Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My New Sewing Space!

I am tired. No, you don't understand. Really, really tired. Like I want to ingest naproxen for breakfast, lunch and dinner tired. Like I want to sleep for 4 days tired. Moving is stupid exhausting.

You're kicking butt, making progress, you got this.

Then...THEN, you realize you have NOT got this. There are suddenly 1,187 things to move. Wait. Where did all of these things come from?!?

But you persevere because well...you sort of have to. Then eventually, you're out of the place. But wait! There's more!!! You get everything to the new house (not in - to). There was still work to be done and we started moving things into the garage, which seemed like a good idea, but it would have been better to just move directly from the truck to the house.

So later, we separated the overflowing garage by room. The kids knocked out everything to go downstairs and then moved on to their own bedrooms and finally our bedroom. They were soldiers. Little moving soldiers!

I got the main and 1/2 bath cleaned and set up. I got the dining room set up and even have art on the wall. Not my main art though that's a 3 piece set and takes forever to hang because of all the measurements. It is compounded by the fact that the 3 pieces each have a two-hook system so you have to account for the nail spacing on each piece as well. I enjoy math but sheesh.

I then got the family room going because well...those kids would revolt eventually. This is our first time with a family room and they are so happy to have their own little world down there. The tv, video games and all the trappings...plus their computer...plus a cool little Ikea table and chair set to hang out at, play board games, or whatever.

Then I started on my room. Only I have so much stuff. More stuff than I ever thought I had!!! Boxes and bins and storage containers - Oh my!

The basement is cold which I'm okay with and it's kind of dark. But I scored (mis-matched) lamps for $15 total on CL so it's okay at the sewing/serger table. It'll be tough at the cutting table - when I get one set up.

"empty room"

It's like a little enclave. Blue totes have my fabric. Ironing board with new 'Fitz Like a Glove!' cover, and Lily is hanging out!

Folding table with sewing machine and serger, Dollar Store tins with bias tape, zippers, buttons. Purple/Green case has thread and bobbins plus needles and other goodies. Desk for writing, notes, where my laptop will rest when I'm sewing.

Black storage bin for other odds and ends: elastic, serger thread, interfacing, etc. White bin on top has pattern weights (ok, washers) and scissors, rulers, seam gauge, etc. (stored in a Dollar Store pen/pencil holder).

Wicker basket has cut patterns that I'm working on next. Stored on top of white tote that has WIPs and UFOs
Right now, I have my cutting mat, clear ruler and tracing paper stored over here so the mat doesn't get bent. It's not wide enough and is slightly too tall to be a cutting table. Dratz! The mini dress form used to be for modeling tutus. I *might* start selling them again.

These boxes are primarily tulle from the old tutu business and yarn oriented things.

Two drawer units of yarn plus some other stuff. And the other desk that I probably won't use.

There are four (yes! 4!!) of these cabinets along the back wall. This size tote fits perfectly. I have to slowly buy bins and totes that will fit on these shelves to store yarn and fabric. I might give one to the family for storing supplies :-) My husband has an obsession with Ammonia. We have like 4 bottles of ammonia at any given time.
I'd been sewing at the dining room table so what I don't have is a CHAIR! Sheesh! I'm wondering if I get one on casters so I can easily move between the SM and serger...AND if I get a stool vs. chair. We'll see! :)


  1. The sewing room looks cool and spaceous!! Enjoy!!

    Moving is tough... And I'm amazed how fast you have unpacked and set up already..

  2. This is going to be one great sewing room once you are fully settled in! Moving is definitely a 'joy' I can live without...

  3. Moving is a nightmare, but looks like you and the soldiers have really accomplished a lot.
    Your sewing room is going to be fantastic, Know you will spend lots of fun time in there..
    So happy for you , in your new home.

  4. Your room has a place for snacks! And beverages! You never have to leave! You can put a lil tv....

  5. Get a computer chair, on wheels! That way you can easily move about. If you don't want a new one, watch Craig's list and yard sales.

  6. Wow you have such a big space. That's wonderful!


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