Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FIRST Finished Knit Item! Fingerless Mitts and project #2!

I had the pleasure to take intro knitting lessons from Rox Richardson at a lovely LYS here in Minneapolis, Needlework Unlimited. You get two 2-hour lessons for $20. Did you *hear* that?!?!? 4 hours worth of goodness for $20!!!!! And she's a great teacher too!

The project for the course was an easy-peasy pair of Fingerless Mitts. I've made this kind in crochet before...you are basically making a rectangle, slight smaller than the circumference of your hand, and sewing it up the side...leaving a 2" opening for your thumb. The skills learned were casting on, garter stitch (all knit stitch), stockinette stitch (alternating rows of knit and purl), using stitch markers, maintaining tension and casting/binding off.

Rox's Finished Mitt



What I learned:
1) Yarn matters. I used Lion Brand Wool Ease worsted. It was okay, but it was kind of splitty and fuzzy. Knitting with the nice cotton I got from the LYS and the Knit Picks Chroma was sooooo much easier. FYI I'm making another pair with Chroma Regency. Very pretty stuff!
2) I learned to tink! (Which is knit spelled backwards!). I purled when I should have knitted and had to fix it.
3) I am developing my own way of 'throwing' my yarn that is comfortable for me.
4) Knitting does not aggravate my tendinitis/carpal tunnel the same way that crochet does. I have to figure out why.
5) I am going to love knitting even though the length of time it takes for some projects is going to drive me crazy. I like instant gratification. :)


So, I had already started making dishcloths but got bored with it (see?). I am learning to knit to make wearable things - like sewing. I didn't want to sew a tote bag or a placemat...I wanted to sew garments! And I do. And I shall knit wearables. So there.

"I" have a lot of babies due this year. No, not me. My baby-having days have sailed bye-bye in the wind. But I'm in that age group where folks are having babies left and right. And I like to make baby things. They're cute and tiny and faster than adult things. People oooh and ahhh at them. :) FYI: If someone gives you a handmade gift, you'd better know that they must really, really like/love you. I don't make gifts for just anyone. If I know you won't or can't appreciate the time and money that goes into it (making something is NOT necessarily cheaper than buying it!), then I won't waste my time.

I'm making the Puerperium, a popular and absolutely adorable little cardi for newborns. I'm making it with a DK acrylic and since it seems to be going just fine, I'll make my gift sweater in a nicer DK yarn. There's some things that I'm already a little hung up on (reading ahead in the directions) and I might have to go to the clinic at N.U. to get some help. But I'm excited. I could probably be further along if I stopped admiring my work every few rows. LOL! Also, I missed the whole "circular" needle bit. So uhmm, yeah. Rearranging my 100+ stitches on the straights constantly is also a time drag. At least they're 14" needles...Next time I'll be ready.
Aga2md's version - ADORBS!!!!

I can't wait til I learn to do color work!
My progress so far :) It's worked top down - so on mine you're seeing the neck (to the right) and the beginning of the shoulders/chest.



  1. Now that you've done them both ways. What is the difference in time between crocheting the gloves and knitting the gloves? I know part of it is you being a "super expert" with crochet now, but still.

    Also - everything should cost $20. Every. Thing.

    1. Yep. Nothing should cost more than $20. I mean, really.

      Crochet is faster, hands down when you're comparing apples to apples. This is a worsted weight yarn and it took ~3.5 hours per mitt. It took me 3.5 hours per mitt to make fingerless mittens with fingering weight yarn and a tiny C hook. To crochet a pair with worsted weight would probably be about 90 minutes each (now) or about 2.5 hours or so when I was new to it.

      BUT, the crochet version is much chunkier and bulkier than the knit version. "They" say that crochet uses 3x more yarn than knitting...so it produces a more dense item.

      I'd started a sweater for K that I never finished. It is HEAVY. It used like 7 oz of yarn. I could knit a sweater of that style with less than half that.


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