Monday, July 22, 2013

EEK! - Butterick Giveaway Winners!!!

I was supposed to do this on Saturday...announce on Sunday. I'm a day late - sorry!!! Busy weekend with teens, you know how it is.

Anyway...I assigned a number to each entry and using generated a winner for each pattern and...

B5927 - Amy Gorman!!

B5926 - Beth Byrge!!

Contact me at to claim your pattern! :)


This weekend I got started on my M6744 dress. I was going strong until I sewed the side seam and went right up to the shoulder. Oops! :) I kinda need a space to put my arms! LOL!

Soooo yeah. Then I quit sewing and started organizing:

There are 3 (three!!) of these cabinets in my room, but I had to relinquish one to cleaning supplies - boooo!

There's a shelf above but it isn't full height of the others. I have one bin with miscellaneous sewing patterns up there and a couple of empty baskets.

Top shelf has tins with bias tape, hem tape, twill tape (I like the storebought stuff - 'sew' me! Lol!!!), 7-9" zippers, a vase holding 12"+ zippers and then a tin of snaps, hook & eyes, buttons on cards. Then a Ball jar full of buttons, a basket of elastics and a basket of trim (free FM bundle)
4 tubs of patterns - Dresses, pants/skirts/shorts, wardrobe patterns/jackets & blazers/outerwear and tops. There's a little room to grow. But because these hold the standard patterns so well, I think I might buy a couple more just in case :)
2 tubs of fabric. It's pretty jam packed. I might buy two more to relieve the pressure! Also, they're really heavy to lug in and out.
Lastly, the white bin has WIPs, UFO's then there are two boxes of non garment fabric and scraps all mixed together.

I think I'll move the stuff from the bottom shelf to the other cabinet (which will hold crochet & knitting yarn and goodies) and put two more blue lidded tubs in here for fabric.
I also worked on my socks. It's starting to look like a sock but a small one. I have thick feet. We'll see! Turning the heel wasn't that difficult, but picking up stitches for the gusset was. Also, that is supposed to be ribbing. I don't know what happened, but apparently I got off track on my knits and purls and uhmm, yeah. Hopefully sock #2 fares better. I'm hoping to get a pair knitted on the road trip this weekend!


  1. What a lovely shelf..SO organized and pretty to look at.. Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks!! I keep making everyone go and look at it. I do not care that they do not care!

      13 year old son: "Really mom? You wanted me to come down here for *this*?" LOL!!!!


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