Monday, April 1, 2013

Out of control! Fabric and Pattern Stashing!

I'm an obsessive. When I start something new I go whole hog. I cannot believe, in the past two months, the stash that I've accumulated. Now, I'm sure to some long-timers or people with dedicated sewing spaces, or people with a bigger sewing budget than I ;-) might piddle at my stash. But to me (and let's face it, my family), I'm out of control!!!!

I have over 100 patterns (maybe 120?). Tops and Dresses galore! I love dresses! I need new tops!!!! I realized that I have no (ZERO) printed tops in my current wardrobe except for 2 striped tops, a striped cardigan and a polka dot top. Oy! I'm thinking that's why Butterick 4132 just isn't sitting well with me. I think I'm afraid of it. I think my husband is meh on the print because I'm apparently meh on prints.

I ordered 20+ yards of fabric today from FM. Sigh.

They had wool for $5.99 - I got chocolate wool crepe(!). And I got some suiting in wool blend and rayon. And I got lining for my daughter's dress. I got rayon challis and linen-look rayon. I got some houndstooth(!).

I feel like I have an obscene amount of fabric for someone who has been at this for 2 months (maybe 70 yards including my latest FM purchase).

I am DONE. DONE. DONE. buying any fabric or patterns. I know it'll be hard. I will have to stop logging into Fabric Mart daily to see what they have on sale. I know.

I plan to catalog my fabric this week. I need to be able to easily know what I have on hand. Current stash:

R to L:
Pic 1: R & R denim (SR Harris), cotton crinkle gauze (FM), polka-dot chiffon (Hancock), cotton madras (Hancock)
Pic 2: Rayon/poly stretch(?) (SR Harris), cotton twill (SR Harris), jersey (Hancock)
Pic 3: Linen blend (Hancock), cotton interlock (FM bundle), cotton interlock (FM bundle),
Pic 4: All nylon poplin (FM)

R to L:
Pic 1: Suiting (composition?) (FM bundle), cotton shirting (SR Harris), cotton interlock (FM bundle), stretch denim (Mill end textiles)
Pic 2: Cotton (Hancock), double knit (SR Harris), poly/cotton (55/45) shirting (JoAnn), tropical rayon (Hancock)
Pic 3: Stretch poplin (composition?) (SR Harris), cotton shirting (Hancock), jersey(?) (SR Harris), rayon/poly suiting (FM)
Pic 4: Poly charmeuse (Hancock), poly charmeuse (Hancock), rayon/poly stretch suiting (FM), stretch corduroy (FM listed it as shirting but it's really heavy and I think I'll use it for a blazer if I have enough of it) 



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  2. I can understand. I am now going through my stash of patterns. I sew a few for this Spring that I want. I made a promise to get a few done first before buying new ones.


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