Friday, May 10, 2013

Sew Envious

Envy is one of the cardinal sins, right?

I haven't had any tiiiiiime (super whiny voice) and I have been stalking the blogosphere and me made May and everyone's awesome finished objects and wahhhhhhh!!!!!

Because Minnesota is a stupid tundra, we got snow pretty consistently through the beginning of May. My daughter's entire softball season has now been crammed into 2 weeks. She's had games everyday this week and will through Friday, with only Sunday off. So between work and picking kid #1 up and dropping kid #2 off and picking kid #2 up and dropping kid #1 off and watching softball games and doing dumb stuff like sleeping and cooking...well, there's no time to sew or knit. Booooo.

I have a lovely dress almost made for Mother's Day but I'm not sure it'll be warm enough for it. <<fingers crossed>>. I have a nice but simple pencil skirt almost done, just needs waistband and hemming...and for someone to teach me how to finish the kick pleat. I have NL6035 pants cut in a lovely wool crepe (part of PR natural fibers contest). I have NL6025 cut in red rayon (part of PR accessory challenge contest). I want to cut S1796 view C in this patterned cotton lawn (because I love the fabric and it can be entered into the natural fibers contest). I want to cut S2512 view B in this awesome cotton imitation like ikat (at least *I* think it looks like an ikat print!).

So of course, I want to make one of everything.

I did not finish my gifts (that I wanted to give for Mother's Day) because I have not even plugged my serger up. I cannot believe myself!!!! Sheesh.

I am also all over the place and wanting that pattern and THAT one and that one TOO!!! It doesn't help that between JoAnn and Hancock, Simplicity, McCall's, Butterick and Vogue are all on sale right now! New Look is always $3.99 ($2.97 if I make it to WalMart) and there you have it...dangerous territory.

I want this Vogue top. I might hate it. Might. But since the tall one (my daughter) decided she's not going to the dance (boooooo!), I'm thinking I might use her navy crepe backed satin (the non-shiny side) and make this. That should make it nice and flowy. I have 3 1/2 yards of that fabric so expect to see a couple of navy garments! LOL! This top only needs 1 1/2 yards so I will probably make a dress from the rest of it.


Tomorrow, my daughter has to be at the high school at like the butt-crack of dawn...aka 6:30 a.m. and my son is gone out of town with his orchestra. My husband will be dead to the world at that time. I'm thinking a Frappucino and that Brother 1034D and I have a date!

((I secretly really, really, really want to make a trip to SR Harris. I need (NEED!) some knits. Or rather want some...what's the difference? But I Have a free shipping code for FM coming up next week and wondering if I should save my pennies in case I see something awesome that I. Must. Have.))

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