Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finished Item: New Look 6025 & Taking Plunges

I am rather enjoying my foray into sewing. It is rewarding and kind of cool in a kick-ass way to take a big 'ole rectangle of fabric and turn it into something three dimensional that that you can actually wear! :)

Consequently, I have entered each contest that I've been eligible to enter on Pattern Review. Would it be nice to win? Sure. Are there loads more talented sewers out there than I? Yep. But I figure it makes me take on a challenge and makes me step my game up to something that I'm not only comfortable wearing, but that I'm comfortable putting up for scrutiny by others.

Speaking of scrutiny...every time I tell myself I'm not going to post on the "fitting woes" board for advice, then go back and do it anyway, I get frustrated. Now, I'm not sensitive by any stretch. I can hear and respond well to criticism. But most of the comments really end up as a discussion of ease. I don't need 6" of bust ease. I don't need or want 4" of hip ease. I want my clothes FITTED for the most part. There are garments that are obviously meant to fit loosely (like my top below) and there are garments that you want a certain amount of extra ease in depending on how you want to wear the item. But I don't want a stretchy, black pencil skirt to fit like I'm on my way to Sunday mass. I want that sucker body hugging. I think that the Vogue skirt that I'm making has horizontal wrinkling because as one person pointed out...the "hips" of the skirt do not match my hips. Which I can understand because I do not have very defined hips (or is it that I lack a defined waist?!). I have nice, work appropriate (or church for the times that I am in a church) skirts, yes, they skim the bum and hang from there. *I don't want this skirt to hang* wahhhhhhh. I'll keep working on the fit on my own and hope to figure it out.

Anyway...I entered the Accessory challenge, where the look is inspired by a pair of red/gold gladiator sandals. I decided to go literal and make a red and gold top, as I saw this bright rayon in Hancock and had to have it.

New Look 6025 has a couple of different length and sleeve options, along with a tie belt option. I made the tunic view because I liked the tabbed sleeves, but kept it blouse length. I'm too short and blocky for tunics.

The neckline on this top is ridiculous. Luckily, I scan pattern review and the internet for every pattern before I sew it up. The huge neckline was a universal issue and I already have to cut a smaller neckline on most top patterns. I ended up cutting a size 8 neckline in front, size 10 neckline in back, with 14 sleeves and bust and size 12 side seams. Yeah. I tissue fitted on myself and Lillian -aka- Lilly -aka- my dress form! :) I knew the neckline would still be too low so I took extra liberal shoulder seams. So perhaps this top isn't all that great unless you want to fiddle a lot or if you plan to layer it over something.

Don't get me wrong, I like it, and it sewed up quickly. I mean, front and back and tabs. Done. It has dolman cut-on sleeves and both front and back are cut on the fold. I cut out the pattern one day on lunch, cut the fabric later that day, and sewed it up in one evening. Seriously about 3 hours total, even with the fiddling. I have since decided I will become an uber flat-pattern measurer. I cannot become a musliner. I can't make a muslin for every garment because then I'd just see it all as a chore and it won't be fun for me. So there. Obviously I'm not saying I'll never muslin, but I won't do a muslin for everything. Gah and GAH. So boring, in my 4 year old nephews voice.

Paired with Ann Taylor wool trousers in a reddish heathered tan, brown shoes, gold accessories

Close up of sleeve tabs
Next up are my entries for the Natural Fibers contest. I had 2.5 yards of a lovely chocolate wool crepe. I cut out my pants and low and behold I had enough fabric for a (VERY) simple A-line skirt. Front and back have the same pattern piece, cut on the fold. Easy Peasy.

But guess what *I* did?!? I underlined the skirt! YAY!!!! I knew the wool crepe wasn't quite right on it's on and I had this lining that I'd scored in a bundle so I decided to take the plunge and do something (simple) that I'd feared.

Those posts coming soon, skirt preview:

Chocolate crepe, pink yoke facings


  1. Very well done! Your top looks great. I have this pattern, but have yet to ry it. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you!

      Beware the giant neck! LOL! Now that I've learned (i.e., read about in the last day) some new techniques, like shifting CF, I might make this again!

  2. Lovely top and thanks for the review, as I have that pattern too.

    1. Thanks Sheila! I think it can make a great top, my daughter pointed out a very similar RTW when we were in Marshall's. But that neckline will need serious tweaking for most of us I'd assume.

  3. I know this is an old old old post and you probably don't even get emails from this blog anymore; but I can't stop cackling. I've been reading your blog all the way back for ages I like to read whole blogs. And every few days I make something and that's when I read you made it! Like aaaages before. I just happen to be like one or two posts behind reading it when you made it. I will post mine on PR this weekend.


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