric/patterns, I find new things I want to
    Your list looks/sounds great and very doable.. Good luck and happy sewing.

  3. I love lists and enjoyed reading yours. I haven't added up how long it takes me to make anything. Scarey!

  4. -Beth that's exactly what I mean. I keep seeing the bags, but not a tutorial. I have it worked out in my head (errr...) how I'm going to do it. We'll see! :)

    -Sew Blessed we're kindred spirits!

    -Dottie, aren't lists great!? I love making lists! Thanks. I try not to think about it...until I get my mind set on making a whole bunch of stuff and I have to bring myself back down to earth.

  5. I also want to sew everything I see and I now limit my time looking at patterns and projects. It just makes me feel incompetent-really, when did I pick up the idea that I could sew everything? I have the best luck reining in my imagination by designing capsules-beach capsule, travel capsule, hiking capsule, date night capsule.

  6. I suffer from this too! I want to make all the things - right now! LOL! And that usually paralyzes me into not making anything for a bit. Or, I make a list - and then sew something that's not even on it!

    So, you're not alone!!


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