Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Spoils! (photo heavy)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out in the blogosphere!!!! I hope you had a fantastic day today and was able to do whatever it is that you enjoy doing today. If you are without your mom, my thoughts and prayers are with you. My husband lost his mom as a kid and this day is hard for him. If you are trying to become a mom, my thoughts and prayers are with you. While I haven't experienced it, I've seen the monster that is infertility. I know this day is tough on you too.

I have two teens in the house so I didn't expect much to happen before 10 a.m. because well...that's when they normally roll out of bed on the weekend. We were all up early and they were itching to give my gifts - yay!

From MJ - a card. It was a cute card! He got a pass because he's been gone since Wednesday on his orchestra trip.

From Douglas (my daughter's nickname!) - a vented laptop lap desk because I'm always looking for something to put under my laptop while it's on my legs, or worse, when I have it directly on the sheets/covers/couch.

From my husband - cool kitchen accessories from Anthropologie. Don't you just LOVE that place!?!?

This adorable mini, teeny-tiny salt and pepper shaker set with carrier.


I want to bake right NOW with these little measuring spoons. ADORBS!

Then I got breakfast.

Omelette, bacon, sausage and DELICIOUS German Pancakes. One with strawberries and one with Nutella and bananas. MMMMMMMM!!!!

After breakfast, I was asked to get something out of the bedroom. Now, I don't know when the managed to sneak this in but...dum, dum, dummmmmmmm!

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! Our 4 year dating anniversary was May 2nd and he was too overwhelmed to get the dress form. He just knew he'd get the 'wrong' thing. But it's not wrong of course, it's PERFECT! He finally just asked, "What are your measurements?" :) He then threw me off the trail with the Anthropologie gifts. I didn't think he'd gotten the dress form.

I wanted to sew today but didn't I decided that I didn't want to spend the whole day in my sewing cave. But I did decide I'd tackle my serger today. Hancock was having a sale today PLUS an extra 15% off coupon! I picked up serger/Maxi Lock thread! Yay! I only bought 4 spools each of black and white, figuring that was good enough to start. I got a few packages of bias tape (it was 30% off, plus the extra 15%) and a zipper that I needed.

FYI - zippers will be 50% off, in addition to Coats & Clark thread May 16-19. 

There's also a pattern sale happening - Simplicity $1.99, Butterick $.99. I bought Simplicity 2337 which has an outdated vibe with their styling...but I think view A with the sleeves of view B - and in black - will be a hit! I also picked up Butterick 5672, which I thought I already had in my stash but didn't. I think this silhouette will be flattering and can be made as 'fancy' or basic as needed. 

THEN, we went to the movies to see Tyler Perry's Peeple's. It was a romantic comedy based on the classic "meeting of the parents". Cute and funny! Partially biased because I love Kerry Washington (SCANDAL!), but it was a cool flick and David Alan Grier was so funny...As was S. Epatha Merkuson. 

After taking a little bit of time to relax and talk to friends and family, we went to dinner at Friday's. I should have gone with my first thought to order Chinese takeout and sit around the table and gorge, was good all the same. Jack Daniel's chicken should regenerate in my kitchen. Ahhh...Add a nice cold Stella and yep! Good stuff!

I didn't get a chance to wear my Mother's Day dress because it was too I guess it'll become my Father's Day dress! :) Now, knowing the tundra, it'll be like 112 degrees and I won't want to wear so much fabric. Gah. GAH!

Review to come as a separate post!

What I wore today: 
Peplum tank from Target
Skinny jeans from Old Navy (my favorite! I always need the waist taken in but otherwise I love the fit for the price!)
Super high wedges from Target ($9.98! in store but $32.99 online. Boooo)
Converse jacket from Target

I LOVE TARGET! LOL! They have a super stylish clothing section imo. I would have been shopping up a storm had I not invested so much in sewing over the past three months!

The best part of this outfit? I catapult to being the 2nd tallest in the house! 


  1. Yay it sounds like a wonderful mothers day. I think we have the same dress form. The breakfast looked so goooooooddd!!!!!!!

    1. It was - both the day and breakfast. Mmmmmm! Thank you!!

      I am so excited to have it!!! Although, the kids think it's creepy. LOL!!

  2. Happy mothers day to you!! Looks like you had a fabulous one! :) Enjoy your gifts!

    1. Thank you! It was a fantastic day!

  3. You just getting all kinds of sewing gadgets...I bet you are having fun...FIESTA :)


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