Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finished Items: Baby Bibs and Burp Cloths

My family is done. Complete. Finito. We're a blended unit with 5 kids total, 14, 13, 12, 12, & 7. "Mine" are 14 and 13. As I like to remind friends, I'll be 39 with the 13 year old turns 18. Yessssss! ;-)

However, at 33, many, many, MANY in my circle are having babies left and right. Plus, I'm getting old enough that "little" cousins and such are having babies. Oy!

When I saw Joyatee's post featuring these adorable bibs and burp cloths, I was sold. My tendinitis makes me unable to crochet as much as I used to and I think a blanket would be out of the question, unless I started it months in advance and could work on it over time. So I've been looking for alternatives for cute baby gift items. These fit the bill.


Shown with velcro closure on bib.

Bibs courtesy of Purl Bee (Free pattern download!)

Burp Cloths courtesy of Cloud 9 (Free pattern download!)

What makes these so awesome:

1) They're functional AND adorable!
2) They need like next to no fabric! You can get a set from one Fat Quarter. Seriously!
3) They are FAST to make

I scored little fat rolls from Hancock yesterday for $.99. My daughter picked the fabrics out. I got a yard of white flannel for $2.50 so I made 4 sets for a total of $6.50. I had the Velcro on hand but even with that, you can make a set of 4 for under $10. Another option (which I'll be doing for a friend) is making a stack of burp cloths. Half yard of fabric (from the bolt) or 2 fat quarters will make 4. That's perfect!

With the first one, I took such great care to cut out the fabric around the template. My daughter and I were heading to the movies and I must have been in deep contemplation because she asked what I was thinking about. I was thinking - duh! - why not just trace it! So I put right sides together and traced the pattern onto the flannel (white) and cut it out. YES! The rest were cut and ready to sew in short order. Sure there are some rounded edges so sewing isn't completely a breeze...but using nice slow and steady sewing works. I also left the smallest opening ever to turn them out. I'm such a glutton for punishment :)

Can't wait to send these off to the moms-to-be!

Next up: Adorable baby booties, using my serger (!!!), and M6572!


  1. That pink/orange set makes me happy :-) Best gifts ever!

    Blah blah blah "grown" at 39. Ladybug will be 7... LOL

    1. LOL!!!! Then Auntie Kisha will really be free to spoil her! :-D

  2. Hi, you have been busy - love these little things - so bright and happy. Your pleated dress looks great as well.

    Just a reminder the 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long starts June 1st. I have set up a blog - would you send me an email please to so I can add you as a contributor/author. There is also a grab button on the site - just add the text to your widget bar.

  3. These are absolutely adorable!


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