Wednesday, April 24, 2013


About 2.5 seconds after I sewed my first wearable item, I decided I needed a serger. Not wanted - NEEDED. And I was determined to get one. If you know me, you know what it means when I become determined to do something. There is NOTHING that will stop me.

So I did it. I made enough side money to buy my serger - yay me! It was delivered last Thursday. I took it out of the box and admired it. I sat it on my table

Next to my sewing machine

And there it has sat. For a week. I even sewed last weekend...but I didn't use it.

I'M AFRAID OF IT! lol!!! I don't know why but it has already intimidated me. I know that it shouldn't - it is my friend. My sewing friend. I have to tackle it, read about it, heck at least turn it on...

I have some gift items to sew up and I refuse to without serging them. I can deal with weird insides (for now) on my own items...but not items that I give away!

Friday night - it's on!


In other news...the peurperium is moving right along! I want to make eleventy of these sweaters.

I don't have any other DK yarn though!! I'm not supposed to buy more yarn - I'm not...I do have tons of Caron Simply Soft which is tagged as worsted but it isn''s probably a 3.5 if there were such a thing. It's between DK and worsted. I could probably use it but the sweater wouldn't be NB, maybe more like 0-3 months...but that's ok too. NB babies grow so dang fast. Gah.

Look - it's a SWEATER! HA! It makes me think I can work the top-down, raglan sweater in Ann Budd's book (which I checked out from the library). A Twisted Little Raglan. It's basically the *same* as the Peurperium...just bigger. And I'd have to learn to knit in the round to make sleeves. But that'd be a real sweater that I could wear! That I would have made myself!



  1. I did feel intimidated by my serger as well and it sat for a week... I signed up for a class at my local store to learn basics.... That helped me relax.... I had already taught myself how to thread it but the class helped me relax and enjoy my Serger... Best $25 ever spent!

    There are many YouTube videos for the exact model of your Serger. Also some really good serger videos by fashionsewingblogtv on YouTube.

    And crafsty has a basic serger class as well... Chk it out. Good reviews!!!!

    1. Glad to know I'm not alone :)

      That's why I bought the has TONS of reviews all over the place and tons of helpful hints, tips and tricks. I have to find out about my local dealer...I love, love, love that YouTube channel. She's got EVERYTHING out there.

      I'll tackle it. SOON! LOL!

  2. Hon--I totally bought a serger the other month. It is definitely one of those "need" moments. It is sooo intimidating at first, but I think it's not too bad. It doesn't bite--err... nevermind. Ha!

    Best of luck! We can learn how to work our serger together!

  3. That serger is so easy to use and re-thread its crazy.It is the first serger I have owned but not used but owned and it was a piece of cake.
    Good Luck!

  4. It does too bite! LOL! Let's do it!

    Good to know Lillian! I am going to tackle it. I have some gifts I want to give for Mother's Day but not un-serged!!!! :)


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