Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Slight Rant...And Sewing Plans

Ok, sewing plans FIRST...then you can avoid my rant (re: Disqus) if you want ;-)

I am trying to get my M6744 dress finished in time to take it to Georgia with me! I was well on my way, and was going to tackle it Monday night, then some family related (important!!) things came up and I couldn't finish it. Last night I got a little more work done on it.

I got home yesterday, made dinner, hung out with the kids, watched a tv show, then gave myself from 9-10 to sew. So far, the bodice is finished (sewn, elastic inserted, serged), the skirt is hemmed along the length (the hem will show) and I got the front skirt pinned to the back on one side. I need to hem the arm openings, sew the skirt together, sew the skirt to the bodice, and hem it. WHEW! I have tonight and tomorrow to do this!!!

This morning, when I realized I needed to iron my shirt, I managed to, in 8 minutes, pin the other side of the skirt front to back and iron my shirt - score! The moral of this story - a little (time) can go a long way when working on projects.

I should take progress photos...but I don't have any so here is the fabric! :)


It's gorgeous! It's an ITY knit that I picked up for $3/yard during a FabricMart sale. I'll take a $6 maxi dress!!

***Also, does anyone have suggestions for thread storage that doesn't involve it hanging on the wall? Being in the basement, I don't want too many things just "out". I had to get the husband to relive me of a giant spider last night...Right now, this is my storage solution:

My sewing plans for the 3 weeks while the kids are gone:
  • FINISH the gifts I started! I need to sew two aprons (that have long since been cut) and I want to make the girls some simple bags for makeup (the oldest) and feminine products (both of them).
  • Muslin my pants patterns and get at least 2 (hopefully 3!) pairs sewn.
  • Practice rolled hems on my serger.
  • Practice blind hemming.
  • Whatever else may come up.
I'm still participating in the stash busting sew-a-long so I hope to get some serious yardage sewn while I have a bit of free time.


My rant...I hate Disqus. I will not comment on blogs that use Disqus. It's sad too because two bloggers that I really love following use disqus and I don't want to. I don't like that tracking of EVERYTHING. I don't want EVERYTHING linked around the web. No thank you. I especially don't want my full name displayed everywhere which -- okay, I learned to change that -- but I am anti-Disqus and will continue to read the content of those blogs without comment. ::sadface::


  1. I like the idea of just spending an hour working on a project. I sometimes want to finish it in one sitting.Love the fabric. I can't stay away from Fabric Mart sales, but I can score some pretty good deals too. I'm interested in the thread storage too. When you have four spools of one color, it can really pile up. Thanks for posting!

  2. Robin I want to finish EVERYTHING in one sitting! :) But I often tell myself I don't have time when really if I just give myself a half hour or an hour I'll be happy I got some sewing down and I'll be one step closer to completing what I'm working on!

    Oh Fabric Mart. I just got an email from they have free shipping on orders over $25. Must. Stay. Awayyyyy! :)

  3. It's AStruggle.To Keep Away From Buying Fabric!! I Reall Want.A Good StripeY Knit So Bad To MaE.a.dress... Hehehe.. But I've Been Able To Atop Myaelf One Way Or Another.. I Did Purchase 6Yds OF Shirting Cotton Tho Recently At JoannS To Make Matching Shirts.For My Boys N Myself! lol

  4. Those stripes in hot colors are just so pretty. Good luck on finishing-I know you will. About discus, so sorry-I am not familiar with it. Does it track like Facebook etc?

  5. It does Mary. And unfortunately really all over the web. I don't WANT to link my content and comments from ALL over to one place. No thank you!!!

    I know Far. I always find more fabric to love! :)


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