Thursday, May 21, 2015

Burda 3/2014 #101 WIP .and Round 2 of MMM'15

ETA: DanvilleGirl is hosting a pattern giveaway on her blog, check it out!

I've found another cute option for a suit. I knew I wanted a more 'feminine' style jacket but wanted it to have a collar. I decided on this unlined jacket from the March 2014 issue and while I'm afraid of that pleated skirt on my non-flat-tummy body, I really like skirt #104 from the same issue.

Or I can use my TNT B5760

I'm not sure which way I should go!!!   I'm going to make the suit with the straight skirt. I really like that flouncy skirt and will make it soon, just not for the interview suit.

I found SEVERAL finished photos of the jacket on the Russian Burda site and decided I needed it NOW. And then....THEN...

I made a muslin.

Oh yes. Yes I did! :)

I had this (weird) cotton in my stash from a FabricMart bundle and it was perfect for this. A little more stiff than my fashion fabric but otherwise about the same weight. I cut a straight size 42 and the only change I made off the bat was adding 5/8" to the sleeve width

Too much fabric in a few places...

I removed width from the princess seam from the waist up, slightly narrowing the shoulders along with it. I made a 3/4" swayback adjustment and took an armhole dart. I saw these lines in FFRP and it suggests adding a little to the back of the sleeve. I won't re-muslin; but will add a little bit to try to eliminate those wrinkles.

Ahhhh. YES! :)

Sure, I thought about it after that I made the changes on the side without the sleeve. So I have the seam allowance folded over. There's still a little bit of excess but  1)the lapels are large and will cover that area and 2) my RPL has a bit more drape and should lie more smoothly over the front than the stiff cotton.

I started sewing the jacket today and should be able to finish it tomorrow and get the skirt muslined. I have two interviews next week so it needs to be ready to go! :)

MMM Days 10-21

Day 10: New Look 6130 with Vogue 1411
Day 11: Style Arc Sandra jeans with Simplicity 2153 jacket
Day 12: InHouse kimono tee

Day 13: Burda 2/2014 top
Day 14: Vogue 1395 dress and McCall's 6996 cardigan
Day 15: Simplicity 2443 jacket and Style Arc Sandra jeans

Day 15 continued: New Look 6130 top
Day 16: New Look 6373 jumpsuit
Day 17: New Look 6104 top and McCall's 6996 cardigan
Day 17 continued: Simplicity 1803 dress

Day 18: McCall's 6389 top and Burda 6907
Day 19: S2255 top and V1411 pants
Day 20: Burda 7136 shirt and V9032 pants
Day 21: McCall's 6996 cardigan and Simplicity 1696 pants


  1. Your suit is going to be gorgeous.. Best wishes on your interviews...
    Love your outfits...

  2. Raising a glass to your muslins. Cheers! Good luck on your interviews. =)

  3. Great to see you wearing all your handmade clothes on a daily basis. I really love your floral dress with the pink cardigan. Those colours are gorgeous on you.

  4. So I'm not the only one to stalk the Russian Burda site for all their finished makes photos? LOL. They sew them up so quickly!
    you are doing so well with MMM, too! Good luck on the interviewing!

  5. I love the lines of the suit! It's super cute! I wish I would have taken pics of MMM for myself! Although I do wear the clothing I make--it's those few that I never pull out that I need to do something with. :)

  6. Good luck with your interviews. Suit looks good - what colour will you make it?

  7. Good luck with your interviews. Suit looks good - what colour will you make it?

  8. Looking good so far...good luck on both your jacket and your interview!!!! Looks like your ME MADE MAY turned very, very nickk!!!

  9. All the best for the interviews - and the suit!

  10. Good luck with the interviews….your suit will be fabulous.

  11. Good Luck on both interviews. I love all the Me Mades you've worn so far.

  12. Your jacket is looking good! I'm very happy that you have interviews and pray that you'll get the one you want.


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