Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Little Bit of This...Little Bit of That...

I have an intense short list of things I'd like to sew. I'd really like to get more pants. I'd really like a couple of jackets/blazers. And I'd like more tops. I'd like to start replacing my RTW items that are taking up space in my closet with me-mades. Really, really nice me-mades. So that's the plan.

As mentioned before, I cut NL6035 pants in a wool crepe and was left with enough fabric to cut the A-line skirt included in the pattern. I want to make the shell and blazer too; it's a nice complete wardrobe pattern! What I get for not muslining, the pants are a bit narrow than anything I'd normally buy, but they're fitting quite well. I need to add the waistband next. I want to line them because after all, they're wool!

Saturday I just wanted to SEW! You know, I just had the bug. I should have worked on the aprons I need to finish as I could have probably gotten them done. But I cut NL6150 (was going to do the version with the rouched sleeves, but ran out of fabric. OOPS!!).  BUT, I like it as a shell! I will finish off the neckline and arms this week. I hate knit bindings. Meh.

The knit is a small floral rayon knit that I got from FM the last time I was tweaking for fabric. This yard of fabric cost me $1.80. Yes, you read correctly, $1.80. This is a top that's less than $2 and it's cute!

The skirt is made with 100% wool crepe in chocolate, also from FM. $12 for the 2 yard cut and I got pants and a skirt from it! I'd say $8 for the pants and $4 for the skirt. Yep. That's how I'm going to do it :) Add in a zipper (50% off sale) and lining that I got in a FM $8 bundle and this wool skirt is like $6. I like it, I like it a lot!

I'll get pics of me wearing it soon. We've had rain and rain and rain for days. So it's been dark and dreary here and our already tiny apartment is getting no sunlight. I can't go outside and take pictures because my lovely* neighbors like to stand outside and congregate and stare at us. So I'll have to wait for a sunny day or until I wear the items!

I also washed and ironed the fabric for S1696, Amazing Fit pants, a green garbadine picked up from Hancock. It's slightly richer than the green fabric I had for the failed skirt. I paid my daughter $1 to cut the pattern pieces out! :) I had already did a rough cut and iron but still, one less job for me. Yay!

Then I cut out the jacket from M6519 in a navy rayon, linen-look suiting. 

The pattern pieces looked weird - "What is up with those weird extensions on pieces 1 and 4?", I thought.  I tissue fit and decided I needed to take a little bit off the back and bring the waist down in a little. Great. Then I messed up and stitched the dart too far down. And later discovered I went too high up on the dart too. Then I realized the fabric shifted at some point and the pieces for #1 aren't exactly the same. Then I decided the pocket was just silly and fiddly. But I got the back vent down correctly, then I basted pieces together and errr...I choose the final measurements based on "normal" top's a jacket. It has to go over tops. Soooo I guess it'll go over tanks/shells only. Oops. Then it got fiddlier. I knew I should have quit. And this happened:

Puckers and gathers and what's that random piece of disconnected fabric? Yeah. Put. It. Down. I'll have to pretty much pick the whole thing for the back center seam! LOL! This fabric isn't as drapey as it seemed but that's okay. The 2 1/2 yard cut cost me $7. So if it ends up being a muslin, I'm okay with that.

I think I'll like it if I can figure out my sewing mishaps!

Lastly, I baked about 20 dozen cookies today. Yes. Dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies. Pounds of butter and sugar. I baked cookies for a cousin who lost his last batch to the TSA agents as he was leaving Minneapolis. I baked cookies for my mom, for my co-workers, and for my greedy, cookie-loving family. Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip. 


  1. Hi, I am in the middle of making this jacket also and found it, well weird, as far as jacket making goes. The pattern and construction really does need a very soft drapy fabric, my choice of garbedine is far too firm. Like you I have spent too much time picking and unpicking. I do love the pants pattern but holding out on making that one.

    1. It's really, really weird. My fabric is a rayon, linen-like so it has structure and I agree, it isn't working for this pattern.

      My pants were going just fine. I finally finished the waistband and zipper last night and now they don't fit! I can't zip them all the way up. I don't know if it's me or the pants :) I'm going to shelf them for now and come back later. I really like the waistband and how they fit through the hips and thighs. I think the legs could be a bit wider after the knee though. Hopefully I can review them soon!


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