Monday, March 7, 2016

First Week of March: Gone!

I think time is passing by a little too quickly!!!  Just slowwwwww down 2016, sheesh!

So far this month I've made a pair of pants and a dress. I need to find some time to take photos because I hate having a backlog of stuff to blog! It's easy to forget details and specifics I want to point out when time passes between projects. 

Such is life, right?

I've been wondering if I'm going to finish the PR Wardrobe Contest and I think I may make it. The first 3 items below are part of my wardrobe. I have 3 items left to complete. 

  • McCall's 6884 in a floral ITY - LOVE THIS!!!! Can't wait to show photos!
  • Vogue 8904 in striped jersey - MUCH better result than my last attempt.
  • Burda 7136 in chambray - so far, not a fan of this Kaufmann chambray. It feels so much stiffer all made up than it did when the fabric came out the wash. I have to do the buttonholes then I plan on running it through a couple cycles to see if it softens.
  • Simplicity 2700 in this brick red poly/wool suiting - Love. Love. Love. I was looking for something else on the blog when I came across a photo of these and remembered how much I love the fit/details. V9032 is still my ace, haha! But these have some fun features like the super wide waistband and trouser-cut leg. 

So photos of those 4 soon! 

I received the lace for my daughter's prom dress (from Vogue Fabrics) on Saturday. We'd ordered a ton of swatches from a bunch of places (EOS, Sawyer Brook, Mood, maybe 1 or 2 others) and she really loved this floral motif and the color. 

She then picked out the BFF Collection dull satin in Buff from Hancock Fabrics. But we couldn't find a chiffon that we loved at SR Harris (I KNOW!) nor at Hancock.  I emailed Vogue and asked for suggestions to match the lace. So we have 3 new swatches of chiffon on the way. 

Also from Vogue I ended up ordering these seam tracers in 1/4" and 5/8". I've been working with Burda mag patterns so often lately I thought it was a good idea and a bargain at $3.69 each. Such a simple concept but it works!!

Often times I do just add SA directly on the fabric but I've totally avoided remaking items that I really liked because I didn't want to add SA again. LOL!

Lately, I've been tracing a pattern piece, adding SA, cutting it out, moving on to the next piece. It's felt like less of a chore--but this should help speed things along.

I also got a little haircut this weekend. Wasn't my intent originally and it took a few hours to grow on me, but I think I really like having it in "a style" vs just being there. I'm not into much morning prep so this makes it easier to look pulled together when you're lazy like me. ;-)

I want my bangs to grow out completely to go for this kind of longish bob:

The last thing I wanted to mention...I've been standing in front of my closet everyday feeling blah. And somehow, today it hit me! I've reached my "OHMYGOSH I'm so sick of winter and black and grey and DARK clothes!" point. It's over 60 degrees today in the tundra which for us, coming out of winter, may as well be 85. I'm ready to switch my closet over but...

I'm moving in a few weeks. Boooooo! I mean, YAY! But moving. Ugh.

So it makes no sense for me to lug out spring clothes for a couple of weeks. I'll just wait until I'm settled...Perhaps I will bring out a couple of brighter tops to get me through :)

Until later!


  1. You have a lot of great things going on! I can't believe you have already made pants and a dress for March, lol! I am just getting started...The seam tracers are a great idea! I LOVE magazine patterns, but hate adding the SA. I bought a similiar instrument by Nancy Zieman, but I may check out the seam tracers. Your daughter's prom dress fabric is gorgeous!!!!

  2. I like the seam tracer idea. I recently traced a Ottobre and used a small stack of tiny magnets attached on the scissors and that worked ok, but I may just use the tape two pencils together trick! I'm loving the look of the wardrobe plan. Re winter... even tho I live in a place that has 20 deg celsius in winter (but a 15-18 degree drop in the night) I rarely wear a lot of or top to bottom black or grey (usually only the bottoms) and keep brights for tops and coats. I need colour!

  3. I have no doubt that you will finish the PR Wardrobe contest. Good luck with the move!

  4. Your daughter's prom dress is going to look amazing. The fabric is so beautiful. I love your haircut - it suits you really well.

  5. I so agree with What? It's March 7th already! Please Time. Slow down! Have youo ever tried using a bottle of regular Coke to soften fabric? It works in many cases for me. Chambray should be a good candidate too.

  6. I agree with everything! The year is going by far too fast and I am definitely over winter! I am glad to see you are doing well with the PR wardrobe challenge. I am half way done myself. I am unsure of how I will finish, but I am hopeful.

  7. woah, woah, woah... seam tracers??? OMG where have they been hiding!! I'm going to get some straight away!! Thanks!
    I can't wait to see the floral and striped tops modeled, they look awesome. Sad your chambray isn't as soft. You should try a vinegar soak. 1 cup vinegar to 4 cups water - in that ratio until the shirt is submerged. soak overnight. rinse and wash as normal. That softened my jeans up quite a bit. :)


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