Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finished Item: McCall's 6519 #2

I really do love this pattern. It's about a one hour top. How can you NOT love THAT!?!

Front and back both cut on the fold. Finish arm and neck with bias tape. Hem. Done! :)

I was in Target today with my daughter:

My "little" girl (She'll be 15 in September!)

And saw this shirt:

I loved the idea of a different fabric for the back! I am not a fan of the 'mullet' hem so I didn't do that. And since this pattern doesn't have a facing (and I'm not skilled enough yet to draft one) I didn't do the front vent.

The fabric was cut on the cross-grain. Hopefully there are no ill-effects from me doing so. The pattern was horizontal and I didn't want horizontal! :)

Cannot wait to wear this to work!!!! I was going through my closet and I have 2 polka-dot tops, a striped cardigan and 2 striped tees. Every other shirt I own is solid. Every. Single. One. So I am happy to add this pretty print.

Fabric: $4 (1/2 yd red rayon - $2.20 and ~ 2/3 yd of white broadcloth I had on hand - $1.80)
Thread: Already had
Bias tape: $1.20



  1. I like your hypnotizing shirt! Very cute.

    Also me and K want to match you and K. LOL

  2. Yay! Long sleeve grey tees and dark jeans for everyone!

    Thanks! LOL! Hmmm. Who shall I hypnotize first?!

  3. I L*VE this fabric...your daughter is CUTE and also taller than her mom, LOL! :)

    1. THANK YOU! That's my "little" baby!! :-D


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